Season 4 Episode 13

The Ties that Bind (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 26, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Everything comes together happily, in this well written finale..

    ..I have to say, that it's one of the best series finales i've watched. The people who like cliffhangers won't like this finale, howvever, i personally feel that when a series finale is written, everything should come together. In this episode, this occurs exactly.Kris and Junior don't flee to Alaska, and end up getting married, surrounded by their friends and family, meaning everyone. Pablo and Jean, well we all knew they'd end up together. Matt and Dannie, it can go either way, but they will always remain the bestest of friends. 'Mr Davis' owns up to his mistakes and is forgiven..
    Wildfire, the horse, returns to his rightful owner Kris. They both live to love eachother, hence they win their final race and stay together forever. I always enjoy a happy ending, especially after all the drama that has happened throughout 'Wildfire.' It was the perfect way to end such a loved TV programme.
  • I definitely welled up at the end.

    This episode was a great & sad way to end the series, sure it had a happy ending but I just felt like crying after because that's the last time I will see Wildfire on Television, it starts with Wildfire missing & they search for him for the first 20 minutes then he returns for the big race, everything is going great until Junior announces to post-pone the wedding to go to Alaska for work, Kris wins the race! And helps Raintree be like it used too. Kris is till down in the dumps cause Junior is in Alaska but when she goes riding with Matt the last time, she realizes it was a setup & Junior came back to get married, that song at the end when they were getting married, warmed my heart a but. A great way to end a wonderful series!
  • In this episode Kris and Junior are looking forward to getting married, but a few things get in the way before that happens.

    I thought this episode was really good. In the beginning when Wildfire was missing, I really felt bad because you could tell how much the horse means to the whole family especially Kris. When Wildfire came running back to Kris, I thought that was a really cute moment. When Junior had to go to Alaska for work, it was really sad. Kris winning the race while he was gone was cool. In the end of the episode, I liked how Kris was riding Wildfire and everyone including Junior showed up for the wedding. The conversation Jean and kris had before the wedding was very sweet. I was not expecting Kris to get Wildfire as a present, but I thought it was the right thing to do because they have a special bond. All in all I thought it was a very good series finale.
  • This was a good way to go out.

    I was glad to see that the last episode of this series was really good. It tied up things nicely. When Danni, Kris, Junior and Matt were all looking for Wildfire together, I couldn't help but think about far these characters have come since the first season. Danni and Kris used to detest each other and now they are the best of friends. Matt was finally able to get over losing Kris to Junior. Kris and Wildfire beat the odds and won the Tucker States. Junior and Kris got married at the end and ended up staying were they were happy with their loved ones.
  • Classic series finale.

    Like most series finales they went back with previous episode scenarios to bring the series full circle again.

    Though the finale seemed a bit rushed to me, I still enjoyed watching every moment of it. Seeing the four of them heading back into another adventure to look for Wildfire brought me back to season one's episode Lost & Found.

    Having Wildfire come back to Kris way before the second commercial came was a bit lame, but it was still very sweet moment between those two, after all they started this show.

    I was glad that their wasn't any Matt and Dani hook up, whether or not it happens in the unseen future for those characters that's fine because it was a nice relationship those two had, but like I said I was glad the writers didn't try to tie that storyline in the finale. Because lets face it Matt is still in love with Kris.

    But to the Junior and Kris fans, we got our ending and that makes this ending bitter sweet.

    I'm not going to mention Jean and Pablo and their newfound relationship, I'm the few that couldn't stand Jean, and I later grew tired with Pablo and his attitude, so those two got together in part one, wohoo not really, but good for their fans.

    My favorite part(s)of the show and this episode were the scenes involving Junior, or both Kris and Junior. Now Kris was my favorite character throughout the seasons, until season three came along. Like all female characters involved in love triangles they are the ones who get the most ruined, so her character wasn't completely ruined, but I couldn't stand her in some episodes. I developed a huge soft spot for Junior, and my loyalty ended up with him. So when those two were brought together through season four and they got the ultimate ending most OTP couples get.

    I wont go as far and say that we finally got what we wanted with Kris and Junior getting married, because lets face it the Matt and Kris fans didn't get remotely anything out of this finale or this season. So to them reading this I say just re-watch most of season three and pretend Kris ended up with her best friend.

    Now onto Matt and Kris, I was always a big fan of their friendship. That's why around the second two I realized that sooner or later the writers and producers would screw it up and hook them up. Because everyone really knows that a guy and a girl can't just be friends. So I really enjoyed them having their last horse ride around Raintree before Kris left to join Junior in Alaska.
  • A happy ending.

    Kris continues her desperate search for the missing Wildfire, much to chagrin of her loved ones. Kris ends up getting a tip and ends up going to a remote location all alone. However, Matt, Junior, and Danni show up stating that the farm is legitimate and Kris breaks down in tears. Kris and the others try one more lead, which is to find the wild mustangs to see if Wildfire joined up with them; he did not. Kris finally decides to give up and Wildfire comes racing back.

    Junior ends up getting a call and is called away to Alaska. Kris wants to join him, but he says that she needs to stay here with Wildfire. Wildfire wins the Tucker Stakes and the one million jackpot. Matt and Kris end up going for a nice horse run and Matt mysteriously disappears. Then Pablo pops up from behind a tree dressed in a nice suit, and surprise… Kris and Junior are getting married. The wedding scene was absolutely cute and totally them. I especially liked how Junior and his dad reconciled right before the ceremony. I also loved Jean and Pablo's wedding gift… Wildfire. A very nice, sweet ending to the series.
  • Not willing to give up on Wilfire, Kris acts on a tip and drives to some remote location only to disover that she was wrong. Of course however, Wildfire turns up just as she gives up on him and eventually Kris and Junior get married!

    This episode was amazing and came together very very well! I was a bit anxious when they could not find Wildfire but just as in a previous episodes, he came rushing back to Kris, probably because he felt her slowly starting to give up!

    Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived: Kris and Junior got married and the wedding was simply marvelous! I have to admit that it made my eyes tear up, especially when Matt mysteriously disappeared and everyone started popping out with huge smiles on their faces. Might I also add that Wildfire looked very spiffy in his little "outfit"?!
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