Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 1

Alive And Schticking

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 29, 2005 on NBC
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Alive And Schticking
LIVE SEASON PREMIERE - Grace contemplates having an affair with a married man. Elsewhere, Jack begins new career as a host of his new talk show "Jack Talk." Will gets some advice from Malcolm and tries to hide from Karen the fact that Stan is alive. Alec Baldwin guest stars, Shelly Morrison also stars.moreless

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  • A live episode that keeps you laughing even when they slip up!

    I couldn't stop myself from laughing along with jack and grace when they were laughing it was like a contagious diease! I was also amazed at megan mullalys composure during it, I would have cracked after 1 second! This episode also featured a lot of the comedy that is so custom to will and grace. like the eyebrow. how do the writers keep writing up these funny storyines so brilliantly! Another thing that I liked was how stan was written back into it well not stupidly! I hope that there are much more of these live shows to come because this was by far my favourite episdoe if the series!!!moreless
  • Live show done in two sessions, one for each coast. A madcap array of spies, lovers, death and ice cream.

    Will finds out something very surprising about Karen's late husband. He must also stay safe in the midst of international turmoil stirred up by his new boss.

    Jack finally gets a *real* job in entertainment. His debut as a t.v. talk show host is not without trauma of its own. He suffers from a freak accident, and Karen is busy recovering from surgery; her new transportation is either a help or a threat. Rosario still tries to keep some rein of sanity over her manic employer.

    Grace contemplates if the grass is greener in the wrong backyard.

    Brave, funny episode with plenty of laughs and a ton of unpredictable plot twists. I've only seen the East Coast version, but the eighth season kickoff is one of the best episodes they've done in a long time.moreless
  • Historical episode! Just historical!

    Just magnificent!

    In "Late Show with David Letterman" (08/30/2005), "the 6th take Sean" Hayes actually said he'll probably screw up some lines. And he will hate it, but the audience will love it! Sean, you were a 100% right. I loved it when Hayes and Messing couldn't tell their lines and had to wait a bit. I watched both the East and the West version and let me just say this: "Although it was supposed to be the same episode....well, the differences made it even more enjoyable!" (And I live in Estonia (in Europe), where no tv station shows "Will&Grace", so I have to download it to watch).

    Love the Show, love the cast, keep doing, what you're doing!moreless
  • Funny to the bone.

    This episode was just too hilarious. I loved it so much. It reminded me of the Carol Burnett show from the 70's.

    I loved it when Debra pushed Sean and he looked off balance and she started to laugh. Then later on while they are on the couch talking about affairs, Debra looses it while the camera is still on her. Could sean have been making her laugh more. Then the eyebrow scene. Who would have thought that would have been funny.

    They need to do more shows like that one. Wonder how the 2nd live one went??

  • Loved it! I loved the feeling of it being live, the episode itself was a bit of a drag.

    This episode was great, but also not so great. If it was not a live show, I don't think I'd have been that impressed. But the live showing made it wonderful. It was great to see the actors and actresses mess up every now and then, I loved that feel to it. If this episode was not live, I would probably give it an 8 out of 10. It had its funny moments and great acting as usual, but it seemed short and just didn't quite live up to other episodes. Good, but not great. But all in all, it deserves a 9.7, because I loved it being live.moreless
Debra Messing

Debra Messing

Grace Adler

Eric McCormack

Eric McCormack

Will Truman

Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally

Karen Walker

Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes

Jack McFarland

Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison

Rosario Salazar (Season 3 - 7 Recurring)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • On the DVD version of this episode, Will calls Karen "Carol" shortly after Karen breaks up the kiss between Will and Malcolm.

    • On the East Coast broadcast of this episode right before the scene where Grace is asking Jack's opinion on her lingerie, you can hear the director cue Debra to enter.

    • Just before the "majorly assassinated" scene, on the East Coast, Malcolm pulls Will into the hall, but on the West Coast, they start in the hall.

    • On the East Coast, Grace said something about her hair getting her out of something in school, while on the West Coast she skipped it. Debra Messing and Sean Hayes had trouble not laughing through that whole scene on both coasts.

    • On the East Coast, Will says that bringing ice cream sandwiches to a gay man is hostile, while on the West Coast he suggested ice cream sandwich scented candles instead.

    • On the East Coast, Will says that he thought Karen had a tail, but on the West Coast he says that he's seen her catch flies with her tongue.

    • On the East Coast transmission, Will says that when he talked to Stan, he was eating 14 chalupas, but on the West Coast he was drinking a meatball shake.

    • The opening shot of this episode was of James Burrows in the production truck, counting down to showtime.

    • Continuity Error: Upon hearing the news of Stan being alive, Grace says it can't be true because they scattered a trashbag full of his ashes. However, in the Season Five episode 24 we see Rosario bringing in popcorn containers of Stan's ashes.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Jack: I, um, do not have a G.R.I., glitter-related injury...It's something much more hideous.
      (He removes eye patch revealing that he has no right eyebrow.)
      Grace: What happened to your eyebrow?!
      Jack: Funny you should ask. During the fire, I sing'd it off.
      Grace: You mean 'singed'.
      Jack: No, actually, I mean sing'd. As the set burned around me, I refused to stop singing my patriotic finale, "You're a Grand Old Fag". When I went to salute, I didn't realize my sleeve was on fire...

    • Malcolm: Buddy, you made a big mistake telling Karen about Stan. Thank God she thought you were joking. If you pull that one more time, you are going to be majorly assassinated.
      Will: "Majorly assassinated"?
      Malcolm: Wicked assassinated?
      Will: Oh, for God's sake. This isn't about Stan anymore. There's no danger. You just want to sleep with Karen!
      Malcolm: Gosh, I just wanted to hold hands, but do you think she'll go all the way? I know I've overstated the danger to you. I want to keep Stan underground for a while longer to see if I have a future with his wife.
      Will: A future? You just met her! I've known her eight years and I just found out she has fish feet!

    • Malcolm: Oh, Will, you kill me... And one day I'm going to have to repay the favor.

    • Grace: So you don't feel worried that cheating makes you a bad person?
      Jack: Why? What have I done? My only crime is being irresistible. Besides, Grace, life is too short to waste time on over-thinking things. When an opportunity comes, I don't question it. I grab it, drop its ring on the nightstand, and swing on it 'til dawn!

    • Jack: Let's face it Grace, you and I, we've always been the moral center of our group.
      (Grace looks at him, confused.)
      Grace: We have?
      Jack: Oh come on, you know how when Will and Karen get into their ridiculous shenanigans, you and I always catch each other's eyes and shrug.
      Grace: We shrug?
      Jack: Yes. Because we're moral...

      (Later after Will and Karen come into the apartment.)
      Karen: I just don't understand why Will would lie to me about Stan being alive. I mean, come on, let's face it, Will and I have always been the moral center of our group.
      (Jack and Grace look at each other and shrug.)

    • Karen: How would you like to go on a date with me, right now?
      Malcolm: I can't see any reason why not.
      (Will looks at him in disbelief, after finding out Stan is alive.)
      Will: You can't? You want to give it a minute?

    • Karen: (to Will and Malcolm kissing) Will, that is just disgusting and unnatural.
      (Will and Malcolm pull apart.)
      Oh you're not Grace. Never mind. Sorry.

    • Grace: Stan is back from the dead? What did Karen say? I mean she freaked when her stepdaughter came back from camp.

    • Jack (to Grace): Are you telling me you intend to know a married man in the biblical sense? And in the vagina?

    • Will: And never bring ice cream to a gay man's house, that's just hostile!

    • Jack: Wow, I am going to need some time to process that. Might take a while with only one eye.

    • Malcolm: I just want to have dinner with Karen and catch a flight back to D.C before midnight. I have to shred some Documents for a client of mine. I can't say who but i can't 'DeLay'....It's Tom. It's Tom DeLay's Documents.

    • Jack: I had the largest glitter-related tragedy since Mariah Carey's film debut.

    • Grace: I'm going to meet Tom. You know what, I'm not even going to think about it. I am going to close my eyes and do what ever I want. Oh hey, hello--I'm George Bush!

    • Jack: (Wearing an eye patch) I did NOT see that coming. Well... I saw half of it coming.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Only the East Coast version of this episode is included on the season 8 and complete series DVD releases.

    • Actress Megan Mullally injured her knee short before the season premiere, and was unable to walk without crutches. But because her part in this episode was so important, the producers decided at the last hour to put her in a cast and a motorized scooter, with the excuse that Karen Walker just had surgery to separate her webbed toes.

    • The live episode aired in South America on Canal Sony the same time that it aired on NBC.


    • Malcolm: I have to shred some documents for a client. I can't say who, but I can't "DeLay" it.

      This is a reference to the campaign finance investigation of Tom DeLay in 2005. He was later convicted of conspiracy to violate election laws.

    • Jack: The more you know--and, shooting star.

      Jack parodies the PSAs done on NBC by the stars of the network's shows.

    • Episode Title: Alive and Schticking

      This is a pun on the saying "alive and kicking," and could be in reference to Stan still being alive.

    • Jack: I had the largest glitter-related tragedy since Mariah Carey's film debut.

      This is a reference to Mariah Carey's film debut, Glitter, which bombed at the box office and was considered to be one of the worst movies ever made.