Season 1 Episode 5

Buffalo Who?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 1985 on ABC

Episode Recap

An early-morning shootout leaves Varges distraught when he fails to spot a bullet that almost takes his life. Meanwhile Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show rides into Wildside, but Father Crool (who has previously met Cody) quickly spots that the leader is an imposter, and gets kidnapped.

The "fake" Cody plans to lure the Spanish Ambassador into a trap and kill him, as he fake-killed "Cody" so many times when he was a prisoner of the Spanish. The "fake" Annie Oakley tries to lure Brodie out of town and the "fake" Sitting Bull tries to distract Prometheus. The group sees through the ruses, but the two groups' special skills are evenly matched and "Cody" ends the stalemate by taking Cally hostage.

The men manage to rescue Father Crool and Cally, and Varges overcomes his doubt in his abilities. In a final shootout the Chamber of Commerce take out the entire fake Wild West show, while Vargas finds out the bullet he didn't see was accidentally fired by Elliot from behind.