Season 2 Episode 11

Who Are You

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2006 on ABC Family

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  • Dani is such a bitch.

    I finally thought that Dani was going to be a decent person when she was hooked up with RJ but then BAM the bitch is back. She is always blaming Chris for her problems, the poor little rich ...
  • Kris is free.

    This episode was a sort of break from all the drama, except in the end, it was pretty funny in the beginning. Gillian, I like that character, and this foreshadows future romance with Pablo & Jean. When they are dancing, a start of a romance, Gillian & Matt, which was very unexpected. I like how throughout the whole episode they are at the ball. And Kris & Kerry are found out! I hate Dani in this episode, trying to ruin things for Kris, that just bites, then Gillian called & canceled, so messed up. A great episode and Kerry & Kris flying in a plane, that was nice. A great episode.
  • Great as usaul but funny in some parts.

    I really did like this episode because there was a funny part in it (or at least to me it was funny). And the reason that is special to me is because most of the episodes aren’t funny. But the part I’m talking about is after Chris told Gillian all that about sucking up to a princess and all without knowing who she was and then she tells her who she is and the face Chris made was funny to me. I didn’t like the way Carrie practicly told her to go. But that’s pretty much it so. . .
  • this show rocks(please read on)


    in this episode kerry and chris\' relationship is revealed, and you can tell junoir was jelous when he found out. Matt and jillian start a relationship. You can tell chris is still in love with junoir and junoir is still in live with chris(please do not read on if you dont want to know about the next episode)in the next episode chris will end her relationship with kerry, kerry will try to get back together with jillian. chris will try to deliever a baby horse, and junoir will come to her rescue once agian. Chris and junoir will kiss. but i dont know if they will get back together, but i am uncertain about that. but who knows it is chris and junoir we are talking about, the two people in the show that are madly in love with each other and cant do anything about, but i hope they will get back together it will make the show alot more interesting. poor matt if kerry and jillian get back together again he will get his heart broken agian, firat Chris, then Tina Sharp, and NOw Jillain, that bot had his heart broken a number of times i will hate for that to happen agian. NAd dani is a little bitch, i mean all that trouble just to get chris kicked out of the race, she is a bitch, a big bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not too bad

    Really shows more conflict bewteen kris and Dani. Not the best eppisode because it just doesnt follow up to what the show is about WILDFIRE - a horse. I can also see more love affairs ahead, and it doesnt look good. the show is heating up to prepare for season 3! i just hope they make one.
  • Good

    this is the episode that Kris and Junior finally get back together and i am so happy about that! i love how the writter\'s got them back together. they both dated someone and relized they are in love with eachother it is so dreamy! From day 1 I loved Junoir he is sooooooooo HOT
  • I thought that it was a good episode!

    This episode was decent. In the beginning they show Kris and the Ritters oh and kerry(who i can't stand!) at the court room seeing if Kris is released, which she is and now a free woman! Also in this episode Dani and Junior still have their annual ball to make it seem like nothings wrong. You also see Kris and Kerry getting in a fight. Oh and one more thing it looks like Pablo and Jean will heat it up!!!! Can't wait for next weeks it looks like Kris and Kerry brake up and Kris and Junior get back together!
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