Season 1 Episode 1

Premiere (aka Pilot)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2005 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with showing scenes of Kris Furillo at the women's prison. She then visits the camp, where the viewer is first introduced to Wildfire, the horse that lent the show its name, and Kris's affection for the horse. At camp, Kris met Pablo, who also happened to be the trainer at a racehorse stables in the town of Fremont, California. He persuades the owner, Jean, to allow Kris to work on the farm as part of a work-release program. Jean is doubtful of the girl's trustworthiness as she supposedly "stole a car and resisted arrest", yet finally agrees when Pablo promises that Kris will be his responsibility and reminds her that he had once been in trouble with the law too.

Upon being released from prison, Kris tries to pretend as if her release wasn't that important to her, but Pablo lets her know that she would only keep the job if she truly wanted it.

Jean's son, Matt Ritter, and Kenny Davis or "Junior" are at the farm when Kris arrives. Both boys are dazzled by Kris's looks. Matt was on the horse Oklahoma Crude when Kris arrived, racing the horse while younger brother Todd and grandpa Henry timed. The horse is still off of the times the other competitors in the race were running and the two are worried. Kris is invited to ride the horse, but to "take him out easy". Kris decides to see how fast the horse can run and takes him out full blast, ending the run with a time two seconds faster than that of Matt. However, Pablo is displeased because she disobeyed his orders and forbids her to ride again until he gives her permission. Kris then meets Jean, who lets her know that she didn't want Kris on the farm but Pablo changed her mind. While on the farm, Kris also met Danielle, Junior's sister and Matt's ex-girlfriend, and her friend, both of whom see that Kris has managed to attract both Matt and Junior.

Time goes by and it's time for Oklahoma Crude's race. The Davis family's horse easily runs by to win the race with Oklahoma Crude failing to even place. The Davis family is ecstatic and Jean is once again reminded of the offers that Ken Davis gave her: to marry him and/or to merge the two farms into a corporation. After the race, Kris is invited to a festival in the town but declines until she is snubbed by Danielle's friend, whereupon she agrees to go, much to the delight of Matt. Henry offers Kris some of his wife's clothes for her to wear to the festival.

At the festival, Kris is initially with Pablo but sees Matt and goes over to talk to him. The fireworks go off and he kisses her, which unfortunately Jean also happened to see as she was in the middle of talks with bankers. Kris breaks off the kiss, saying that she couldn't do it because she worked on his family's farm and she couldn't risk that. During this time, Junior is seen on the phone gambling and later talking with Danielle, who asks him to "do his thing" with Kris so that she'll be unavailable for Matt.

After the festival, Junior shows up at Kris's window while she is undressing and invites her to a hot tub party. She refuses and he asks for a goodnight kiss, but is denied.

Wildfire is seen acting antsy while on the roads with a policeman and throws him off. Kris is told to take a day off by Pablo so he can discuss Jean's displeasure with her as well as the upcoming merger. Kris visits the camp and finds out that Wildfire has been sent to an auction. Jean denies her the means to buy Wildfire, as does Pablo, but Matt is willing to help out and together, they go to the auction where they find out that he's going to be sent out of state to be butchered. Kris goes into the auction house and causes chaos, releasing all the animals while riding on Wildfire away. She is chased by the police and attempts to run away. This causes a lot of publicity for what happened, resulting in her being on TV. She is eventually caught by a helicopter and mounted police on horseback after a day as well as by Matt and Pablo. However, Wildfire's speed is seen on TV, impressing the Ritters.

Kris is sentenced to 90 days in prison, but Jean tells her that once those 90 days are up, she would have a job at Raintree Farm again and that Wildfire would be there waiting for her.