Wilfred (Australia)

SBS One (ended 2010)


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  • Wilfred ROCKS! - I luv this show- Adam and Jason you guys are brilliant! I LUV WILFRED- MAKE MORE EPISODES

    Wilfred ROCKS! - I love this show- Adam and Jason you guys are brilliant! Brilliant actors, brilliant writers. Funny **** man, the story is great. I only have one problem with the series, there isn't another one. I lent my DVD to a mate to watch (as I do all my Friends to spread the good stuff) and when I handed it to him I said "man, you will love this, I wish I could see it again for the first time" which brings me back to my problem- MORE, MORE MORE! As you can prob tell I LUV WILFRED- MAKE MORE EPISODES! PS when ever I watch I always endeavour to smoke bongs with Wilfred!
  • A good show.

    I've only seen two episodes so far, of this show and it is great. It can get a bit confusing (I don't know what people see him as, a dog, or a man in a dog suit?) but it doesn't matter because it works. It has good acting (although sometimes they overact) but I haven't seen enough of this show to judge it, what i have seen however, is really good. Be mindful, there is a LOT of swearing.