Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 9

A Little Christmas Queer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on NBC



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    • Grace: I was so afraid of being single. And I think you might be, too.
      Sam: Well, I'm not afraid. I'm-I'm terrified.
      Grace: And I think you need to be.
      Sam: Terrified or single?
      Grace: Both.

    • Grace: Has anyone seen Sam?
      Karen: Have you checked down your pants?

    • Jack: I can't wait to meet your gay nephew.
      Grace: You guys think everyone is gay Jordy's only 9, it's no big deal that he went as Wonder Woman on Halloween.
      Will: He didn't go as Wonder Woman, Grace. He went as Lynda Carter.

    • Grace: Guys, really, we don't even know if he's gay.
      (Jordy enters)
      Jordy: Hi, Uncle Will! Guess what? I invented a new cologne. It's called 'Scoundrel'.
      Grace: And we know.

    • Karen: Well, the tousled hair, the slightly smeared lipstick, the disheveled clothing. Either you're on your way to work or the holiday whore is back.

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  • Allusions

    • Jack: And now, ladies and gentlemen, introducing Jordy St. James!
      Sam: That's his stage name. I had to nix Dame Jordy Dench.

      This is a reference to British actress Dame Judy Dench.

    • Will: Just like she ruined my 1975 Easter show, 'Everything's Comin Up Jesus'.

      This is a reference to the song 'Everythings Coming Up Roses' from the musical Gypsy.

    • Will: How 'bout this...you pop out of the fireplace with a mask on--you're The Phantom Of The Chimney!

      An obvious reference to The Phantom Of The Opera.

    • Jordie: (singing) Santa Claus, Mr. Santa Claus...

      Jordie's musical medley of Mr. Santa Claus/All That Claus are based on two numbers from the musical Chicago (Mr. Cellophane and All That Jazz).

    • Episode Title: A Little Christmas Queer

      This is a reference to the Christmas saying, "A Little Christmas Cheer."

    • Will: There aren't enough of us to do a Partridge Family in a pear tree.

      This is a reference to the Christmas song "12 Days of Christmas" and to the '70s sitcom The Partridge Family.

    • Jack: I don't remember driving into the town from Footloose. Let the boy dance.

      Footloose is a musical about a town where the government has banned dancing and rock music.

    • Grace: Hi. So, how was the ride up?
      Sam: Long. Jordie made me sing along to the Rent soundtrack. So... it felt like 525,600 miles.

      525,600 minutes is part of the song "Seasons of Love" in the hit Broadway musical Rent.

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