Will & Grace

Season 4 Episode 16

A Chorus Lie

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on NBC

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  • Matt Damon playing gay is an absolute classic episode for "Will and Grace." Considering how much ribbing Matt Damnon and Ben Affleck have taken for their friendship over the years, this episode is a real treasure.

    I hope that everyone who is a fan of "Will and Grace" enjoyed this episode. Seeing Matt Damon raise his finger and saying, "Oh no you didn't..." the gestures he uses while showing off his singing skills and trying to pass as gay is a pure joy.

    The extremes to which one would go to in order to qualify for an all expense paid trip to Europe in the New York City Gay Men's Chorus seems totally probable.

    Jack's consternation at the thought of losing to 'Owen' couldn't be in better comedic form. Jack suspecting Owen of being straight and trying to prove it is classic. Lucille Ball never did any better.
  • #416 'A Chorus Lie'

    Absolutely hilarious. Karen hosts her 'Annual Valentine's Day Party' and brings Will with her now when Stan is in prison. But Beverly Leslie bothers her with his sneaky comments about her being alone so she makes up this little lie that Will's her gigolo. Poor guy's being offered so many jobs during the weekend that his head spins (unaware of the fact that those ladies are not interested in hiring him as a lawyer). Karen then comes clear and says she's been missing her husband and feeling very lonely. Meanwhile Jack tries to prove that his colleague from the chorus (played by Matt Damon) is straight. He calls Grace to flirt with him and even photographs them making out on the couch. There's a surprising ending when Jack is the one to be shamed. (9.5/10)
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    It has great cinematography.