Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 14

Acting Out

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • http://www.justjack.com really exists, it redirects to NBC's Will & Grace site.

    • Will mentions Woody Harrelson in this episode. Woody Harrelson will next season have a recurring role as Nathan, Grace's boyfriend.

    • By technical standards, the kiss between Will and Jack is the first man/man kiss shown on network television.

    • This is the first episode that features outdoor scenes filmed on the streets of New York City.

    • This show was in reference to something ABC did on a short-lived drama back in 1991. If anyone knows what it is, email us!

    • When Will is talking to Jack outside of NBC, you can see the hired security they used to film on the street.

    • When Jack is first talking to Sally (the crazy women at NBC) she is wearing a red hat with a brim. Later on when Will comes to the office she is wearing a dark purple turban type thing. This is caused because the syndicated version cut out the Johnny Carson bit.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: (About Josh) I know what you're going to say! 'He makes me sick! I'd barf, but that'd be a waste of perfectly good puke!'
      Karen: Honey, what's this? Who's that? What are you doing right now?

    • Grace: How do I explain this? Most human beings are endowed with the ability to feel emotion.
      Karen: Well, they're weak.

    • Grace: He's skinny! Let him have his cookies!
      Jack: Hetero skinny is very different to homo skinny. You're not in the club, you wouldn't know.

    • Jack: We need to take this all the way to the Supreme Court. We have friends there. You know, we'll talk to that gay justice. You know, that little fellow we like with the glasses.
      Will: Jack, we've been over this. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a woman.

    • Grace: I mean, Josh is the first guy in a long time, who treats me like, a goddess.
      Karen: Bye-bye, Josh.
      Grace: He is sensitive and caring.
      Karen: Thank you for playin'.
      Grace: He truly loves and understands women.
      Karen: Don't let the door hit Grace's big ass on your way out.

    • Jack: Get off the flame and follow the flamers!

    • Will: (After Jack rides his bike into a grate) Hey ... First ever kiss between a gay man and 88th Street.

    • Jack: (Waiting for gay kiss on TV show) He's moving in. It's gonna happen. Oh, my god. Do you understand, this is bigger than the Moon landing?
      Will: One giant step for man on mankind.

    • Jack: I expected a kiss. I've been preparing for the kiss. I was on a juice fast for 72 hours so I'd look good for the kiss. This is a crime against humanity.
      Will: Jack, two guys didn't kiss on a sitcom. I don't think that warrants reconvening the Nuremberg jury.
      Jack: You know what, don't throw your knowledge of current events at me.

    • Grace: I have just gotten off of a string of really bad boyfriends. Adam--whose closest thing to a compliment was, "If you lost a little weight in the ass, you'd look pretty good." Alex--who thought things could be improved by bringing another woman into the relationship. Stoner Jeff--Who loved his bong more than me. I mean, Josh is the first guy in a long time that treats me like ... a goddess.

    • Jack: And I just want to know how long I'm going to have to wait until I can see two gay men kiss on network television.
      Will: (Looking at camera) Not as long as you'd think. (Grabs Jack and starts kissing him)

    • (Sally is laughing)
      Will: Why do I get the creeping fear that she enjoys her life more than I do?
      Jack: Because she has 250 people in her head, none of whom own a toothbrush.

    • Jack: Come on, we're going down to the network to protest. Chop chop.
      Will: What? You're still on that? Wow. I thought that would go away as quickly as your last big issue: the under-representation of gay animals at the Bronx Zoo.

    • Grace: Josh is one in a million. He is sweet and kind and attentive ... and he'll be gone by the weekend.

    • Grace: Gay sex is so hot!

    • Craig: But you will never see two gay men kissing on network television.
      Jack: Wha-- It's a gay network, for God's sake! The symbol is a peacock!

  • Notes

    • All the scenes that were filmed on the streets of New York did not have the audience's reaction put into them, meaning they were not shown on monitors the night of the filming. Neither was the Today's Show segment. The only part of the Today's Show segment that was shown on monitors was the kiss between Will and Jack. This was done to get the audience's reaction to something so huge.

    • Sean Hayes selected this episode and "Homo for the Holidays" as his tapes for Emmy consideration this season. Hayes won.

  • Allusions

    • Public Relations Man: . . .and thank you for visiting us, at NBC.
      Crazy Lady: Ding-ding-dong.
      This is a funny reference to the famous "slogan," if you will, of NBC.

    • Grace: Hey, valley of the dolls!
      A funny reference to the movie and the novel Valley of the Dolls.

    • Jack: I know, I'll talk to Al Roker!
      Jack and Will appear on fellow NBC program The Today Show.

    • Sally: Mmm... Siss-boom-bah. What do you hear when Scrooge passes a stone?

      A quick and funny reference to Johnny Carson's classic character Carnac the Magnificent, who would use his "telepathy" to tell a joke's punchline first, then tell the beginning.

    • Will: I don't think that warrants reconvening the Nuremberg jury.
      The Nuremberg Jury oversaw the conviction of some of the greatest war crimes in world history. Want to know more, visit your local library!

    • Jack: (on the phone) Hi, I'd like to speak to the President of NBC, please. It's Julianna Margulies.
      Julianna Margulies is known for her work on NBC's ER.

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