Season 2 Episode 1

Try it Without the Porsche!

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • A great season opener.

    This season opener was so jaw dropping. First it starts out a bit slow, Junior is missing. Junior sets out for his new life without the Porsche. Matt & Kris look for him stumbling on some disturbing things on the way, Dani who is very drunk, I thought that was pretty funny, she plays good as a drunk person. Then they walk in on Pablo having sex, which was pretty funny, but what totally turned this episode around is when Kris crashes his Porsche, I thought he was dead, everyone was all mourning. I hate Tina for playing that trick, Kerry is introduced, he's pretty cool. I love when Kris slaps Junior, amazing scene, a great season opener!
  • i liked it

    i love this show i watch it all the time i wish season 2 would come out so i can watch all the episods again i hope cris and jurior make and and wildfire keeps on winning racins i like it cuz u never know what is going to happen next k kk k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k kk k k k k k
  • Kris loses the race because that Tina Sharp cheated. Junior leaves after getting into a fight. Dani gets drunk and starts yelling at her dad at the party. Junior sneaks into his house & fights with his dad. He leaves with the porsche and crashes.

    It was a good beginning for the new season. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I loved it when Kris went to see wildfire and was going on about second chances and Junior walks in. It was sweet.

    I cant say what the season will be like since the Creator/Ex-Producer recently passed away. Who knows? I do know that this season will for sure be more awesome.
  • I think they overplayed Junior's porshe accident. It made me think that he wasnt going to be found for a few episodes. But 5 seconds later hes back.

    I love Wildfire and this was an awesome episodes. I have high hopes for this season and I think it will be awesome. The tensions were unbearable. Kris and Junior should be together and Dani and Matt should be together. END OF STORY! The creators are doing a fabulous job on this show and I will continue to be hooked all season. Wildfire is the BEST SHOW!!!!!
  • In the episode,Kris loses the Sandpiper, but still becomes a celebrity afterwards. Kris and Matt then go on a search for Junior, who has left home and got his own apartment. Junior then crashes his convertable, and makes it out OK. He and Kris then decide

    I really loved this episode. It was such a good start for the season! I now can't wait for the next episode. Some parts in the episode that I liked were when Dani gets drunk, and when Kris slaps Junior. Those are both two really good scenes. This is probably one of the best episodes yet to come. I'm really excited for this new season of Wildfire. This is a great show!
  • A nice kick-off to the season with setups galore.

    Well, a disspointment that Kris didn't win the race but it sets up Tina returning at some point to be her rival, which I look forward too. Of course, the bigger moments were for characters.

    Kris was good here especially in her confession to Wildfire over driving Junior away and nice to see her trying to mend fences with people like Matt. It'll be interesting to see her with this agent and getting a shot at the high life, which will no doubt effect someone who's been poor for so long.

    Dani continues to improve as a character with her drunken rant in public to her father and then sobering up to propose a business deal with him. Her dad did make some amends by finally telling the truth about her mother but obviously fails to understand how his kids truly feel which will no doubt continue to effect them both.

    It's good to see Junior trying his best but it's clear he really doesn't have any idea what he's getting himself into. He won't like having to work for a living and it'll be interesting to see him deal with the real world without his cash.

    It was nice to see Pablo finally get with someone and the running gag of people walking in on him was funny. Also good to see Jean unknowingly getting into a love triangle with her boyfriend and her ex-husband which promises some major strife to come.

    So we're finally back to a new season of one of the better teen dramas out there and I look forward to seeing it develop even more.
  • Kris and Junior miss each other while being apart. Junior crashes his car in the lake. Dani makes a deal with her father. Kris lost race. Best Show YET!

    Tonight the Show was better than any others that i have seen so far, And i have seen ALL of them. This show will go so far! The cast of the show are GREAT! I even cried cause i thought somthing major happend to Jr. Im sooo happy he is alright! And what Dani did to her father was funny.I can\'t wait till next monday! But im ganna say a lil somthin, Jr and Kris are meant to be together, But how the show keeps me wanting more and more is just GREAT! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • In the beginning Kris races but loses because Tina Sharp cheats. Junior leaves the house and Danni has way too much alchohal and has a shouting match with her father during the owners party after the race.Junior crashes in the lake. But ends up being fine

    This episode was GREAT!! It was just how it should have been! It was so realistic! Instead of just being a happy ending...Kris lost the race. I think it is great having the tension between Kris and Junior because it makes you want them to make up right now! I cant wait till next weeks episode to see where this season of wildfire will go!
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