Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2005 on ABC Family

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    Things heat up t Raintree as Kris returns from Camp Lagrange. I had to say something about her going out of prison to come back in and then her going to jail again. It just didn't seem at all believable that they let Kris off with a slap on the wrist even after being involved in a drag race. Also 3 months for stealing a horse and running away from the police? Really?

    Beides that, this was a good powerful episode. With "trust' being the main theme (obviously). Kris tries to get Wildfire to trust her again meanwhile not trusting Jean. We got a nice scene between Jean & Kris in the trailer. And the scenes between Wildfire and Kris were in fact emotional.

    I think Dani getting punched in the face is something we've all been waiting to see. All I know is that it wasn't the 2 hour pilot that defined this show for what it was, this did. We got some cattiness, romance, horses, family, and a lot of hidden agendas. Great memorable episode of Wildfire, something I wont say about the first episode of the series.