Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Pablo picks up Kris at Camp Lagrange after she is released. When she arrives at Raintree she finds the entire Ritter family anxiously awaiting her return, including Jean who bought her a pair of work boots as a welcome home present. But the thing Kris most wants to see is Wildfire.

Kris finds that Wildfire is not the same horse she left. He has now become skittish around everyone. After moving around so much Wildfire has developed trust issues. Throughout the episode Kris has to slowly build up a trust with Wildfire, until finally Wildfire will approach Kris on his own.

Shortly after her arrival back home Matt, Junior, Dani, and Amber invite Kris to join them at the diner. At first she is reluctant but after she observes Dani flirting with Matt she changes her mind, catching a ride with Junior while Matt rides with Dani and Amber.

Matt, Dani, and Amber arrive at the diner first. When they arrive Matt tells Dani he wants to break up, again, because he still has feelings for Kris. Meanwhile Junior has taken Kris on a little detour to the diner where he proceeds to hit on her but is quickly turned down.

Dani is fuming over Matt breaking up with her. She calls Junior and manages trick Junior into a street race where she knows a cop will be. When the two are pulled over the cop decides to arrest Kris who was just a passenger in Junior's car during the race, but the officer is holding a grudge against Kris due to the problems she caused by stealing Wildfire. Luckily Jean, Pablo, and Ken Davis are able to talk the cop into releasing Kris, and Matt and Junior who were also arrested after sticking up for Kris.

A little later at a party at the Davis ranch Junior tells Kris he has discovered Dani is responsible for the entire incident. Kris immediately walks up to Dani and punches her. When Dani is about to press charges, Junior threatens to tell their dad about some of Dani's sexual indiscretions if she does not let Kris off the hook. After all of this Kris has decided to leave Raintree but Jean manages to talk her out of leaving, telling Kris she needs to trust her (Jean) and she is safe now.

Also in this episode we find out Matt and Junior are getting still gambling with Bobby. And Jean boards some horses for a wealthy man, Charlie Hewitt. Jean also continues to worry about Matt's feelings for Kris.