Season 1 Episode 10

Tina Sharp

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 29, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • Evan's last appearance.

    This episode focused on Tina which I loved, Amy Jo Johnson is such a good actress. Anyways besides the point, you start to see what Pablo was talking about, how Tina is totally evil. First she starts off nice, and Kris doesn't believe Pablo but her true colors show when she steals the race away from Kris. That really sucked, and their friendship officially ended. Dani sees her "mother" for the first time with Evan, he starts to get annoying after a while. He like obsesses over racism, Matt & Tina heat up. We learn that Kris doesn't do flings. I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • A nice guest star turn highlights a good ep

    When I heard Amy Jo Johnson was guest starring, I perked up a bit. I've always been a fan of her on "Felicity" and only watched Lifetime's "The Division" when she joined the cast (and was most annoyed it turned out to be for the last season of that show). And yes, she is still the first and arguably best female Power Ranger.

    However, she really gets to shine here, showing a more wicked and adult side and it works. You can believe it when she pushes Matt into sex in the car and cunningly sets up to ride Wildfire. However, you can't help but like her, even when she's conniving, a testement to how well Johnson does in the part. I do get the feeling there's more to the past of her and Pablo. Perhaps there was once something romantic between them? That would explain some of his attitude toward her.

    Another thing I like is that they have her play her own age (although she doesn't look it) leading to the nice line of Matt asking Dani who Luke Perry is (even though that says a lot of how old I am now).

    I thought there would be more of Kris getting into painkillers but perhaps that will exapnd into the next episode. I am impressed by how Dani's grown over the season, from a rich bitch to a true character with fears and flaws. Despite her denials, you can tell she did hope her mother was a rich white woman and her constant blowoffs to everyone telling her how nice her new boyfriend was were good too. It's nice to see her made human.

    So another nice ep of this series, which has grown better than I had expected. I almost wish they could add Amy Jo to the regular cast as she's a great foil for Kris and Matt to work off of. Can't wait for the sparks to fly when Jean finds out about her and Matt. That's sure to be a fire
  • Another great episode! Its another amazing episode of an amazing show!

    This was another great episode of an amazing show!

    Kris is still recovering from her broken arm. Matt is dissapointed as Kris and Junior start to really date. Tina and Matt go on a date. Dani thinks she has found her mother.

    I loved it the part when Matt asked Kris if the thing between her and Junior was real or if it was just a fling and she said "I don't do flings." I think she finally made up her mind in this episode if she was really going to date Junior and I loved it.

    I loved it that they added that Matt and Tina are dating, I think there will be some drama with Matt and Jean because of that.

  • Am really happy to see the extreme consistency they have with Kris and her character. Very good episode for Geneveive Cortese.

    I think Kris is a fabulous character. I really liked this episode as even more character development for her. She is not afraid to call anyone on anything, whether it is one of her best friend (Matt) or someone who's not treating her right (Tina). I like how she has the ability to see when something's wrong, and isn't afraid to push to find out why. She even asks Pablo why he doesn't like Tina. That's something rare to find in adults, let alone someone as young as Kris. The episode was great. Frustrating, but great. Really am glad the writers are putting time into it to make it so consistent! Cheers!
  • A good episode, that started some new "affairs" and clarified a few things. Dani thinks she met her mother, Junior and Kris become more offical, and Kris finally sees Tina's true colors...this epidode is a great lead in for the last two...

    This episode was a little disappointing for me at first..not because it wasnt great, but because the previews we're pretty mis-leading. I thought there was going to be more tension within the love triangle. Still, though, it was highly entertaining, im sooo glad Kris ditched Tina and that Junior has a girlfriend who likes him for more then his wallet (yay junior and kris). Tina is completely self-centered and I cant believe Matt's getting sucked in...its going to be so detrimental for him. Really impressed with Nicole's (Dani's) performace...when Jr. showed her the picture of her real mother. Great show.
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