Season 4 Episode 2

The More Things Change (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Kris comes back to see Wildfire race. Wildfire has a surgical procedure done by Noah. Dani hires Noah to work for her. Kris decides to stay in Raintree in order to care for Wildfire. She tells him that she'll be there for him.

    This episode starts after the season 4 premiere. Kris Furillo comes back to see Wildfire race; Junior thought it as someone else in his hourse shed. They were shocked to see each other. She's been in Colorado racing. Wildfire isn't racing well and needs moral suppport. She'd thought she come back and cheer him on. Gillian sold Wildfire 3 hours away from here when she and Junior broke up. She doesn't want Junior to tell Matt that she came here. His dad was expecting Junior to propose to Laura but he didn't Kris sees the Ritters together through the glass window. Junior's dad puts together a 10,000 dinner party for him but he doesn't propose. Laura's father is a congressman. Kris visits Dani at her clinic office. She offers for Kris to stay there. Junior comes in to see Dani but finds Kris and wants her to talk to Matt. Matt needs to hear her voice. The race is the first time since Kris raced. Something's got Wildfire riled up which is of course Kris. Jean wants this family out of horse racing. Matt's gonna fight it. Wildfire's back is out and he falls to the ground. A vet named Noah helps him. He tells them that he's alright but needs to get Wildfire to a vet as soon as possible. Laura, a district attorney lawyer meets Kris and Junior the race. Junior comments about that Kris is "Only in town to see Wildfire race" and Laura wants to know how he knows that. She storms off mad. Wildfire falls during the race and everyone goes to te front to see him. They get to a clinic and says that he hurt his fracture bone. The vet gave him a mild sedative. Jean says to Kris, 'We have been doing just fine without you.' The vet recommmended to put down Wildfire Noah knows a new procedure that can heal Wildfire. The only problem is that it's a surgical procedure that's risky and a recovery risker.
    Pablo, Matt, and Jean's brother votes for surgery. Wildfire got through the surgery. Dani thanks Noah for saving her first patient. He says, 'Well I still have a long way to go.' Junior tells Laura that she's the only one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He and Laura are standing where they were 6 months ago and he proposes to her. Junior faked car trouble. She says yes and they share a kiss. Kris tell Matt that she came for Wildfire and she's staying for him. And says, 'Things are different and they can't be the same way they used to be.
    This episode has brought more questions and excitement because of Kris' decision to stay in Raintree for Wildfire.