Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on ABC Family

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  • Enjoyed it. Even though it was frustrating to watch some parts!

    I'm happy to say I wasn't let down with "Trust." I really enjoyed the pilot, and I was worried it would all be downhill from there.

    I enjoyed the episode for the most part. I was however a bit disappointed that nobody wants to forgive Kris. She wasn't even driving the car and the police officer ONLY got on her case. That seems pretty dumb to me.

    Also, I am seriously annoyed with Dani. Does anyone else feel this way? Sure, she doesn't want her now ex-boyfriend to be stolen away, but still... I hope she gets a little nicer as the season goes on.

    Very happy that Junior bribed his sis not to sue Kris. Maybe he will prove to have a good heart afterall?

    Also, I loved the scene with Matt and Kris, and how Kris explained to him that she really doesn't know how to react to him. It seemed very realistic, and both actors were great.