Season 3 Episode 7

Push Me, Pull You

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Huge step down.

    After all the anticipation, we get a filler. The whole episode was just too over dramatic. Like at the end of every scene, someone looks around, and the music goes on. It's like, what? Junior & Kris almost kiss, while eating pizza. Gillian is the new black, once she settles in. Riding Wildfire without permission, and bossing around Kris with Matt. Kris holds back Avatar so Wildfire can shine, when their showing the horses to the Sheik. Gillian came off as really annoying and over dramatic to the whole thing. Kris had a good reason. Dani & Junior taking care of their father was blah. Just very disappointing to Wildfire's normal standards.
  • Basically this episode is about how Kris doesn't have her place in the Ritter ranch and how Gillian is taking over. Junior discovering his talent for the business. Dani thinking about going with RJ. Also Gillian finally seeing how Matt fells for Kris.

    Seems like Wildfire is playing out the whole love triangle between Kris, Junior and Matt. Don't get me wrong I love Wildfire, but its the same in every episode. Either Kris needs to chose, Junior has to move on, and Matt needs to know who's right for him. Though I have a feeling in how Wildfire's love triangle is going to go, seeing the preview for the next episode proved me right. Hopefully it proves me wrong in later episodes. All in all this episode was okay, I would watch it again, just to see Junior and Kris' little moment.
  • They did didnt they?!

    I mean seriously Are we running out of story lines or something? I mean dont get me wrong I love wildfire, but I mean its just it seems like every episode I watch lately its one of the following things.
    1. Chris feels pushed away.
    2. Chris must decide over Junior of Matt.
    I mean come on, this is a great show. go somewhere with it. Weve been dweling over Matt and Junior for 3 seasons now. maybe bring someone new in or something.... Oh well all in all I guess it was a pretty good episode but Im getting sick of Matt, I think I want him to go back to being the one who gets bossed around, hes bossing Chris around, and Jean doesnt do anything!
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