Season 3 Episode 11

You Can Count On Me

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2007 on ABC Family

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  • Junior fires Kris.

    This episode was pretty good. Just when you think theepisode is over, it isn't. It got kind of annoying how Jace, Kris's brother, kept on mentioning how he was in the army. It's like "Uh, yeah we get it." Todd's in this episode! I like how Kris exploded at him. "TODD. GO." Jace steals Junior's car, and I'm happy about that when he got a taste of his own medicine. He was so stupid to fire Kris. Tim going to Davis sucked, after the ending of the last episode. Overall this episode was entertaining. But not the greatest. I'm just glad Jace is gone, he really tried to push Kris to meet her father though. Jeez.
  • Kris' half brother comes to Raintree, disrupts her perfect life with Matt and the farm by bringing up their father. Junior buys Avatar, including Kris as a jockey, but fires her later on. Junior's car gets stolen by Jace, but he doesn't press charges.

    Bringing Jace into this season was a great idea, especially with the advice he was giving Kris about dealing with Junior and their issues or past relationship. Junior in this episode wasn't the same as the rest of the seasons, but he fit into to it perfectly, about time he got a back bone when it came to Kris. Matt is the supportive boyfriend in this episode, just like the rest, but doesn't Kris working with Junior at Davis ranch. Jace tells Kris that the only true family she's got, even though it isn't perfect, is them not the Ritters.
  • Jace, Kris' brother comes back to stir the pot. He tells her that their father wants to see her. Which in turn messes up the new "happy" Kris as on top of that Jr fires her.

    Wow this episode was better then expected, Jr did not go to the darkside...damn and they had some good cookies.. Todd wow i think this was the most hes even been in an episode. Jace and Kris i luved their relationship and hope to see more of it, espeically the dad thing. I thought it was really cute that Matt was willing to support his gf to go see her dad. Jace he was soo cute and funny and mostly everything he said was right..Kris needs to "talk" to Jr and straighten things out with him, as they have a good friendship. But the whole the Ritters arent ur family was not cool, i was teary eyed when he was saying that. But i love how Kris ran to Matt apologizing for being snippy early, and the kiss was getting very hot lol :)
    But new week looks really good, Kris feels bad about ruining Matt/Jrs friendship and wants to patch it up, which i dont think is gonna help when there this certain half naked woman in Jr's pool.