Season 3 Episode 13

So Long Pardner

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • It all comes down to this...

    Gillian gets her revenge by going against Kris, in the illegal match race. How come Gillian didn't get her license suspended? Well through most of the episode. Kris & Matt think of doing the match race. While the Sheik is breathing down their backs. Dani backs out, but Junior gets in with Gillian. Kris steals Wildfire to win the match race. The Dani working at Davis arc ends when she gets her license suspended for something that Junior did. Which upset me. Kris wins the match race, but Jean wont accept the money. She kicks Kris out, and she sells ALL the horses. Matt was angry. Kris saying bye to Wildfire was pretty sad. The clifffhanger was awesome! Who followed Kris as she was walking away? Can't wait till the next season!
  • The season finale of wildfire that had me on the edge of my seat.

    I have watched many tv shows including gilmore girls, desperate housewives, and greys anatomy. when i heard about wildfire i was very hesitant should i watch this show? i decided not to because my thought process was how can a show about horses be any good. my friends told me how good it was and i watched the first season marathon be4 the second season began and i fell in love. wildfire is the show that i always watch.

    This season finale was the greatest season finale for any show i have ever seen in my life. I loved it so much. The greatest show that has the greatest story lines.
  • This episode was intense.

    This episode was really entertaining. I still have it on my DVR. In this episode Kris went behing Matt's back and went through with the race. Junior also went behind Dani's back to follow through with the race. Shake Omar(I think) raised the purse money to 2 million dollars instead of 1 million. Raintree won because of Kris. Dani called the cops because she's Dani of course. Dani had to give up her share of Davis farms and in order to keep Raintree out of trouble Kris gave back the money and got her jockey's licence revoked in all 50 states. Jean kicked Kris out of Raintree and sold all the horses. We ended off with a stranger pulling up next to Kris as she's walking down the street and she says what are you doing here. We don't see the person or the car.