Will & Grace

Season 1 Episode 2

A New Lease On Life

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 1998 on NBC

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  • The follow-up episode to the Pilot of Will and Grace.

    In the words of Mary Poppins; Practically Perfect In Every Way.
    THis was an excellent follow-up to the Pilot episode. It shows the development of characters for both Will and Grace and it also sparks the beautiful friendship of JAck and Karen, but I'll talk about that later.

    Will doesn't want Grace to move in with him, as she has to move away from "Ex-Boyfriend Land"! It shows how dysfunctional their relationship is when Will decides that he can't survive when Grace is all the way over in Brooklyn, so Grace moves in with Will, prepare for more dysfunction!

    Jack and Karens first meeting will go down in history as one of the greatest sitcom moments of all time! Especially with their trademark "Stomach touch" at the end of their conversation.

  • In this episode, all the characters find their niche in the series. In this episode Grace needs to find herself an apartment, but when she does, Will doesn't approve. Also, Jack meets Karen and wow!

    I really enjoyed this episode for Karen finds her trademark voice. I love her voice so much, it just makes my day. Also, Jack and Karen hit it off so well! Their chemistry was just great! No two characters has ever had such likeness in their characters! I love how Will tells Grace she needs to move out and she says it's not a good idea. Then Will thinks she ought to move back in with him and she doesn't think that's a good idea. I think that this episode is on of the best in season one. This is where everything settled down, for the cast and crew knew that they were in for a wonderful ride!
  • The four major actors settle down in their wacky roles.

    Will and Grace end up living together - after Grace pulls out of marrying Danny. Its ironic that Will identifies a potential problem with this arrangement (ie that Will and Grace use each other as a crutch when things go bad) and this issue lasts all the way through the show. Jack and Karen meet each other for the first time - and its a hoot! This also sets up the relationship between the 2 characters that lasts for the show's duration. Karen is meant to help Grace get customers - but this rarely ever happens...

    Jack's one liners start in the first real episode - as does Karen's love of alcohol and pills. All 4 actors already seem to be in touch with their characters - and each other - and this starts the show off on a very funny note which lasts for years.
  • A GREAT EPISODE!! i loved when jack and karen meet because they really just find each other to be the best people in the world and just fabulous!! they are the best to watch and just one big laugh. will and grace also start living together.

    This episode is one of my favorites out of the hole first season because it is the 1st time that jack and karen meet and they really hit it off right away and seem to find each other fabulous or like gods gift from heaven. Also in this episode Will and Grace start to live together because grace needs to get out of danny\'s house and needed a place to live so she moves in with will because the apartment that she had was in brooklyn and to far away from him and he would miss her too much.
  • Jack and Karen's first encounter...priceless.

    No matter how many times I watch this episode, it is still as funny as the first time I watched it. This episode marks the first time Jack and Karen meet, and it is hilarious to watch how they interact with each other for the first time. They way that they instantly click is priceless amazing to watch. This is one great episode.
  • The first episode where you see the show as it really is today

    Even though you can clearly see the show has evolved, you know that it evolved from this episode. We see for the first time the amazing link between Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) we see the magical relationship between Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) even more and the storylines really do start to root and take place.

    I also think it is a good episode because you start to see the feeling between Will & Grace and what they think of each other