Season 3 Episode 2

The Feud

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Kris pushes her limit to save the ranch.

    The beginning transitions were amazing! Kris working her butt off, to make up for the breeders money that she blames herself for because of Kerry. Dani is such a witch. Well all gloves are off toward the middle of the episode. Kris & Matt vs. Dani. Looks like Dani is winning. Technically Kris & Matt won, because they are the ones that got the client. But then Dani takes Flame! Ouch! I like how Gillian is fitting into the story lines. It kind of was painful to watch when Kris rejects Junior and then tells him she is selling Flame. Also Ouch! A great entertaining episode, and I can't wait to watch the next.
  • It had a great start..

    It had a great start, Kris and Jr. were so cute and there was really hope for them getting back together permanently. But it took a dramatic turn when Kris told Jr. she was going to sell Flame. I couldn\'t believe it they were so cute together them Flame was like their child. Kris may have won the business deal but she lost part of her heart. And when she figures out there is another way to save Raintree beside selling Flame, evil Dani comes and takes Flame away. Because it turns out he really belonged to her and Davis Farms.however it was still heartbreaking and will cause many problems between Kris and Junior.
  • I am so angry...

    I can't believe Dani got Flame I love that little colt, Kris had better get him back somehow and soon! I also can't believe that Wildfire went sterile! Also Dani sank to an all new low she is such a b**** she couldn't just let Kris have one thing! I HATE DANI!
  • i what kris and junior back together

    i what kris to be with junior by the end of seasoon 3 i hope junior does not give up on kris and i hope junior does not do something dum to make shere that kris and hem will never get back tother i fell like crying for krs and junior is there any hope for them i need kris and junior ck together in the end of season 3 but right now i am crying for them they love eacck other