Season 1 Episode 8

The Party

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 15, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • Kris' past follows her.

    This episode with Win was amazing. It was nerve-wracking, suspenseful, dramatic. A gunfight in the first season. This show is awesome! It all starts with an innocent party. Kris kissing Junior, Junior saying "I love you" Matt figuring about it all in the end even though he saved Kris & Win's ass, she still goes with Junior, I really don't think Kris appreciates Matt, it is actually very sad. Seeing Bobby lose all that money was hilarious! But he got it back in the end, and Matt doesn't owe anything for long...
    The Win storyline & Kris past connects with all of it is just amazing. I liked to see that friendship develop. He was great. An amazing episode.
  • Party at Matt's house! Ready for some action?

    Things are heating up between Kris and Junior; I like that;) He's so cute:P But I did feel sorry for Matt when he saw the pictures of Kris and Junior. He's so kind and good-hearted and he likes Kris, so it must have been heart breaking to see the pictures... But I like Kris and Junior together more than Kris and Matt.
    It was hilarious when Junior wasn't able to install the Swedish bookshelf. I am from Norway so I found this funny:) Junior: A curse on Sweden.
    Matt: What about all the hot blondes?
    The party was awsome and I think this episode was the best so far. But it's only the 8th episode of this season, so hopefully there will be more action in upcoming episodes:)
  • Matt throws a party while the adults are away and Kris gets a suprise from an "old old friend".

    This is an amazing episode! It allows insight into Kris' past and shows us some of how she was before Camp LeGrange. It is a classic teenage "parent's are away" plot, with some unexpected twists. It includes a photo booth, cotton candy (which you can choose to wear as a hat), gambling and romance for almost everyone there. The writing was excellent and the acting was superb. You also get to see some chemistry form for the main characters. In a bizarre pairing of upper class and working class (Dani and Evan), you get to hear about Dani's mother, of who she knows barely anything. She finally shows her vulnerable side. This episode is a MUST see! It is exactly why i watch this series!
  • Matt throws a house party while his family is away...there is some drama between kris and an 'old, old, old friend.' But things start to heat up for Junior and Kris.

    The whole thing starts when Junior convinces Matt to throw a big house party...Matt tells Junior to only have a thirty people minium...but there is probably eigthy people there.

    A girl named Molly makes Junior get hot and heavy with her by telling him that if he doesn't help her impress some cute guy...she's gonna tell her police officer brother who really did that toliet prank on the principal...she reveals that her brother ands the principal are good buddies.

    Kris's old friend is named Win...Win tells Kris that he set her up for the car robbery...it was either that or he had to testify that it was his boss and he said that if he did that he could have gotten killed.

    Dani meets an African American Boy whose name is Evan...Evan tells her that he expected more out of her because she is of color...He also said that he was disappionted in her response when he said that he got a sholarship to their school. She said what sport do you play? He responds by saying Is calculus a sport and he also mad a comment about her self hatered. Later during the party she finds Evan in Matt's room looking at photos...she makes a comment about him prying into other people's lives...then she said she wants an apology for what he said to her. Evan then asks her what is she...she tells him that she doesn't know...So he asks her what her dad is...she says that he's white...he asks her what her mom is...she says all that she knows is that she is spanish and that she (Dani) is supposed to look like her (Dani's mom). Matt finds them talking to each other on his bed...He says that this room is off-limits and Dani tells him that he (Evan) is going to their school(Davidson's Accedemy I think)...Matt congradulates him and he (Evan) and Dani leave...

    Win and Kris go into the photo booth to talk and it is revealed that they both have the same tattoos.Then later when Kris and Junior go into the photo booth to talk Junoir asks Kris what is the deal with her and Win...she says that they are only friends...then he asks what is the deal with themselves she said just friends...she asks him what is the deal with Matt and him he says that they are just friends and that they have never madeout...then Kris and Junior go into a makeout session...after all of the photos are taken Kris gets out first and takes the photos...At that same time Win and Matt ses Kris and Junior get out of the photo booth...then Matt discovers that Win has a gun in his back pocket...It all turns out that Win was gonna kill himself...Matt comes to Kris's rescue and gets rid of the gun...After Win takes off Kris Junior and Matt clean up the place...and Junior is stuck with putting up the bookshelf while Matt and Kris clean up the place and replace the broken window to the trailer...then you hear Junior screaming in fustration...so Kris goes up in Matts room to help him...after she fixes it he tells her that he loves her and she says that he can't that he doesn't even know her...he thinks differently...at that moment Matt opens the door and breaks the bookshelf...they think they got caught when Mrs. Ritter says and what is this? You guys ate all of the cookies? They were all releavied and Kris and Junior leave while Mrs. Ritter asks Matt what kind of cookie he wants her to make he picks up the photos of kris and Junior making out...he looks crushed...
  • Matt throws a party while his mom is away.Kris' old friend comes back to visit her and tells her he's the reason for her going to camp lagrange.Kris and Junior heat things up and tells her he loves her. Kris' friend Win tries to commit suicide but Kris st

    Matt throws a party while his mom is away. Kris' old old old friend comes back to visit her and tells her he's sorry and he's the reason for her going to camp lagrange. Kris and Junior heat things up and Junior tells her he loves her. Kris' friend Win tries to commit suicide because he thinks all he does is hurt people.
  • Not my favorite episode

    This episode was not one of my favorites, but it was still good. Junoir talks Matt into throwing a party while Jean is away. Then Kris's "old, old, old" friend shows up, and tells Kris that he set her up, and it was his fault that she had to do time. He them pulls a gun out and points it to himself, but Kris moves his hand causing him to shoot the window. Matt goes and punches him because he though he tried to shoot Kris. Kris talks to Win, then he leaves in the morning. Kris helps Matt and Junior clean the house and Jean doesnt notice they throw a party. Not my favorite ending. AT the end Matt finds pictures of Kris and Junoir.
  • omg omg omg.

    This was probably the best eppisode so far. I was shocked when it turned out that that guy was trying to kill him self. I thought he was gonna try to kill Junior or Matt when I saw the commercial. I am so so so so happy that Junior and Kris are finally starting to get closer. I thought it was so cute when he said he though he was in love with her. Ahh :). I can not wait to see what happens next Monday when Pablo saya ''You work for me, no one else''.
  • Matt throws a party at Casa Ritter. Junior 'hooks up' with Molly, and Win, Kris' "old, old, old friend" shows up and does something unexpected.

    This episode was...to say the least, interesting. It starts out with Matt getting persuaded by Junior to throw a party while his mom is away at a horse show for a day. Matt agrees on "30 people maximum). As it turns out, there are easliy 60 people there, who completely trash the place.

    One of the people who come is a rambunctious girl named Molly. Molly and Junior had a fling a while back, and Molly wants to impress a few hotties at the party. Molly blackmails Junior into getting hot and heavy with her during the party. Her brother, a police officer, finds her with Junior later, half naked!

    The other person that comes to the party is Win, Kris' "old, old, old friend". As he reveals to her, it was actually him who set Kris up to be arrested. She storms angerly to her trailer, where Win tries to end his own life. Kris and Matt stop him, and he goes on with life.

    During all this Dani meets Evan, a black dude who is going to be a new kid at her school. They hit it off, and talk all night.

    It is also revealed that Kris and Win have matching tattoos.

    The threesome then patch up the ruined house.

    At the end of the episode, Matt finds some pictures of Junior and Kris making out. He is crushed.

    This episode was o.k., and told a lot of back-story. I liked it a lot, but there were MANY flaws.

    As a sidenote, I'm the first person to write a review for The Party!!! Yay!
  • Junior and Kris are getting closer... will Matt find out?

    Really enjoyed this episode, with all the character development. It's really getting more and more difficult to see if Junior is a nice guy (like we want him to be!!!) or a devil in disguise, convincing Matt to throw a party when Jean is out of town. I am really glad to see Junior and Kris getting closer, but one of them should have said something to Matt... unfortunately he had to find out on his own, and I doubt it's gonna be pretty. Liked Dani's new friend a lot. He seems like just the kind of friendly, smart guy that she needs. Looking forward to more of the same!