Season 1 Episode 1

Premiere (aka Pilot)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2005 on ABC Family
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Premiere (aka Pilot)
A troubled life has led Kris Furillo to juvenile hall where her only friend is a failed racehorse named Wildfire. Both have lost the will to trust and the faith to believe in anything, least of all themselves. But whenever Kris rides Wildfire, something extraordinary happens.

Desperate for a second chance, Kris accepts a job at Raintree Horse Farm, owned by the Ritter family. The Ritters used to be at the top of the high-stakes, winner-take-all racing world, but now they desperately need a winning horse to keep Raintree alive.

A beautiful outside in a ruthless world of wealth and power, Kris soon discovers that she must live by a different set of rules and learn to open her heart. And makes a decision the shows her opened heart to the world.

But can she trust the people of her new world, especially when everyone had so much at stake.moreless

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  • 101

    Now I know why the pilot episode of Wildfire consisted of 2 separate episodes. It's because the original pilot episode was boring as sin. This definitely set up for the rest of the season I suppose. But at least make it a little more interesting. I mean the horse race was good, some banter was okay, but this just isn't what Wildfire is all about.

    The conversations between Matt & Junior were cliche, everyone instantly became a stereotype once they were introduced, and nothing really happened. Too much time was devoted to Kris in prison. That's just my opinion.

    The "cliffhanger" or lead-in to the next episode was pretty uninteresting. Amber insults Kris and the episode ends? What would have been good was to leave the fate of the race unknown until the second part what with Jean's home depending on it, among other things. Overall, not enough to get me in to the series, but at least I know it gets better later on.moreless
  • Horse-OC

    My roommates and I watched the first episode of this show and we were astounded by how much it reminded us of The OC. I realize that this is not an original thought we had, but this is almost the exact same show only with even worse acting and a tamer storyline. It is so obvious that Ryan and Kris are the same character; the only basic difference is their sex. Of course The OC isn’t the most original show to begin with but this one lands a little too close to it for comfort; i.e. drunk mothers, grand larceny, & rich chicks. I’m sorry if you like this show, but for me it is strictly a guilty pleasure rip-off.moreless
  • Everyone deserves a second chance.

    This is Kris's second chance and that is when she was given a opportunity by Pablo.

    Pablo is a very good guy and very serious so I think that by being that way to Kris she will listen to him more and be more diciplined.

    Kris got attention of two guys...both trying to impress to go out with her and both very cute :)

    Kris was given some tough jobs at the farm but that will get her experienced.

    Looks like Jean is in some money problems. And we are going to see the First Race...and we see Avatar win the Race followed by Oklahoma who finished 4th. That was a loss for the Raintree Horse Farm.moreless
  • it was good.

    I liked this episode I enjoyed seeing the characters introduced, I have to admit I didnt like Ken Davis the first time I saw him, and I havent grown to like him either. I feel in love with Wildfire when he was first shown, he was adorable. And I liked Kris I cried when she was sent back to prison camp, I was sad, I mean she was pitaful telling Matt not to let them take him (Wildfire) I wanted her to get away from them sooooo bad! Anyway to me this was the perfect pilot episode.moreless
  • The first episode! We meet Kris.

    The first episode! Such a wonderful and exciting thing to watch. First episodes usually either hit or miss with the fans, and this one sure was a big hit with me.

    So, we are introduced to Kris Furillo. She has just gotten out of prison after stealing a car and resisting arrest, and is offerred a job tending the horses at Raintree Farm. The family who owns the farm consists of a single mother, grandpa, older boy named Matt and a younger boy named Todd. The business isn't doing too well, but they have a few friends who help them out. Matt used to date the risque Danni, the sister of his best friend Junior.

    As Kris gets used to her new life, and tries to stay on track, she struggles to deal with making new friends, fitting in as a former 'prison girl' and trying not to think about how much she's attracted to Matt. When her favorite horse Wildfire is about to be sold to a man who will use him for meat, Kris steals the horse and rides off into the mountains.

    A huge police chase follows, but Kris won't give up Wildfire, her best friend. Finally she is caught and sentenced to prison for another 9 months. But, the ranch family saw her passion, and tells her not to worry because she'll have a job when she gets out. Protesters earn Wildfire his freedom, and Kris reminds everyone about passion and why they do what they do.

    The first episode of "Wildfire" was a sure-fire hit! It has drama, love, passion, fun, and adventure. Instead of focusing on the consequences of life mistakes people often make, "Wildfire" focusses on the aftermath of those mistakes. The writing in this episode was excellent. It will definately encourage viewers to 'tune in next week.' The storyline is simple, yet fresh, and exhilerating to watch for people of all ages!moreless
Esodi Geiger

Esodi Geiger

Officer Barcley

Guest Star

Kit Gwin

Kit Gwin


Guest Star

Arty Nichols

Arty Nichols

Gate Guard

Guest Star

Shanna Collins

Shanna Collins


Recurring Role

James Read

James Read

Ken Davis

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Ryan Sypek says that "My most embarrassing moment was during the first episode of Wildfire. I was in my Porsche, and so amped up and nervous that I kicked it into reverse and peeled out the wrong way."

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Junior: I can't believe she was in prison. That's so hot! Showering with all those girls.

    • Ken: The prison camp, you really want to take a chance with someone from a place like that?
      Pablo: I was in a place like that when I was 17; someone took a chance on me.

    • Jean: Hey Pablo you looking for me?
      Pablo: Nothing that can't wait.
      Jean: No, it's ok.
      Pablo: There's uh, someone I want to hire to replace Miguel. We've ben short handed since he left.
      Jean: You don't need my permission to hire a new hand.
      Pablo: She's one of the girls from Camp Lagrange I work with.

    • Pablo: Your mom busy?
      Todd: She's with Mr. Davis; he wants her to marry him.

    • Henry: He's not going to let you make a Momma's boy out of him, not that one. Why do you think he gets in all those fights at school?
      Jean: Because he's too much like his grandfather.
      Henry: Because he's trying to tell you he's not scared.
      Ken: Henry's got a point.
      Henry: I don't need your help... so what's for lunch?

    • Junior: You never told me that Pablo had a daughter.
      Matt: He doesn't.
      Junior: Then who is she?

    • Kris: Well the judge says it's just for three months so after that...
      Pablo: Do you want this job? Because if you don't I could turn around right now and drive you back to Oakland.
      Kris: I don't want to go back to Oakland.
      Pablo: That's not enough.
      Kris: I want the job.

    • Jean: Todd, meds , I don't want you going with your brother on that thing.
      Todd: I'll be fine mom.

    • Jean: Are the stalls bedded down?
      Matt: Later.

    • Ken: Let me be the white knight here, together we could make Raintree the top stable in the state.
      Jean: Raintree's been in the family a long time Ken...
      Ken: Then keep it in the family.

    • Ken: With all due respect to Henry, the day the family farm is over. Raintree needs me Jean you need knew technology you need new blood lines, and you need a fresh start after Pete; have you heard from him lately?
      Jean: Um, he sent a note to the boys on the back of an napkin from an Atlantic City sports bar.

    • Junior: I want you to know that I'm an honorable man. I could've just waited five minutes and you would've been entirely...
      Kris: Go home. If Pablo sees you...
      Junior: Pablo's in his house. His light is on. I can see him from here.
      Kris: What are you doing here?
      Junior: I thought you'd might like to go to a hottub party with me.
      Kris: Thanks. I don't have a suit.
      Junior: Who said anything about suits?
      Kris: Cute. I don't think so.
      Junior: You're right. I'd rather be alone with you anyway.

    • Kris: You are so lucky you dont even know to live in a place like this I grew up in a four- plex behind a bowling alley.
      Matt: Be carful what you wish for.
      Kris: Oh come on you dont like it here?
      Matt: When you been mukin stalls your whole life, I mean when I'm done with school I'm outta here.
      Kris: To do what?
      Matt: Anything exept the family business , I wana know what it's like outsiode of Freemont, California.
      Kris: Yeah well , you might be dissapointed.
      Matt: Sounds like you've had some experience.
      Kris: Yeah.

    • Kris: (to Jean) I've made some mistakes and I paid for them. I hope I don't have to keep paying for them my entire life.

    • Kris: (to Dani) What are you trying to do to me?

    • Junior: I wanted to invite you to a hot tub party.
      Kris: I don't own a suit.
      Junior: Who said anything about suits?

    • Amber: (after insulting Kris) I'm sorry, she totally freaked me out. I thought she was going to hit me!
      Matt: I was going to hit you!

    • Kris: I swear, I will never kiss another boy again, ever!

  • NOTES (7)


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