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  • Loved this show

    Loved this show - intelligent, dark, hilarious and challenging. Sorry it is finished but so glad it ended the way it did and on its own terms.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    At first glance Wilfred appears to be a ridiculously stupid show, but as a longtime fan and follower of Elijah Wood, I knew he wouldn't agree to do something like that, so I decided to give Wilfred a shot. The show is adapted from a very popular Australian show and if nothing else, it is extremely unique. Wood plays Ryan, a down on his luck man going through some changes. He has a hopeless crush on his new neighbor, Jenna, who to his surprise shows up one day and asks him to watch her dog, Wilfred. The thing about Wilfred is that he is actually a dog, that only Ryan sees as a man in a dog costume. Why does Ryan see Wilfred though, is he an angel, demon, spirit, or is Ryan just hallucinating? That is really the point of the show, Wilfred is there to help and guide Ryan, but what is he and why is Ryan the only one who sees him as human? When I first started watching this show, I thought it was absolutely hysterical. Some of the things Wilfred does and some of the words that come out of his mouth are shocking and hilarious, and how they get away with that on television is beyond me. Unfortunately the initial shock of this nut running around in a dog suit wears off pretty quickly and the episodes seem to blend together. It's a great idea and a unique show, but a lot of the episodes have a very similar storyline and don't really seem to go anywhere. The reason such a weird show works so well is it's extremely talented cast. Elijah Wood has always been a favorite actor of mine and when his quiet, reserved character is matched with Jason Gann and his extreme behavior, it's like watching a whole new take on the Odd Couple. Gann is a newcomer in America and was the one who played Wilfred in the original Australian version of the show. He's been playing Wilfred for years, he's comfortable in the role and none of this is new to him, and that's why he is so terrific. The show Wilfred can be a riot, but it gets old quick, and it's hard listening to moral lessons taught by a pot smoking man in a dog costume. That being said, it might not be the ideal show to watch on DVD as I did, but catching an episode or two on TV can defiantly make your night entertaining.
  • With little cable, I checked it out, could grow on me

    2 ep (14)
  • Good Wilfred! Good boy!

    How would you react if you can see a dog as a man in a dog suite? Thats what creator David Zuckerman and Jason Gann (also stars) question and they sell it without taking it serious, which is the fun of "Wilfred" based off the Australian tv hit that was also created and starred Jason Gann.

    Jason Gann is Wilfred, a dog you can love and hate. With his explicit mannerisms and self centered character. He is the unlikeliest of heroes since he saves a suicidal, depressed ex lawyer named Ryan Freeman (Elijah Wood). Ryan is lonely, missing a mother (Mary Steenburgen) who's in a mental institution. Stays away from his father (James Remar) and always takes notice and advice from his controlling sister, Kristen (Dorian Brown).

    Wilfred belongs to Jenna (Fionna Gubleman), Ryan's beautiful neighbor and his crush. Their meeting becomes the start of the most interesting and yet odd relationships ever. Ryan, only sees Wilfred as a human in a dog suit and they smoke pot together. Go through many types of emotions and themes by the explicit incidents they bargain themselves in.

    Elijah Wood seems so right for Ryan and he has a lot of fun sketching a comedic turn that you root for Ryan no matter how much wrong happens to him. Jason Gann, I've never seen him anywhere so I'm guessing this is his signature piece, he's very funny as Wilfred.

    "Wilfred" is a lot of fun, if you don't take it seriously. It has a lot of charm, clarity and it frees Wood and Gann to do just about anything. Its had funny guest stars including Robin Williams, Rashida Jones and Kirsten Schaal. I've enjoyed each of its hilarious and touching episodes.

    Wilfred's a good dog.

    Rating: 8.5
  • One of My New Favorite Shows

    My friend was talking about this show when he found out when the third season would premiere, and he flipped out because of how the second season ended. So, I figured I should try getting into this. It clearly worked, when I watched the first season in a single sitting, something I have never done while getting into a show, and something I've only done twice in the past(one season=one sitting). This show is great. Ryan, a former lawyer, tries to kill himself, and then the next day he starts seeing his neighbor, Jenna, and her dog, but he sees the dog as a guy in a dog costume, whereas everyone else sees him as an actual dog. So, Ryan starts hanging out with the guy, Wilfred, as they do on journeys and get high and whatnot. I don't pay attention to a lot of the humor of the show, it doesn't make me laugh a whole lot, but the complexity of it, such as in the first season finale, that's what makes the show for me. The laughs are just a bonus really.
  • Wilfred & Ryan

    this is a really good show, well written and very funny, hope it continues . can't get enough

    Wilfred please bite Ryan's sister . lol
  • That's a strange place to put peanut butter...

    I really enjoy this, it's nice having a character that's personally identifiable and likeable. The writing is pretty consistent, and Jason Gann as well as Eliajah Wood are really nailing the roles down. Sure it has a bit of a serious "undertone" but overall it's pretty crammed with comedic value. The camera work is pretty good, and I like that it doesn't really feel like a $300 budget 30m sitcom.
  • Wilfred The Best Comedy On Tv!

    Wilfred is one of the most unique shows in years. The show is great sick and twisted fun! Jason Gann Is a stellar comedian. Both the US and Australian versions are just as funny. The ensemble cast is excellent they all bring out the best acting in each other. I recommend this show to anyone who love a dark comedy that has a cast as superb as this show does!

    This is my favorite show next to Glee. A lot of dark humor that only certain people will get/ enjoy. Also constantly has you thinking about Ryan's sanity.


  • Incredibly Funny

    It doesn't happen too often that I sit infront of the TV laughing out loud. Great humor, great show. Not at all the usual sitcom. I guess Wilfred is one of those friends with a bad influence that my mother would have warned me about.
  • Loved it!! It's been ages since a dog made me laugh so hard..

    It's a nice show!! People might not get the humour but if you are open-minded you will enjoyed it.. I felt the same way with The Office US. At first I thought what a dumb thing to do.. A US version?? Really?? But next thing I know I am a huge fan of Michael Scott.. But Wilfred is nothing like The Office.. I've seen 2 episodes so far and I think they were clever & funny.. Elijah Wood nails it as a suicidal ex-lawyer who lives next door to a beautiful girl, Jenna, and has to take care her dog for one day.. Except that dog smokes marijuana, loves Matt Damon and likes to drink beer.. Also he uses phrases from Dune & The Godfather. What's not to like about him? I look forward for more good episodes.. I've heard that FX ordered 13 episodes.. Good for them...
  • Do we all need a little Wilfred in our lives?

    To get straight to the point: This show is a dark comedy featuring a man in a dog suit. If you can't live with that, you'd better walk away, but you will miss a show that's pretty awesome.

    So why do people see Wilfred as a man in a dog suit? First off, it's just Ryan, for everyone else is Wilfred an ordinary dog. Ryan meets Wilfred at a point in his life where he just lost his job and is tired of being pushed around, ready to end it. Fortunately, his sister only gave him sugar pills. Next day however, Wilfred stomps into his life as Wilfred's owner, Ryan's attractive neighbor Jenna, asks Ryan to take care of Wilfred for the day.

    The two develop an unusual friendship and while Wilfred is rude with pretty bad manners (like smoking pot), he also teaches Ryan to take matters into his own hand, e.g. standing up against his bossy sister, oder their pot-growing, porn-loving noisy neighbor. Well, not to forget: usually Wilfred profits from Ryan's actions, who on the other side ends up in some kind of trouble, but at least Ryan lives a life for once. So is it some kind of sugar rush induced coma or is Ryan just crazy? Let's leave it at that.

    It's a dark comedy with a unique kind of humor and a cast that pulls it off just perfectly. Elijah Wood as insecure Ryan and Jason Gann (Wilfred) makes a pretty convincing dog whether he plays in the ocean, "look, Ryan, I'm in the ocean," turns around several times before he sits down, or chases a man on a motorcycle (screaming "I'll kill you"), or riots at the vets (at least we know now why ;)).

    So if you want to see a man in a dog suit acting pretty much like a dog and not to forget Elijah Wood, then I highly recommend to tune in!