Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 22

Alice Doesn't Lisp Here Anymore

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 03, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

Will and Grace's Apartment Grace is vacuuming the apartment attempts to vacuum the lint off her pants and ends getting stuck to her leg. Will enters and tells her that if she keeps that up the dust buster may get jealous. Will tells grace he received her mother's monthly news letter and there is something in there about Alice Robinson. Grace tells him that she haven't heard the name in years and went on to tell Will how Alice was picked on in Junior High school although of course she herself was always nice to Alice. Grace beings to make fun of Alice for the lisp she had by mocking her and doing funny impressions. Will tells her the newsletter says she is dead. Grace: "Oh ssshith"
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Jack's Apartment Jack hears a knock on the door and runs to the door with a towel wrapped around his head. He opens the door and Karen is on the other end. She says it better be important as she was reading to her kids. They share a laugh. Jack than tells Karen that his one man show Jack 2001 has been nominated for a MAC award. They both proclaim how cool it is to be nominated and Karen congratulates Jack and tells him she has no idea what a MAC award is. Jack explains a MAC award is only the mot prestigious award in all lower Manhattan, non transgender, Equity waiver gay cabaret. Karen tells him that that's fantastic and that they should celebrate and pulls out a bottle of champagne from her coat, and then two champagne glasses. Jack then asks Karen if she would escort him to the awards ceremony since she means a lot to him. Karen declines for no reason. She ask him why doesn't he go with someone else and he tells her he doesn't want to go with a guy because he doesn't want to be typed cast as gay. He then has an idea to send in a video from an exotic location like all the other cool people do. He wonders where is he going to get a video camera, Karen pulls one from her coat. Will's Bedroom Grace startles will awake by laying on top on him on his bed. She then admits to will that she was the girl in Junior High school who gave Alice Robinson the nickname Ms. Lazy Face. She explains to him that she was in the school stand up comedic contest and she was on stage and she wanted to be accepted by the cool kids so she did an impression of Alice. "Hi, my name is Alice Robinson, but you can call me Ms. Lazy Face." She now feels guilty because she never said sorry and how she has to go to her funeral to say she is sorry to her dead body and ask Will to join her. Will and Grace's Apartment Jack and Karen are filming his video acceptance speech from the set of his new movie, "Poorly Decorated Crack house." Jack then says he doesn't feel right making the video and how he wants to show more thankfulness but he hasn't learned it in his acting class yet. Karen says she is going to go next door to get some champagne. Jack's Apartment Karen walks in. She hears the phone ringing and lets the answering machine pick it up. It is from Ted from the MAC awards and says that Jack 2001 wasn't actually nominated and they made a mistake. Mortuary Will and Grace enter the Mortuary where Alice funeral is being held. She runs into a priest and says she knew Alice from years ago and there was so much she wish she could have said. A handsome man enters and Grace points him out to Will as Gabe, Alice older brother. She claimed everyone said that Alice's best feature was her older brother. Will notices that he is wearing Prada schools so he is gay. Will is delighted by this. Grace goes to talk to the casket. A girl comes up to Will and tells him that her grandmother would be so proud of all the people coming out to her funeral, she introduces herself as Alice Robinson.
Mortuary Will has explained to Grace that the funeral was for Alice Robinson's grandmother. She puts on her coat and wants to leave. Will convinces Grace to say and apologize. Grace realizes that the only reason he wanted to stay was so that he could hit on the older brother Gabe. Will says that it's because Gabe was his type and ask her not to let him lose the opportunity and to go in and apologize. She leaves. Gabe comes in and introduces himself to Will. Gabe beings crying over his grandmother and hugs will for support, an excited Will comforts him. Grace goes over to Alice and tells her who she is and how she was actually the person who started the Ms. Lazy Face name. Alice calls her a bitch and told Grace the name traveled with her for her whole life and the only thing that kept her together was to know that someday she would be able to look Grace in the eye and tell her she sucks. She leaves. Grace is left awkwardly standing in the middle of the mortuary. Will and Grace's Apartment Karen comes in to find Jack gitty because he has finally found his character for his video acceptance speech, "a guy who is happy because he's won an award." Karen tries to get Jack mind's off of the video and when Jack doesn't budge they continue to shoot. During shooting the video Jack realizes that being nominated means more to him than he thought and he should actually attend the ceremony. Karen tells Jack that Ted from the MAC awards called and he actually was not nominated for a MAC award. A disappointed Jack says that it was just a stupid award. Mortuary Grace attempts to leave during the ceremony however is caught by the priest who insist that she comes up to the podium and say a few words about Grandmother Alice. Grace approaches and beings to recite the lyrics from the song "Here's to you Ms. Robinson." She then states that Alice was a nice forgiving person personalizing it for the Alice Grace knew in Junior High. And as forgiveness Jack's Apartment Karen consoles Jack who feels that if he doesn't have a MAC award he's nothing. As a way to get him out of his depressive mode she gets him a hot guy, jewelry, and money. Jack thanks Karen and says she is his best friend in the whole world and then kicks her out so he could be alone with the guy. Mortuary Will is taking to Gabe and asks him out. Gabe is slightly offended that Will is hitting on him at his Grandmothers funeral and walks away. Grace is talking to Alice who seems to have forgiven her. Alice says she teaches a speech class in the city sometime and they should get to get together for lunch. Grace loves the idea. Alice says that some of her students are there and goes to get them so that Grace can meet them. Grace meanwhile takes a sip of some very hot coffee. Alice comes back and introduces her students to Grace. Grace says hello however has a lisp as the coffee has burned her tongue. Alice and her students are offended. Alice calls Grace a bitch and leaves.