Season 1 Episode 5

The Claiming Race

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 25, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • Amber's last appearance.

    This epsiode was sort of heartbreaking because how Junior & Kris' relationship is developing is definitely not healthy. First of all I think Junior is a jerk by making a bet with Kris like that. I mean he is treating her like a prostitute, and vulnerable Kris ahead to fall in for him. I guess the whole Matt/Kris thing is dead, it was so sad when he found out at the club. I like how he is still protective of Dani. I really hope they don't get back together. Amber was fun while she lasted but it was sad to not see her again after this episode. It's really all Bobby's fault. Oh well. When Pablo turned out to be Caldo Farms. I was surprised! So Kris didn't have to go on that date with Junior after all, that's comforting. It was really nice what Pablo did. And Wildfire won his first race. Soon Kris will be riding him. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Jean puts Wildfire in a claming race, where Wildfire could potentially be sold. Kris, desperate to save Wildfire agrees to a date with benefits with Junior if he will stake a claim, possibly saving Wildfire. At the end, the mystery bidder is a big surpris

    Kris's love for Wildfire is apparent in the show from the beginning, but her being willing to do anything (including sleeping with Junior) to save him is disturbing. Fortunately Junior rises above himself at the end of the evening and "falls asleep" before they can do anything. When he wakes up, Kris says he went out like a light. Then, she asks "didn't he want to" be with her? First he says "Guys get headaches, too", but when pressed by Kris, he confesses that he didn't follow through because she didn't want to, revealing deeper character and principles in him than were previously apparent.

    The cliffhanger of the show is the end of the claiming race. Wildfire performs at the race exactly as Kris and Pablo (his trainer) expected, winning handily by I believe 4 lengths over any other horse. Straws are drawn over who will get Wildfire, and the mystery bidder, still not seen wins the draw.

    When the track employee asks if there is anyone from the mystery farm, Pablo appears to claim the horse.
  • Claims race plot. Kris agrees to go on a date w/ Jr. to avoid losing Wildfire. Dani finds out the truth about Bobby.

    This was a particularly well-crafted episode that kept me engrossed at every moment. Good writing! Take it from a middle-aged teenage drama junkie with high standards when it comes to teen TV shows. The last couple of episodes were iffy, but this one drew me in again and reaffirmed my feeling that the show has great potential. It takes its young characters seriously and treats their issues and feelings maturely, even while keeping the plotlines exciting.
  • WHen Kris goes on a date with Jounior to save wildfire things become complicated nad Dani gets a surprise to.

    When Kris finds out that Wildfire is going to be sold in an aoution race she takes steps to save him, while she goes on a date with jounior to save him and in hopes that another ranch will not take him away. Also , Dani finds out that Bobbi is actually married nad becomes furious. In the end Wild fire stays at raintree
  • Junior wanted Kris and him to be "friends with benefits," so that he would make a claim on Wildfire. Matt helps Dani out after she finds out that Bobby is married. Amber thinks Dani already knew that Bobby was married and was still sleeping with him.

    At the beginning of the season i thought Junior was a jerk. But when he "fell" asleep so that Kris didn't have to sleep with him because she didn't want to it was pretty decent of him. I hope that we'll keep seeing positive developements in Junior. The nicer he gets the more I like him.
  • Wildfire is gonna be sold!!! (Why do I care...?)

    It's a claims race and Kris goes out with Junior so he'll put a claim in on Wildfire. Junior doesn't do the nasty with Kris cause he knows she doesn't want to. Wildfire wins the race and it's so happy! The claim goes to some weird guy that works on the ranch and he decides to stay with Wildfire. What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.What an exciting episode.
  • Jean is so desperate for money, she enters Wildfire into a claiming race, risking ownership of him. Both Kris and Pablo are furious with her, and Pablo even threatens to leave the ranch if they lose the horse.

    I couldn't figure out who owned Caldo Farms either! Pablo disgused his name by entering a claim for Wildfire under that name. The entire episode I was worrying who would get Wildfire...if Junior would, or if the mysterious Caldo Farms would. When Junior didn't win, I thought "Great, Kris' exploitation of herself was all for naught." Boy was I presently surprised! And I really was glad that Jean apologized to Pablo and they resolved their problem.

    I know Kris loves Wildfire, but I was a little upset about how she went through with Junior on his request to go out with him and spend the night with him. Sure, he turned out to be more gentlemanly than we all thought, but what kind of example is Kris setting for younger girls that watch thw show?
  • IN order to keep wildfire on the ranch Kris agrees to go on a date with junior. meanwhile jean enters un- charted territory and danny pushes a friendship to the limits

    in the beginning of the episode when kris asked for help from junior, i thought junior was being a jerk for saying if i do something for u, u have to do something for me. he acted like such a typical guy when he said that. but i changed my mind near the end of the episode when he acted like he was asleep so that they didn't sleep together because he knew she didn't want to sleep with him. He seems to be a really nice guy under his bad boy image.

    im confused about what i think about matt, he seems to be the good guy, but he keeps messing upthings, so i don't know

    I'm glad jean found someone. but i also could understand why she didn't want him to pay her bills.

    im glad that Dani found out the truth about bobby, i always thoughts bobby was a creep.