Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on ABC Family

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    Things heat up t Raintree as Kris returns from Camp Lagrange. I had to say something about her going out of prison to come back in and then her going to jail again. It just didn't seem at all believable that they let Kris off with a slap on the wrist even after being involved in a drag race. Also 3 months for stealing a horse and running away from the police? Really?

    Beides that, this was a good powerful episode. With "trust' being the main theme (obviously). Kris tries to get Wildfire to trust her again meanwhile not trusting Jean. We got a nice scene between Jean & Kris in the trailer. And the scenes between Wildfire and Kris were in fact emotional.

    I think Dani getting punched in the face is something we've all been waiting to see. All I know is that it wasn't the 2 hour pilot that defined this show for what it was, this did. We got some cattiness, romance, horses, family, and a lot of hidden agendas. Great memorable episode of Wildfire, something I wont say about the first episode of the series.
  • Kris comes back from Lagrange and things are a little rocky.

    I loved this episode. I was so excited to finally see the next episode after the Pilot episode. It was put together very well too. I loved it when Kris went and got Junior from when he was trying to kiss her. You go Kris! lol Anyway, loved the episode!
  • Kris returns to the Ritter ranch after being released from juvenile detention a second time. Later, Dani gets jealous when Matt pursues Kris, and she tries to get Kris in trouble with the law by tipping off a policeman about an illegal drag race that Kris

    I think this episode shows each character's feelings towards Kris. It also shows how Kris and Jeans relationship builds like Kris and Wildfires, when he thinks she abandoned him and Kris needs to do these weird therapy techniques. I loved the part when Kris punched Dani right in the face now that was a classic and Dani sure hell deserved it. I have to say Bobby looks hot :-) of course JR and Matt are too but Trust was the first time we see Bobby. The car chase was kool of course Kris could have gone back to juvy so that part was bad, another part i liked is when JR. threatens Dani not to press charges it shows that he really cares about Kris and doesn't want to use her like a toy he can take out and throw it away when he is done playing with her.
  • Enjoyed it. Even though it was frustrating to watch some parts!

    I'm happy to say I wasn't let down with "Trust." I really enjoyed the pilot, and I was worried it would all be downhill from there.

    I enjoyed the episode for the most part. I was however a bit disappointed that nobody wants to forgive Kris. She wasn't even driving the car and the police officer ONLY got on her case. That seems pretty dumb to me.

    Also, I am seriously annoyed with Dani. Does anyone else feel this way? Sure, she doesn't want her now ex-boyfriend to be stolen away, but still... I hope she gets a little nicer as the season goes on.

    Very happy that Junior bribed his sis not to sue Kris. Maybe he will prove to have a good heart afterall?

    Also, I loved the scene with Matt and Kris, and how Kris explained to him that she really doesn't know how to react to him. It seemed very realistic, and both actors were great.
  • Kris goes out to see Wildfire he acts up.Then Kris goes to get some food with her friends and Jr.Makes a move on her and she acts back.Dani feels Kris is hurtfull to her and Matt so she gets her in trouble with law.When Kris finds out she punches Dani.

    Overall, this was a good episode , but ahs some parts that still drag on. It has parts that need to be polished , and still has lots of potential. kris will still get into lots of trouble in the end as the shows goes on I believe , but that will all trun out good in the end.
  • Kris comes back to raintree farm after her time in prison again, and finds trouble with danni who wants her to go to prison for a long time. Matt has fallen head over heels for kris. Junior is also smitten even further with Kris aswell.

    I thought that this episode was great. i have horses of my own and i know that it is difficult sometimes to have horse. but to me this episode was exciting. i love the triangle between Kris, Matt, and Junior. Matt should end up with Kris in the end. if there ever is an end. I hope the rest of the season is as good as the first two episodes.
  • The second installment of a great series.

    Trust was a good episode. I don't quite consider it to be as good as the pilot, but it was very well done. I didn't like the fact that Kris was back in a holding cell after only a day or so of being back. It was a little ridiculous. But, otherwise, I liked it. The relationship between Kris and Wildfire still makes me misty eyed for some reason. I don't own a horse, I've never been close to a horse, but I feel so strongly about their relationship for some reason.

    I'm waiting on the next episode. I'm expecting things to get better with the appearance of Kris's mother.
  • A lot of action for Kris in this episode.

    In this episode, which is much better than the Pilot ep, Kris finds herself in more action and trouble. (partial spoilers in this!)

    Wildfire isn't the same, and has lost touch with Kris.

    Kris is invited to go out with the crew for some food, and she gets a ride with Junior. Junior trys some moves on Kris and winds up nearly with a broken arm!

    Dani feels like Kris is threatening her and Matt's relationship, so she devises a small plan which goes partially wrong. Dani then devises another plan to drag race against Junior, who still has Kris in the car. They get caught by a policeman who arrests Kris for no reason, and then arrests Matt and Junior also for "possibly resisting arrest".

    Kris then finds out what Dani had planned about her, and later gives her what was coming to her later at her father's party.

    Overally, this was a great episode, a huge improvement over the Pilot, which wasn't bad, but it just dragged on in a lot of parts. Kris gets into some trouble in this episode, and luckly gets out of it.