Season 2 Episode 2

Opportunity Knocks

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • It's very hot!

    This episode was pretty funny, but kind of messed up in the end. Isabelle returns to try to find Junior & try to get to know him. While Kerry is sponsoring Kris like crazy, I love the hot sauce commercial! Kris & Junior were going at it! It was nuts, it was cleverly plotted because first it starts with the commercial then Junior & Kris have to kiss, then they almost get back together until she sees Isabelle at his apartment. I love how Dani was so independent in this episode, and Matt & Pete get a space, future club. Overall a great episode, anything could happen from this point!
  • Junior and Kris back together.

    I loved, loved, loved this episode. One of my most favorite episodes ever, except for maybe when they first get together. I love all the episodes featuring Kris and Junior together. I hated that they broke up. They were just getting good in their relationship, and the show was getting so much better. But in this episode we can totally see why they should be together. I had no doubt in my mind that Junior and Kris are supposed to be together. They just make each other better. Every time their together there's sparks and just complete magic between the two. I think the show's producers made the best casting calls in the instance. I think that Genevive and Ryan were the best picks for the roles of Kris and Junior. They both just light up the screen, especially when their in scenes together. But even the rest of the cast is great. Their what makes Wildfire a sucess I believe. Smoking hot actors and actresses playing roles that we just keep wanting to watch. I think they have a great sucess with this show, and they should keep it up.
  • Some shows play themselves from one episode to the other, and never really let the audiance appreciate or get to know the characters and what makes them tick. The cast of Wildfire is changing all that. In a handful of episodes, I feel like I\\\'m watchi

    I have to say this before I burst. I love the scene when they are filming the commercial and Junior kisses Kris. The camera shows the reaction of everyone, but I most liked Dani\\\'s. Her smile shined then just plain glowed. Even though the show has been off while new episodes where being filmed, I like the character development in the first 2 eps of the second season. Everyone, including Todd seems more comfortable, and I can only assume this is because the writers are allowing the actors to do what they do best.....creative performance. Something I don\\\'t see on alot of shows these days. Way to go, Wildfire, you\\\'ve managed to succeed where others have only failed. Keep up the good work.
  • I love this show so much and i hope everythng goes as i want it to!YEA BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    Well wat happens is that Junior adn Kris make out for the commerical and they realize that they still have feelings for each other, then Isbella {Junior's mom not Danny's} ruin thier relationship trying to get closer to Junior{OMG he dont want her as a mother can she relaized that}NEway Matt and Danny relaized they still hve feeling s for each other{ wow its like all the old couples are getting back together}And also Danny isnt as mean as she was b4 but Matt is trying to kick charlie out of the picture{OMG his father left them i mean every1 deserves a second chance but Matt's mom is happ with Charlie,duh!}Pablo starts falling in love wih the news reporter{oh yes, aluelia i started believing he had no feelings!LOL!} But in the future i hope pablo stays with the girl, chalrie is with jean, junior and kris are togeteher as well as matt and danny!YEA BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  • Worst inconsistency in character I've ever seen in a show . . .

    Who wrote this episode? It's like they don't know the characters. The motivations behind almost every character in the show have shifted beyond believability. It's hard to think that Kris can go from passion with Junior to no relationshi/cold civility to passion again. It doesn't follow.

    Jean's character is telling the agent on one hand she doesn't want Kris to take on an agent, and yet is encouraging her to be in the ad with no caution. Doesn't follow.

    Jean allowing her ex to just waltz in and interrupt her relationship with Charlie . . . doesn't follow.

    etc ...

    It's like someone lost the character bible for this show and decided to just do character bypass. This changed the tone and character of the show from something fresh and interesting to a hack job of a nighttime soap.

    Bring back the farm-feel of the relationships and the heart-felt relationships, and drop the uncharacteristic decision-making for the sake of artificial insemination of conflict.
  • this season is getting good..

    this episode was really good.. i like how dani and matt got together.. they deserve each other.. im glad thas how the story went.. i hate how charlie is hella tryin to be part of the family when really hes not.. i also hate how he was hella rude about pete bein there when matt invited his own dad to dinner.. and charlie shouldnt mind because that dinner was a celebration dinner, so whats a few more people right? so yeah he gots issues.. it was also hella ironic how everyone else was there at the dinner too.. and whats the deal with that bitchy mom of juniors? i mean seriously, if the man says no, he means no.. shes hella annoying and she got the nerve to go up to dani and ask her where junior is.. she ruined everything with dani.. and now shes all trying to be a part of juniors life when he dont want her.. she needs to get lost seriously.. but other than that.. it was an overall good episode...
  • I assume Juniors mother is going to be the bitch this season since Danny's not

    Juinors mother has striked a fear in me. She never even spoke to Kris and she manage to keep her away from her son wow this reminds me of shannon daughty on 90210 in the good old days. Danny is focusing on love more than hate this season so i guess when she said "i'm not going to let you write me off as the bitch who kept you two apart." i guess she was passing the torch huh
    lol- this is the episode i have waited for
    i guess we knoe who will be messing things up a lil this season.
  • Such a good one! I thought it was better then the first episode of season two by far...

    First of all I love the specific attention that was given to every character in this episode. It didnt just focus on one character or situation, it focused on all of them. Kris and Jr NEED to get back together, Jr is adorable, and they both clearly still have feelings for each other, but this is something the writters are probably going to play with all season. I really dont like the way Matt is acting with regard to his father and Charlie, and I really feel for Charlie. I dont trust Pete, Isabelle, or Ken and think that Kerry is going to add even more drama to the Kris/Jr angle. A lot happened in this episode and it also set up a sort of pathway for how things are going to go...overall great!!!
  • Basically...Kris and Junior still have feelings for one another, Dani and Matt are starting out a relationship, Pablo is in love, and Matt's dad is a homewrecker...ohh and did I mention a commercial was involved?!

    Ohh my god, I loved this episode and I must say that Junior is extremely cute this season. I can clearly see he still has feelings for Kris and they need to be with one another again because they have a chemistry that is so pure. Matt has grown up quite a bit and so has Dani. I love how she's evolved and how she's taking on more responsibility. I'm really happy for her and I hope that her and Matt go a long way. Kris' manager is starting to really agitate me because I can see that there is a spark with him for her and I'm not to sure about that. All I know is Junior and Kris need to find some way to get back together adn stay together because I know there are feelings there and they are strong. Junior's mom also needs to hit the road and leave town because she is part of the reason why Junior and Kris aren't talking so when she leaves, I'll be happy. But great episode and very well done.

    ~Laters for now, Mandy~ ^0^