Season 1 Episode 1

Premiere (aka Pilot)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • The first episode! We meet Kris.

    The first episode! Such a wonderful and exciting thing to watch. First episodes usually either hit or miss with the fans, and this one sure was a big hit with me.

    So, we are introduced to Kris Furillo. She has just gotten out of prison after stealing a car and resisting arrest, and is offerred a job tending the horses at Raintree Farm. The family who owns the farm consists of a single mother, grandpa, older boy named Matt and a younger boy named Todd. The business isn't doing too well, but they have a few friends who help them out. Matt used to date the risque Danni, the sister of his best friend Junior.

    As Kris gets used to her new life, and tries to stay on track, she struggles to deal with making new friends, fitting in as a former 'prison girl' and trying not to think about how much she's attracted to Matt. When her favorite horse Wildfire is about to be sold to a man who will use him for meat, Kris steals the horse and rides off into the mountains.

    A huge police chase follows, but Kris won't give up Wildfire, her best friend. Finally she is caught and sentenced to prison for another 9 months. But, the ranch family saw her passion, and tells her not to worry because she'll have a job when she gets out. Protesters earn Wildfire his freedom, and Kris reminds everyone about passion and why they do what they do.

    The first episode of "Wildfire" was a sure-fire hit! It has drama, love, passion, fun, and adventure. Instead of focusing on the consequences of life mistakes people often make, "Wildfire" focusses on the aftermath of those mistakes. The writing in this episode was excellent. It will definately encourage viewers to 'tune in next week.' The storyline is simple, yet fresh, and exhilerating to watch for people of all ages!