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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2011 on FXX
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Tired of his life, former lawyer Ryan tries to attempt suicide but fails. The next morning, his life changes for the better when his attractive neighbor Jenna asks him to watch her dog Wilfred. Wilfred looks like an ordinary dog, but appears to be a man in a dog suit to Ryan.moreless

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  • Happiness

    "Wilfred" starts with Ryan, a depressed man who fails to commit suicide, and then agrees to watch his neighbor's dog for her. The only issue is that Ryan does not see Wilfred as a dog; he sees Wilfred as a man dressed in a dog costume, even though it is clear that everyone else can see that Wilfred is, in fact, a dog. The premise is certainly unique, although other than Elijah Wood - who is clearly the most talented - the acting ranges from mediocre to excellent. The writers seem to take a lot of different humor directions that only achieve meagerly funny results, but the overall surrealism that encompasses the story works to "Wilfred"'s advantage. This show definitely stands on its own; hopefully, its legs will only get stronger as the series moves forward.

    The Good:

    -Ryan is thrust into agony over his failed suicide attempt. He seems so determined to succeed.

    -"She wasn't Asian-American, Ryan; she was real Asian!" As she says this, Kristen points to her eyes as if she is unconsciously remarking on stereotypical, Asian eye shapes.

    The Bad:

    -Wilfred does a lot of things the way a human would. It would be funnier if he did things the way a dog would, even though he is seen as a human.moreless
  • Happiness

    Happiness was a superb pilot episode of the new version of Wilfred. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a unique feel and was filled with lots of humor. I've never seen the original series so I can't compare the two. I will say that so far I am impressed and entertained enough to keep watching. I'm not really sure where this series is going or if there is a bigger story, but it doesn't really matter because the circumstances of the characters and Wilfred and Ryan's back and forth make it so much fun to watch and I like to laugh so I'll definitely be checking out more episodes of Wilfred!!!!!!!moreless
  • Elijah Wood in his first star TV role

    I'm really not sure what to think about "Wilfred" right now. I watched the Pilot episode and enjoyed it. It's not as if it's a terribly written show or has bad acting. In fact, I think everybody involved in the episode did a great job. The problem is, the premise of the show is so strange that it's hard for me to take the character of Ryan or Wilfred serious. Why is Ryan seeing this dog? It's not like in Family Guy where everybody sees Brian the dog as a human type character. Only Ryan sees Wilfred as a human? But why? Is there going to be an explanation? Will the show just operate under the assumption that this is normal and doesn't need an explanation? I don't know. I liked the show, I really did. I just don't understand how it can continue on for multiple seasons at this point.

    But this is just one episode, so it's difficult to be too critical. Like I said before, the show has all the componants for a good show, it just has a sketchy premise. Ryan, a failed lawyer who is now going to be starting a job his jerk-of-a-sister got him, tries killing himself with anti-anxiety medicine and cough medicine only to find it doesn't work. Soon after, his beautiful neighbor Jenna comes over, asking if Ryan can look after her dog Wilfred. However, as it turns out, Wilfred isn't a dog but a human in a dog costume. But only Ryan can see him like this. As a result, the two spend time digging holes out back, going for walks throughout the city, playing ball, pooping in neighbor's shoes, smoking weed and just talking about stuff. It's strange. Funny, but strange.

    There's not really much to comment on at this point in time on the show. As the characters develop a bit more and a story grows, perhaps I'll have more of an idea what to say. At this point, I think both Elijah Wood and Jason Gann as Wilfred do a spectacular job. Sure, it's a weird premise, but maybe there's a way the show can grow into itself and find a way to make its oddball premise work.moreless
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Smart pilot of mass hilarity

    You have to watch it to believe it ! Considering its strange concept I knew the show would be weird but nothing could have prepared me for such an Unidentified Televisual Object ! Moreover the short trailer where we see Ryan (Elijah Wood) meeting the "human dog" (Jason Gann) for the first time is only the tip of the iceberg. And be prepared to both melt and burn in your seat because Wilfred is comedy at its finest ! First I would trade one of his numerous funny jokes for a barrel of monkeys in a human suit ! Second it reminded me of Hung because it proves that TV can be both smart and entertaining. From characters you instantly care about to the coverage of deep social science topics there's enough substance to fill the emptiest mind. What's the meaning of your life ? Why do you get up in the morning ? Do you live in fear ? Can you throw a ball - act, and how far ? Do the decisions you make depend of the others ? If you pay attention the number of questions it raises is astronomical but the good news is that its twisted humor makes everything accessible and enjoyable. Third ? Fourth ? Who cares ! The other element that should convince you to check out the pilot is the casting. Wood is on fire, or on the moon, and it's obvious he's delighted to play Ryan, a thirty something years old guy who is as sad as an undead flower. As for Gann (garoo ?) he is… the dog ! In the one hand we have an unknown talent imported from Australia and in the other a playful actor who has unleashed his weapon of mass hilarity on TV. As for the actresses their characters have potential. The girl next door probably has some dirty secrets, the sister is certainly remotely controlled by aliens and the waitress… well she should make you want to be a dog ! Last but not least the whole human nature debate was really the home-run I hadn't expected. How do animals see us ? More Human Than Animal ? Is Robbie a zombie ? The ultimate truth is that Wilfred is a religion so it's time to suit up ! Just believe in Dog bloody hell !moreless
  • Well done, Well done indeed!

    I'm proud to see a remake do an original aussie production justice, i've haven't laughed this hard in a very long time. WAKE UP people and think outside the box! cut those strings that hold you back and have a good laugh, that's what it's all about and this show just throws it in your face and drags you along for the ride :) chuckle, smirk, squirm in your seat at the back to basics gags, remember we are all just animals at the end of the day, some walk on four legs, some on two. Well done, well done indeed.. I'm usually not a fan of rehashed tvshows but in this case I will certainly make an exception and buy the dvds when they become available. Yes, it is that well done! thank you, thank you very much.moreless
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