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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 30, 2011 on FXX
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Ryan and Wilfred keep bonding and spent a great day at the beach though Ryan is fined for letting Wilfred swim in the ocean. When Jenna asks Ryan to take Wilfred to the vet, Ryan uses the new trust to betray Wilfred and learns a disturbing secret about Jenna in return.moreless

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  • Trust

    The Good:

    -Wilfred calls an anti-dog rule racist.

    -Wilfred thinks the saying "Carpe diem" is actually "Carne diem."

    -Wilfred gets really excited about the prospect of going to the movies.

    -Ryan says they're going to AMC - the Animal Medical Center.

    -"Don't let them take my balls."

    -Ryan trying to deal with Jenna having a dick is both awkward and charming.

    -"What does he see in Ben Affleck?"

  • Trust

    Trust was a great episode of Wilfred and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was plenty of humor and funny situations. Wilfred is hilarious and I find Ryan to be interesting. The story of this episode was fun and there were some surprising discoveries. This series seems so simple and like it doesn't have a bigger story arc, but it doesn't even matter. This episode proves that the show is a great diversion from our own lives for at least 20 minutes or so. I wonder what dog Jenna sees when she looks at Wilfred. This is a great show and I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens next!!!!!moreless
  • ▲▲▲ Spoiler-free ▼▼▼ Goody! goody! second installment (Special guest : Gollum)

    Gollum says write a wicked review.

    Wilfred is my friend, my friend. It's definitely not what I thought after watching its pilot because Happiness proved that the most hilarious concept can be turned into a pile of giant dodo poo. So the first effect was extraordinary and as expected the second was less surprising because a human in a dog suit will remain… a human in a dog suit. Ryan doesn't have any friends apparently and it's logical because nobody likes Elijah Wood. The truth is that his role was less challenging than previously when I had hoped the writers would find the strangest situations to force the actor to bring his A game. Still it was intimately enlightening to learn more about his former girlfriend and why he broke up with her. As for Jason Gann, my precious, I still can't believe a man would be desperate enough to suit up as a dog in order to shine on American TV. He should have stayed in the wild instead of joining the Australian conspiracy, secretly leaded by Nicole Kidman. Who do they think they're are ? Shame on them ! Shame on them ! It leads us, finally, to the story revolving around loyalty and trust issues of course. Testing Ryan and Wilfred growing friendship, why not. But some the jokes weren't that funny and in the end it wasn't well thought enough, specially if you compare it to Dexter season 3 for example. A misplaced comparison ? Maybe. Still quickly covering animal rights by mentioning Wilfred's balls was welcome and as for Jenna's secret it was definitely the most funny gummy itchy juicy pinky apple in the barrel this time. To peep, pept… peepen ? I'm a bastard and my English sucks but that stinky awkward arc was reminiscent of films like There's Something About Mary and American Pie. Too short, because of the lord of the damned format, but definitely entertaining. Even a tiny twist was poked at the end. Nothing fancy but it shook my neuron for a few split seconds. An eye for an ass ? We'll see, or not.

    I was assaulted, cuddled, insulted and even caught chickening while writing this f#@%*$ hack.moreless
Katherine Disque

Katherine Disque


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Matt Kaminsky

Matt Kaminsky

Vet Tech

Guest Star

Chris Klein

Chris Klein


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Rodney To

Rodney To

Dr. Bangachon

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The episode starts with following Thomas Fuller citation: "Trust thyself only, and another shall not betray thee." The citation fades away except the word "trust" which serves as title for the episode.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Wilfred: If you dumped a tidy piece like that over the saintly act of knuckle-busting your anus hole, I'd say that makes you the freak.
      Ryan: What, I'm supposed to put a ring on that finger?

    • Wilfred: You don't know what life is until you've tasted the salty brine of death. I want to feel that thrill again, and I ain't got too many good swimming years left. This could be my last chance, Ryan.

    • Wilfred: Carne diem.
      Ryan: Carpe.
      Wilfred: Carne. It means "meat" in Spanish. How do you live in L.A. and not know that?

    • Ryan: Uh, well, it was going to be a surprise, but I was thinking that tomorrow we could check out another place that you've always wanted to go.
      Wilfred: Sizzler?
      Ryan: Well, no...
      Wilfred: Titty bar?
      Ryan: Interesting.
      Wilfred: The movies?
      Ryan: No. I mean, yes, the movies.
      Wilfred: You mean, like, at a real theater?
      Ryan: Yeah, and, uh, guess who's got a new movie out?
      Wilfred and Ryan: Matt Damon!
      Wilfred: Trent and Mofo of The Morning Zoo both called it a triumph, and they so rarely agree.
      Ryan: How would you like to see Mr. Damon the way he's meant to be seen, up on the silver screen with dimples 30 feet high?

    • Wilfred: Ryan, we've only just seen those chicks, and you've already found a perfectly stupid reason not to get to know them. Kind of reminds me of something you've done in the past, but I can't put my finger in it.

    • Vet Tech: Ready for Wilfred.
      Wilfred: Why? So you can implant your tracking device in my neck? Stay away from me!

    • Wilfred: It's a conspiracy, Ryan! And you're playing right into their hands! Yeah! Wake up, dumb shits! The American Veterinarian Medical Association is a front controlled by a shadow organization funded by FEMA! The puppet master is Bob Barker! (to Ryan) Don't let them take my balls!

    • Wilfred: For the last time, he does not have a dick.
      Ryan: He?
      Wilfred: Stop twisting my words.

    • Wilfred: What's in the bag?
      Ryan: You like apples?
      Wilfred: Yeah.
      Ryan: I got a bunch of Matt Damon movies. How do you like them apples?
      Wilfred: Oh, sweet! Seriously.. what does he see in Ben Affleck?

  • NOTES (2)