Season 1 Episode 1

Premiere (aka Pilot)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2005 on ABC Family

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    Now I know why the pilot episode of Wildfire consisted of 2 separate episodes. It's because the original pilot episode was boring as sin. This definitely set up for the rest of the season I suppose. But at least make it a little more interesting. I mean the horse race was good, some banter was okay, but this just isn't what Wildfire is all about.

    The conversations between Matt & Junior were cliche, everyone instantly became a stereotype once they were introduced, and nothing really happened. Too much time was devoted to Kris in prison. That's just my opinion.

    The "cliffhanger" or lead-in to the next episode was pretty uninteresting. Amber insults Kris and the episode ends? What would have been good was to leave the fate of the race unknown until the second part what with Jean's home depending on it, among other things. Overall, not enough to get me in to the series, but at least I know it gets better later on.
  • Horse-OC

    My roommates and I watched the first episode of this show and we were astounded by how much it reminded us of The OC. I realize that this is not an original thought we had, but this is almost the exact same show only with even worse acting and a tamer storyline. It is so obvious that Ryan and Kris are the same character; the only basic difference is their sex. Of course The OC isn’t the most original show to begin with but this one lands a little too close to it for comfort; i.e. drunk mothers, grand larceny, & rich chicks. I’m sorry if you like this show, but for me it is strictly a guilty pleasure rip-off.
  • Everyone deserves a second chance.

    This is Kris's second chance and that is when she was given a opportunity by Pablo.

    Pablo is a very good guy and very serious so I think that by being that way to Kris she will listen to him more and be more diciplined.

    Kris got attention of two guys...both trying to impress to go out with her and both very cute :)

    Kris was given some tough jobs at the farm but that will get her experienced.

    Looks like Jean is in some money problems. And we are going to see the First Race...and we see Avatar win the Race followed by Oklahoma who finished 4th. That was a loss for the Raintree Horse Farm.
  • it was good.

    I liked this episode I enjoyed seeing the characters introduced, I have to admit I didnt like Ken Davis the first time I saw him, and I havent grown to like him either. I feel in love with Wildfire when he was first shown, he was adorable. And I liked Kris I cried when she was sent back to prison camp, I was sad, I mean she was pitaful telling Matt not to let them take him (Wildfire) I wanted her to get away from them sooooo bad! Anyway to me this was the perfect pilot episode.
  • The first episode! We meet Kris.

    The first episode! Such a wonderful and exciting thing to watch. First episodes usually either hit or miss with the fans, and this one sure was a big hit with me.

    So, we are introduced to Kris Furillo. She has just gotten out of prison after stealing a car and resisting arrest, and is offerred a job tending the horses at Raintree Farm. The family who owns the farm consists of a single mother, grandpa, older boy named Matt and a younger boy named Todd. The business isn't doing too well, but they have a few friends who help them out. Matt used to date the risque Danni, the sister of his best friend Junior.

    As Kris gets used to her new life, and tries to stay on track, she struggles to deal with making new friends, fitting in as a former 'prison girl' and trying not to think about how much she's attracted to Matt. When her favorite horse Wildfire is about to be sold to a man who will use him for meat, Kris steals the horse and rides off into the mountains.

    A huge police chase follows, but Kris won't give up Wildfire, her best friend. Finally she is caught and sentenced to prison for another 9 months. But, the ranch family saw her passion, and tells her not to worry because she'll have a job when she gets out. Protesters earn Wildfire his freedom, and Kris reminds everyone about passion and why they do what they do.

    The first episode of "Wildfire" was a sure-fire hit! It has drama, love, passion, fun, and adventure. Instead of focusing on the consequences of life mistakes people often make, "Wildfire" focusses on the aftermath of those mistakes. The writing in this episode was excellent. It will definately encourage viewers to 'tune in next week.' The storyline is simple, yet fresh, and exhilerating to watch for people of all ages!
  • I Love WildFire!! My whole Family watches it together every Monday Night! This Show will be on for a long time! This show is right up there with: 7TH Heaven, Dawson's Creek, 90210, And Gilmore Girls! We Love this show! - Can't Wait to watch the next epi

    If you want to spend time with your Family and have Family Discussion Time - This is the show to watch Together! There will be plenty to talk about after watching each episode!! Watch and Learn About Life - This show will make you laugh and cry - It will bring out all emotions!
  • This is the best series I have ever seen. Kris is a troubled young adult who finds love in a beautiful THoroughbred. This is my new favorite show, and it gave me goosebumps! Watch it and you\'ll learn something about life, I promise you! A great show for

    Kris is a young adult just out of Juvenile Hall. She finds hope in Raintree Farm, where she works for a small amount of money each week. Every day she works hard, and her work gets paid off by the chance to go to a party. During the fireworks the owner\'s son, Matt, kisses Kris. The owner see\'s this and orders Pablo, the trainer, to take Kris home. When Kris tries to go to see her favorite horse Wildfire for sympathy, he is gone. She questions someone and they say that the horse has gone to auction. She tries to get Pablo and the owner of Raintree to buy him but it isn\'t possible. She turns to Matt, who drives her over and tells her not to let that meatpacker buy Wildfire. In her effort, she lets loose all the cattle, tacks up Wildfire, and rides him out in a daring chase. Out to the pine forests, she naps for a while, until a helicopter wakes her and the horse. Quickly she saddles Wildfire back up and takes off across the plains. She manages to manuever him over a police truck, and is soon being tailed by cops on horses. She outruns them until hse reaches a hillside where a helicopter comes out of nowhere and spooks poor Wildfire. Matt and Pablo get there just in time to catch her as she falls and to settle the horse. She is taken away, yelling at Matt, \"Don\'t let them hurt him! Just don\'t let them hurt him!\"
    In 90 days she will be back at the farm, gaining Wildfire\'s trust and training him as a racehorse. The thing is...will it all work out for the best?
  • Excellent work.

    I'm a real big fan of Michael Piller, and this show doesn't disappoint. They made a great decision by casting Nana Visitor. She's a spectacular actress. I will admit it: I actually cried during this episode. Me, a college boy, cried. This was a real tearjerker, though.

    It really had me invested for the entire two hours (or how ever long it was without commercials - thanks Tivo!). I'll be watching it for the rest of the season, and however long it takes until the show isn't spectacular anymore.

    A couple of pet peeves: the only female character with an instantly recognizable girl name is Amber. Just kind odd
  • Great Show

    I liked the slow beginning bacause it let you get a feel for the charactures, the boy who doesn't want to be on the farm, the mom who is willing to do almost anything to keep it, the girl who wants a second chance at making a better life, and the horses that tie them all togeather.

    They are prtraying real people with the mother that doesn't want to trust Kris but is seeing herself in kris's motives.

    I agree with the other review and hope that this does not wind up being a cliche "dawsons Creek" like show, there is alot of potential with the story that they have I look forward to seeing the rest of the season.
  • Kris a young adult who have spent time in a prison for grand theft auto. Kris learns how to take care and love for a horse named Wildfire while in prison. Once parolled Kris works for a ranch were the privilaged live and where she does not belong.

    After watching the premiere I felt that at the beginning that it went slow and than picked up towards the end of the movie. Kris lived in prison for over 18 months and it takes a toll someone but she started working with a horse named Wildfire. Wildfire is just like Kris personality wise. Wildfire and Kris are stubborn, tough, and do not want to be where they are at the beginning of the film.
    When Kris was parolled both Kris and Wildfire were sad because they knew that they were not going to see each other. Kris got a job at a ranch and tries to fit in with the world of privilege she almost succeeds until Wildfire was about to be sold and she then kidnaps Wildfire and leads a chase with the police.
    No one could catch Wildfire and Kris becuase of the bond that they share and the wild hearts that beat within themselves. Until the helicopter stopped them and then she went back to prison for another 18 months. And in 90 days will have work placement at the ranch and this will also help with the 18 month sentence.
  • bad girl turned good tries to make a new life for herself.

    looks like ABCFamily has a good chance of having a show thats gona last. while a story like this has been done before never from someone of this age. usuially the focus is on the adults with the kids as filler but not here, i just hope they keep the spot light on her trying to restart her life and not turn it into a bad dawson's creek ripoff.
  • A super great premiere!

    When I saw the commericals for this show I figured it was worth watching and I was right it was.

    It was a nice slow beginning in my opinion. That's a good thing too, so you will have some idea of what's going on.

    I fell in love with this show within the first half of the show. I mean the whole plot of this show is amazing.

    I loved what Kris did for Wildfire too.

    I can already tell who I want to hook-up and who I can't stand.Though my mind might change as the show continues.

    All, I have to say is check out this show every monday night. It's simply awesome!
  • Very fun and different. Could be a keeper. Lots of potential.

    First off, I have to say that I found it really weird and unrealistic that the entire Fremont police department was have helicopter searches and dozens of officers chasing after some random kid and a horse that sold for $600. That makes no sense. Do you know how much that would cost the city??? It's just not worth it. They would have one tops. And heck no would CNN cover it! That whole scene annoyed me.

    HOWEVER, I really enjoyed it overall. I really liked the characters (though they are definitely stereotypical...the nice guy, the jock, the wounded girl, the old wise man with a heart, and the mom that isn't sure she should trust this new kid (totally reminded me of Kirsten on The O.C--Remember how she didn't trust Ryan at first?).

    I think there is a lot of potential here, and the way Kris fell for Wildfire brought tears to my eyes. I also loved that Jean started to come around, and helped Kris out when she needed it. Not sure about the two guys vying for Kris' attention, but we will see. I also have to give credit to Pablo. He is a great character, and I hope they develop him more.
  • Slow in the beggining, fast in the end.

    ABC's new show, Wildfire, seems to be very nice. In this first episode, (more like a movie!) you get the basic detail of all of the characters. From this I am able to tell how all of the characters will be in the upcoming episodes. It did, however, start off quite slow and boring. There wasn't really much going on, and me living in the city, all of the ranch scenery was boring me to no end. But luckly the subtle humor and action kicked in about half an hour or so into it.

    Also, my first though of this show was that it looked like it was going to be an adult copy of the Nickelodeon show of Caitlin's Way, where the girl Caitlin had to go through many of the same things. It is still too early to really tell, but the series seems to be somewhat different that Caitlin's Way.

    Overall: If you want something new to watch, definatley try this out, it wasn't bad at all, the acting was pretty good, and the plot for the pilot was good aswell.