Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 15, 2003 on NBC

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  • Jack is the BEST in This one.

    When Jack Says "I would've died,died,died" and slams his hand on the the a GREAT
  • About the episode

    It has great art direction.
  • Series 5 finishes on a very funny note.

    From the start, the episode is hysterically funny. 'Dr. Morty' is introduced to Grace as the doctor going with Leo to Guatemala - and Jack and the gang go nuts over how beautiful she is. Jack is great as he harps on this! Poor Grace - no wonder she is neurotic about it. Then they board the boat to scatter two huge tins of Stan's ashes in the ocean - and Lorraine pops on board to cage some money from Karen. They laugh, fight and Karen (quickly followed by Rosario) falls in the ocean. Will and Jack having such a good time - that they end up in bed together! And Grace - trying to convince herself that nothing will happen to Leo - and then finding a love letter from 'Dr. Morty' to Leo - and ordering the boat to Guatemala! Very, very funny episode with all the characters at their best.
  • Karen takes Will, Grace and Jack to St. Bardes on her Yaught to scatter Stan's ashes (two popcorn barrels full of his ashes)hilarious. Lorraine manages to get aboard and waits for Karen.

    This was probably the funniest episode that i have seen. Karen says some of the funniest things when talking about stan. (Destroying an entire eco-system and creating a small chain of islands when doing cannon balls off the side of the boat). Hilarious. We also get to see Dr. Morty and find out what sort of competition Grace has. When Grace found the letter in Leo's bag i didn't think for a minute that he would sleep with Dr. Morty. I loved the very end, when Will and Jack, after a night of drinking, wake up in bed together, naked. And also when Lorraine throws Karen overboard and Rosie jumps in after her. Overall a very good season ender.
  • what a great way to end series 5

    another funny and fantastic series of will and grace in this series we have seen laughter and tears arguments and lots lots more in the very very last episode of this series the very shocking death of stan will ,grace, jake, kearen,and rosario all go on karen yacht to skatter stans ashes in the carabean you would think that this would be a very sad episode but not with these guys and what i love about will and grace is that there is never a dull moment even if it is skattering karens husbands ashes. as jake and will get very very drunk and dont no what has happend to them except that they both wake up to find themselves both in the same bed mmmm and as for grace she find a a love letter to her husband leo from his female doctor freind danny saying that she loves him and together well lets just say their gona have a lot of fun together and as poor karen who dosent like to show her amotions is upset about her husbands death finds out that minnie has snuck aboard and then they end up having a row and ending up with minnie pushing karen over board but her trusty maid rasario jumping in after her. im so looking forward to series six to find out on what has happend to the group i would recomend will and grace to anyone especially if you are feeling blue.
  • -after Grace met Leo's co-worker..Jack goes"Aren't you dying?!You're husband is going to Guatamala with that!I would DIE!".....Grace says"...big whoop, I look good sometimes.And i let people cut infront of me in the line at the supermarket, well no, but i

    I think that for the season finally it was perfect for telling the viewers whats in store for the characters in the next couple of seasons..and kept us guessing...was Leo gonna cheat on Grace..and if so would they stay together...it was intense...and Jack and Will maybe sleeping together...LOL...and Karen without Stan now...i just love this show..