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  • HELP i need to find a song

    hi. struggling to find a song from the episode 2x1: try it without the porsche. Dani is getting drunk after learning Jrs mother isnt hers and i wanna song that is playing to her eating pie. here are some lyrics i heard; you're mad at the world and its mad at you,

    and you can't get it right no matter what you do,

    and they say that you're lying when you're telling the truth... it do what you do...

    if you are familiar with the shows music can you help?

    please email me at if you can find the song
  • Keep making more episodes/seasons!!!!!!!

    I really love this tv show,I don't know what I would do without watching it,I literally watch this over and over really hope that they continue and make more seasons and episodes,whomever doesn't like this show then they are has to be the best tv show about a troubled teenager and a beautiful race please continue to make new you and God bless,:)
  • Kris Furillo

    Possibly the most evil television character ever created!
  • I Loveeee Ryan Sykep !

    ive watched ever episode of ever season loved em all cant believe its over ;( Make more seasons please!!!!
  • Best Show Ever!!!!!! Hope There Will Be More!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WildFire is one of my best shows! I started watching it again on netflix and hope there will be more seasons.
  • simonelozoff

    Hey everyone I just watched wildfire on netflix and totaly loved it! Does anyone know if their is a book?
  • Best show ever

    Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this show and am addicted to it!!
  • best show ever !!!!!!! makkeee neww ones noww please !!!!!!!!!!!!! x

    i personally think you should make more cuz on my days of i lay in bed and watch them from about 9 am till like in the morning hours me and about 24 people come to watch it i am the biggest fan i have 2 horses and they both have wildfire in there name i think tht ryan is super fit and matt is alright i am totally in love with this show as well as horses and i just wish sum how you would make more :/
  • i personely think the show sucks. but some of the girls in it are hot. i reccomend the fresh prince of bel air for you people who agree with me on this peace up A town down

    i personely think the show sucks. but some of the girls in it are hot. i suggest you dont watch this show. if you are looking for a good show i reccomend the fresh prince of bel air starring william smith another show i also reccomend is full house
    peace up a town down
  • Wildfire is a show about a horse, wildfire, and a lost girl, Kris.

    I've just discovered this show on french television and I really enjoyed it. So much, that I wanted to go back horse riding (which is a big stuff because I've stopped after a really bad fall 15 years ago!)
    In general I like all abc family shows but this one is noticeable because of the horses and the race which is a world that I don't know at all.
    i really like the characters especially the love story between Junior and Kris... and Matt and Dani too. It is sad that the show stopped after 4 season but the ending was beautiful and really emotional. It concluded really well this show!!!
  • Wildfire is about a girl named Kris Furillo. She has a special bond/ friendship with a horse, Wildfire. They both come together in a place, a home called Raintree and there all unravels with Kris, Matt, Junior, Dani, and the entire Raintree Family.

    Wildfire is a show that has influenced me in many ways such as to follow your gut with whatever obstacle comes your way, to not take crap from anybody and to stand up for what's most important to you. What this program also shown me was to not care about the grudges or the revenge. Many times they fought, argue...and for what? A girl, a horse, a employee, a boy. All the above. The is show is something that taught me to become the person i am today. Wildfire also had the best thing a show can offer: Horseracing. Its always been a guilty pleasure of me to experience the rush of a race but i never got around to it. I never got the chance to race at all because I couldn't do it. My family grew up around horses and I had horse of my own but he died. Thats when I realized that anyhting to deal with ranches, farms, racing, rodeo wasn't for me. But Wildfire kept my dream going with Kris, even when she didnt exactly do the right thing, she taught me alot about myself and what could of been and for that I owe Wildfire a lot more than "ratings" do. I LOVE WILDFIRE!!!
  • One of the "better" dramas on ABC Family.

    Ahh, a time where ABC Family had originality and dignity, where shows like Kyle XY & Wildfire were soaring in the ratings. As of 2010, what do we have? A channel with hardly any originality for the sake of viewers.

    This show didn't get a chance to explore with new things and be a long running series, it ran for four rather short seasons. If this series made the 100 episode mark, I would be happy, but the truth is, this show could have done so much more if it had the chance, but ABC Family had to axe this show for a show like The Secret Life of The American Teenager, and I have to tell you this show was more realistic, and had originality.

    Kris Furillo, an ex-convict starts working at Rain Tree stables with her beloved horse, Wildfire. As the show progresses, she becomes a world known jockey, and then things fall apart, and there is drama. This show did have it's flaws regardless of how good the show was.

    I felt this show was too soapy at times, especially in the later seasons, but they still had great potential to probably go on for at least 2-3 more seasons. Great while it lasted, but no petition can save this show unfortunately.
  • Junior you need to grow up-marrying girl from wrong side of town to get back your dad.Kris you don't know when you have a good guy you want the rich boy. Matt obivous Kris doesn't appreciate all you done for her-her lost.Dani go for the vet

    Junior/Kris storyline is played in alot of shows.Richboy/girl from wrong side of town.Read other reviews about matt. My friends and I like Matt and think he should be with Kris. Didn't finishing watching last episode because knew it would to junior and Kris getting married.No surprise and from we read you make matt look bad.We think he is better with Kris,he's always been there for her and she just steps all over because of Junior-please.He kiss Kris first but you didn't want to go with that storyline,so you went with richboy/badgirl,nothing knew there.Why can't the underdog every win.Matt has always been there you make look like alove sick,ready to get trampled on.Give the guy a break.He works harder then Junior ever will. Junior gets things handed to him on silver platter. Having matt using Dani to get Kris jealous,please! You know your going to have Junior and Kris marry just get on with it and be done with it.No surprises don't need to watch anymore.Already know the ending.Made a big production about Junior marrying Laura knew that wasn't going to happen. It's always been about Junior and Kris you make everyone else look bad except them.When they hurt people all the time
  • One of my all-time favorites! I would definitely love to see this one back on the air!

    Overall, excellent. This show is a great balance of romance, family, and my personal favorite, horses! As we go along with Kris Furillo on her journey towards finding her true self, we get to see the pain, the heartbreak, everything. But we also get to experience the joy of winning a race with her. We get to see the look in her eyes when she crosses that finish line with her partner and best friend. Time after time we see Kris make mistakes that come out very costly in the end. These mistakes make her who she is, and she is forever changed when the people around her accept her into their family,mistakes and all. Throughout the show, Kris finds herself surrounded by friends and her wonderful new family. It is truly this bond between characters that makes Wildfire a timeless family favorite.
  • definitely a great show and would like to see it continuted. Lot of story lines left unfinished. Kris's dad, Danni's mother, many more. Susie

    Kris's character was written so well. She was always feeling like an outsider trying to fit in. The same with Danni. Just a little rich girl who couldn't be told no. Both young ladies did an excellant job of acting the parts. It would have been nice to know a little more about the tatoos just to know what if anything they represented. Maybe the roping story could have been a little more believable if there had been more time to prepare for the event. Two days you can't even get the horse ready. The show was well written and when it was time, the viewers were mad at just the right people and happy for just the right people. The wedding was excellent. I would definitely enjoy more of the show. Susie
  • Wildfire is one of the best shows on television

    I think that Kirs and Junior should be together. Dani and Matt should be together. And Tina Sharp and Pablo should be together. I don't like Ken so i don't really want him to end up with anyone. i like Jeen i would like to see her find someone, but Pablo is way to young for her. I think that Junior's mother should have come back before the show was over, they never really did close that deal. I also think that Julian should have been in at least a few episodes of the fourth season, or at least have had a properly written farwell. I also think that Kerry should have been released from jail, they would have a lot to work with then.
  • This show needs to be continued!

    I love this show! I think it should continue. It could be on any channel and I would still watch it. It is an excellent show and great for kids too because the language is clean. It is a great show for the family to watch together. I love the fact that Kris has a passion because sometimes I feel like I don't. This show made me realize that I need to find something I am as passionate about as Kris is about Wildfire. I cried when the show ended and I wish that more episodes would be made. Wildfire seemed like it had more to offer than most other television series and it made me believe that life sometimes does turn out for the best. I loved that Kris and Junior finally got married. They were mean't to be together!
  • It is my absolute favorite . Everything you would ever want in a TV show and more!!!

    Wildfire is the best TV show ever! It has everything, comedy, romance, suspense, drama... The show follows Kris Furillo an 18 year old girl who started out in prison camp for a crime she didn't commit. While at prison (Camp Lagrange) she falls in love with a horse named, Wildfire. Horse trainer Paoblo believes in her and invites her to live at the farm he works at, Raintree, while on probation. While at Raintree Kris achives many things,becoming a great jockey and winning many races including the breeders (with Wildfire). She also creates a love triangle betweeen herself, Matt Ritter and Junior Davis.She falls in love with Junior Davis, but breaks it off bedcaue of fueding between the Davis' and the Ritters'. Kris is also betreyed by agent Kerry Konnely who steals her and the Ritters 1 million dollar breeders stakes prize.She tries to make it up to the ritters by competting in an illegal horse race and winning a prize of 2.5 million dollars. It results in her losing her jockey liscence and both Raintree and Davis farms losing their racing liscences. The series has a good moral because Kris always learns and grows from her mistakes. Throughout the series love, betreyal, friendship, and competion are constant themes.
  • Wildfire is a wonderful show about an ex con who makes the most of her new life on a horse ranch.

    There is something pretty wonderful about a show that captures emotion like Wildfire. When I first saw commercials for it I thought it looked too much like the TV show, Caitlin's Way. Then I decided to give it a chance and was just taken aback by how amazing this show was. The relationships were beautiful to watch and the emotion was real. I also liked how they went with the unlikely couple of Junior and Kris. On the pilot the writers made it seem like Kris was meant to be with Matt, and Junior was just the rich ladies man who stood in Matt's way by flirting with Kris. As the first season progressed though, it showed a deeper side of Junior who really seemed to care for Kris, and I just adored them as a couple. I think the show is very clever and I haven't been this engrossed in TV couplings since the first two seasons of Grey's Anatomy.
  • This show is about a troubled girl who used to go to CampLangrange(prison). But Pablo Betart saw her ride and gave her a job at Raintree Farms. After that Raintree became her home and she meets a lot of people.

    This show is about a troubled girl who used to go to CampLangrange(prison). But Pablo Betart saw her ride and gave her a job at Raintree Farms. After that Raintree became her home and she meets a lot of people.

    Kris Furillo meets Jean Ritter, Todd Ritter and Henry Ritter who are just wonderful to her, especially Todd. Than she meets Junior Davis, Matt Ritter and Dani Davis. Junior and Matt both have a crush on her, but who will win her heart? Junior? or Matt? I got you guessing, didn't I? Well, you need to see the whole 4 seasons to find out.

    Kris loves riding Wildfire and after she almost wins because of a dirty trick by Tina Sharp, newsagents come knocking on her door. And finally, what do you know, she gets her own agent(Kerry), but will it be strictly buisness or more?

    Kris becomes the best jockey ever known and wins a lot of races. Pablo and Jean are afraid that they'll lose her, but we all know that's not true. But do Jean and Pablo know that?

    I guess that's it. All I can say is that you better see this film and you'll get all the answers you need. But, all that the peole that watch this show, know some of the answers, the only question is (that's going through everyone's mind), who will Kris choose?? Junior?? or could it be Matt?? I'm hoping that it'll be Junior because I'm a real big Kris and Junior fan (Krunior).

    This show is the best and my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Verrrry addictive

    I liked Wildfire right from the Pilot episode. The 1st season was absolutely amazing. I won it on dvd and I have watched in countless times. I may be the only to think this, but I believe the first season was the best. of course, the other seasons are great, but everything was perfect in the first. But, throughout the run of the series, the acting has been amazing and some of the best that I have seen on any TV series. Genevieve is an absolute gem. With not much acting behind her, I was surprised at how talented she was! Same goes for Ryan and Nicole who play the very attractive siblings Junior and Dani. I was a fan of Micah's when he was on the soap opera All My Children as Jamie. The older cast is also exceptional. The amazingly talented Nana Visitor plays Matt's (Micah's) mother and kind of a surrogate mother to Kris. I LOVVEEEDDD her on the dearly departed FOX series Dark Angel as the deviously evil Elizabeth Renfro. Greg Sereno who plays Pablo is also a talented actor who plays Pablo with a certain sadness and mystery. Overall, if you haven't already, you should by all means check out this incredible series. If you are looking for an incredibly engaging series with an allstar this is definitely the series for you

  • As a person who loves horses, this show is just ideal for me.

    I must admit, I have only seen four or five episodes of the first season, because they did not start sending the show until now in Norway. However, I so fell in love with it! The horses, the cute boys, the scenery and the main character, Kris. She seems so good-hearted and like she has been through a lot. Now, the show is not only about horses, but mainly about Kris, a young girl who has spent some time in a juvenile prison camp for stealing a car. When she gets out, Kris gets a job at Raintree Ranch. She falls in love with Wildfire, a racing horse. It is now her job to train him. The show is set in the countryside and the scenery is very nice.
    Even my mother likes to watch the show, despite not liking horses. That's due to the drama Kris experiences and that her life is not a "normal" teenage life. I definitely recommend it to people who are interested in horses, teenage shows and drama. You just can't wait until next episode will be aired.
  • Just a quick thought, but maybe if we raise enough stink they'll bring it back like they did Jericho on CBS?

    I cannot believe that they are cancelling the show. Its one of the best on TV. Once again there is a successful, family show that deals with real issues without pushing the envelope as far as decency goes. There have been a handful of these type of shows in the last few years and they're almost all gone now. The only ones left right now are Wildfire, Kyle XY (as much as I LOVE the show it can be a little questionable at times, in regards to decency, though) and Life Is Wild. Granted there are other great shows on TV but none as decent and real as Wildfire. OK so maybe not real in the sense that a juvie steals a racehorse thats going to be killed or sold or whatever the situation was (missed half of the first season, but have followed it closely ever since) and turns him into a champion. And her into a famous jockey...so not real in that sense, but real in the sense that they deal with real issues, and do it without being rediculous.

    I wonder if there is anything the fans can do to bring it back? Just earlier this year an article was released about how successful the show is...I can't imagine that if the fans stand up they would really cancel it. Its worth a try, it worked with Jericho.
  • I just started watching and

    its fabulous omg i love this show i just started watching and well i think it is pretty awesome. especally and whole junior/kris thing i love it. Its pretty awesome how kris cares so musch about horses and wildfire she really wants whats best for herself she is just still figuring that out. The past still huants her and even though she has changed sometimes the old kris somes out. i just think the show is cool and i love dramas too. If they would take this show away from me i dont know what i would do! (okay you can tell i like the show)
  • I love this show! I have not missed an episode. I am so upset it will be cancelled after this season. All because it is cheaper to bring on a new show than to keep a great family show that everyone can watch.

    I love this show! I have not missed an episode. I am so upset it will be cancelled after this season. All because it is cheaper to bring on a new show than to keep a great family show that everyone can watch. This is an awesome show! Everyone on it does a great job. No one could do it better! TO all the actors you have done a great job & i hope you find an even better gig than this!

    I really wish that Nana (Jean) and Greg (Pablo) would get together already. You know! They would be the best couple!
  • What can I say, I have watched it since the first season and it has gotten better! I love this show and never missed an episode.

    This show has gotten better each season. Kris is a charming sweet girl who trys doing what she thinks is right! She stands up for what she has believs in. Matt is a sensitive caring guy who also stands up for what he believes in. Then there is Junior who is a rich guy who knows how to get himsef into trouble. Dani is a girl who likes to set goals and achieve them, not try to achieve them, but do achieve her goals. This show is about horse racing and the drama that comes with it. This show is well written and I will always support the show.
  • Mixed feelings about the show.

    I started watching this show when season one started and I really liked it I must admit after season one I missed most of the other seasons because I lost interest in the show. Season 4 has me hooked again. A pretty good show all together but at times it can be a little iffy. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it but being at the time it is and on the day it is I do watch because it's pretty much the only thing on. I have mixed feelings about the show but over all very good.
  • Absolutely love this show! No sooner does it end and I can't wait till next week!!!!

    I think the show is really well written, as well as the actors do an amazing job. I think over time they have developed their characters really well! I like how the story line developed over the four seasons, and how we started with a troubled young lady, who was just looking for a new start. She sure did find that at Raintree. How they balanced her love for Wildfire, and riding, and the Ritters, with developing new relationships too. I like how it's not just some teen drama, it's a very good family drama. There's romance, adventure, excitement, hope, love, family, there's something in the show for everyone to enjoy.
  • Yummy Goodness!

    I absolutely love this show. The characters are engaging and seem like people thatactually exsist in the real world. I love the fact that the show keeps the basis throughout every episode and that is the relationship between Kris and Wildfire. Their bond with each other is amazing. My only complaint is the way the adults on the show sometimes treat Kris. Everything she has done has been for the benefit of the Ritters and Raintree. They seem to forget that they were going nowhere until Kris introduced Wildfire, so I just want them to back off a little. I love this show completely and so far the third season is awesome and I can't wait for more. :)
  • Best Series ever!

    This is the absolute, best series ever made. Because it has got serious storylines (plots) and it's really funny at the same time. I've always loved horses so thats one ovious reason I like it. But also overly hot guy, and Kris is a replica of me, we even kinda look similar! We both love horses, we would do anything for one we had a special bond with, We both like Junior, we are both fighters. The only real difference is that, Kris likes Matt, and I would like her with Junior. The setting of it is just beautiful. It really seems like a reality show and ur looking in on someones life. Quite frankly a life I would die to live!
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