Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 1

Alive And Schticking

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on NBC

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  • A live episode that keeps you laughing even when they slip up!

    I couldn't stop myself from laughing along with jack and grace when they were laughing it was like a contagious diease! I was also amazed at megan mullalys composure during it, I would have cracked after 1 second! This episode also featured a lot of the comedy that is so custom to will and grace. like the eyebrow. how do the writers keep writing up these funny storyines so brilliantly! Another thing that I liked was how stan was written back into it well not stupidly! I hope that there are much more of these live shows to come because this was by far my favourite episdoe if the series!!!
  • Live show done in two sessions, one for each coast. A madcap array of spies, lovers, death and ice cream.

    Will finds out something very surprising about Karen's late husband. He must also stay safe in the midst of international turmoil stirred up by his new boss.

    Jack finally gets a *real* job in entertainment. His debut as a t.v. talk show host is not without trauma of its own. He suffers from a freak accident, and Karen is busy recovering from surgery; her new transportation is either a help or a threat. Rosario still tries to keep some rein of sanity over her manic employer.

    Grace contemplates if the grass is greener in the wrong backyard.

    Brave, funny episode with plenty of laughs and a ton of unpredictable plot twists. I've only seen the East Coast version, but the eighth season kickoff is one of the best episodes they've done in a long time.
  • Historical episode! Just historical!

    Just magnificent!

    In "Late Show with David Letterman" (08/30/2005), "the 6th take Sean" Hayes actually said he'll probably screw up some lines. And he will hate it, but the audience will love it! Sean, you were a 100% right. I loved it when Hayes and Messing couldn't tell their lines and had to wait a bit. I watched both the East and the West version and let me just say this: "Although it was supposed to be the same episode....well, the differences made it even more enjoyable!" (And I live in Estonia (in Europe), where no tv station shows "Will&Grace", so I have to download it to watch).
    Love the Show, love the cast, keep doing, what you're doing!
  • Funny to the bone.

    This episode was just too hilarious. I loved it so much. It reminded me of the Carol Burnett show from the 70's.

    I loved it when Debra pushed Sean and he looked off balance and she started to laugh. Then later on while they are on the couch talking about affairs, Debra looses it while the camera is still on her. Could sean have been making her laugh more. Then the eyebrow scene. Who would have thought that would have been funny.
    They need to do more shows like that one. Wonder how the 2nd live one went??
  • Loved it! I loved the feeling of it being live, the episode itself was a bit of a drag.

    This episode was great, but also not so great. If it was not a live show, I don't think I'd have been that impressed. But the live showing made it wonderful. It was great to see the actors and actresses mess up every now and then, I loved that feel to it. If this episode was not live, I would probably give it an 8 out of 10. It had its funny moments and great acting as usual, but it seemed short and just didn't quite live up to other episodes. Good, but not great. But all in all, it deserves a 9.7, because I loved it being live.
  • An exceptional, thrilling episode with lots of laughs.

    This live episode was really exceptional. To see the actors make mistakes and have fun while doing it was just thrilling. The actors were all great although I was nervous for them in the beginning. Sean and Debra's little outbursts just made it funnier and who could keep a straight face after seeing Sean without his eyebrow! lol That scene made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off my chair! Megan Mullally and Eric McCormack keep their poker faces and deliver almost flawless perfomances and Alec Baldwin is great in his role too.

    I wish we could see more of this on Will & Grace or any other show. With a cast this talented they could probably do it every episode! It´s a shame this season will be the last. I'd love to see a Karen & Jack spin off...
  • eally enjoyable. It was back to basics.

    Live shows don't work usually but despite the little outbursts of laughter from Debra and Sean I was very impressed at how good it was. It was also nice to see the epsiode move with flow and if I hadn't known better, I would've assumed it was a normal episode. Definitely the best I've seen since season 4.
  • This episode is a big step for Sit-Coms. Realizing that actors are having as much fun creating the show as you are watching it, creates certain chemistry which cannot be created otherwise.

    I am a great Sit-Com fan. There were good ones and bad ones. More or less funny, they were all made by the same pattern. They were filmed, edited, mastered and finally, presented as a product that was thrashing the deep down soul of comedy and acting.
    Even though Will & Grace is not one of my favorite comedy shows, this episode has made me laugh more than any other. Realizing that actors are having as much fun creating the show as you are watching it, creates certain chemistry which cannot be created otherwise.
    There is a reason why people still visit theatre. This is it. Knowing that its live and that anything can happen. Knowing that actors will have to improvise at some point and that it's never the same.
    That's why I think this is a gigantic step and a big break in Sit-Com production. Why don't producers just let it be pure acting? Why don't you just televise theatre to us? I don't see why not, with the exception of perhaps making us laugh to tears...
  • Average episode. Funny but not outstanding.

    Maybe it was me, but something about this episode seemed different beyond just the LIVE aspect. Maybe it's in my mind but something just didn't feel quite right. Still the standard whitty banter and cutting scarcasm that's characteristic of Will & Grace, but for some reason the acting seemed stiff. Hopefully this can just be attributed to "first time live" jitters. I also enjoyed watching the differences in some of the jokes between the East Coast and West Coast feeds. Also, Debra Messing was noticably better able to control her giggling better during the West Coast production. It will be interesting to see how this LIVE season progresses.
  • An OK episode. Solid, funny and there was a flow to it... but...

    An OK episode. Solid, funny and there was a flow to it... but...

    It was simply too short. It ended very abruptly and it felt very unnatural for it to end right there. They could have moved the pace along more or made it a double episode. It felt very \\\"Let\\\'s wrap this up quickly\\\" at the end.

    It was funny that it was done live, though. You saw the actors laughing when they weren\\\'t supposed to a few times.

    This episode would have recived an 8 or 8.5 had it not been for the fact that it is a season premiere and season premieres need to be better than this.
  • I can sum this up in three words - Best Episode Ever!

    This was the best episodes i\\\'ve ever seen in all of will and grace. Give them credit for it. Jack couldn\\\'t be running in and screaming and cracking up like he always is. He wouldn\\\'t be able to hold it for the entire episode and the actors remembering their lines for an entire hour (which is what season premiers are usually) would be rediculous. If you love the show you\\\'ll love what they did. Come on. Trying to do a comedy show, LIVE. Now that\\\'s amazing. And how Malcom kissed Will. That was so funny!!! I also loved Jack burning his eyebrow and Grace drawing it on!! HILARIOUS. The writers have struck comedy gold!! I love Will and Grace and hope this season isn\\\'t their last!! Go Will and Grace Forever!
  • Un episodio en vivo, que fue visto por millones de personas en el mundo. ¿Sera cierto que es la ultima temporada y todo esta permitido?

    El pasado jueves, Will&Grace fue transmitido en vivo no solo para los EEUU sino tambien para latinoamerica via señal de cable. No habia trucos de por medio, fue un episodio en vivo, en directo, con un guion algo lento, las camaras con bajo movimiento y poca coordinacion, los actores temblorosos... pero uno de los mejores en la saga de Will&Grace. El guion ha sido simple: Will cuenta a Grace que Stan, esposo de Karen, sigue vivo. Este hecho tambien era sabido por Rosario -la mucama-, pues debian proteger la integridad de Stan al estar en riesgo su vida. Completa la historia el colapso de Jack en su show, pues se quema una ceja durante una de las emisiones.
    Hasta aqui el guion de la serie. No tiene nada de especial.
    Sin embargo, pudimos observar la integridad del equipo cuando no pudieron contener las risas Debra Messing (Grace) junto a Sean Hayes (Jack) en diversas partes del show: cuando Grace golpea en el pecho a Jack; luego durante una conversacion sobre engaños; y finalmente cuando Jack devela el parche de su ojo y vemos, con mucha risa, que ha perdido su ceja derecha. El riesgo de un show en vivo y en directo es ese, poder reirse en publico.
    La participacion de Alec Baldwin, besando a Will (Eric McCormack) fue motivo de risa.
    Sin embargo, creo que la actuacion mas "seria" fue interpretada por Megan Mullally, Karen Walker en la serie, pues a pesar de su poca disponibilidad de movimiento, supo contener la risa, mantener el dialogo entre los actores, y hacernoas reir con su acostumbrado sarcasmo etilico-dependiente.
    Es una pena que un show tan exitoso culmine en su octava temporada. Sin embrago, tenemos una trama para seguir a lo largo de la serie: ¿encontrara Grace el amor de su vida? ¿Will conseguira el mismo objetivo? ¿Karen se reconciliara con Stan? (Esto es de interes, pues Stan carece de toda su fortuna al haber sido declarado muerto) ¿Jack...? No me imagino que puede ocurrir con Jack, pues su personaje es tan divertido como menos preocupado.
    Este no habra sido el mejor episodio para algunos, pero definitivamente ha sido el mas arriesgado para un show que, hoy en dia, es uno de los mas exitosos sit-com norteamericanos.
  • Will finds out that Karen's dead husband Stan is alive. Grace contemplates sleeping with a married man. Malcolm (guest Alec Balwin) has the hots for Karen, Rosario eats a Subway's sub, and Jack has a worse "glitter-related accident than Mariah Carey's fil

    Let me start by saying that this is not a biased review. I am not a regular viewer of this show and I haven’t been for years, having found that the characters lacked depth and much of the dialogue was usually pretty insipid. While that still holds true in this episode, it nevertheless had me in stitches.
    Although I stopped being a big fan of this show a few years ago, I wanted to see how they managed to pull off a live performance. Part of the reason, I suspect, was the joy of seeing the cast members performing live.
    This episode, the season premier for Will and Grace's 8th year, was broadcast live in front of a studio audience, with no chance for second takes, and no room for error. Due to the different time zones in the United States, the cast and crew had to perform the entire show twice, once on the East Coast and then later on the West Coast. I was lucky enough to be able to watch both the East Coast and the West Coast live feeds.
    I preferred the East Coast feed because of the freshness of the delivery, the camera angles, and directing. It felt *live*. There were a few more flubs in the East Coast presentation than in the West Coast one. In fact, the boom microphone was clearly visible in several scenes.
    One thing that made both episodes very special, and especially funny, were Jack and Grace having a hard time keeping a straight face during one of their scenes together. In the East Coast feed, Grace manages to say her lines, but in the West Coast feed she just couldn't do it. Whether she forgot the lines or not is a mystery, but she instead plays with her hair and tries not to giggle.
    Despite the obvious challenge of performing a sitcom live, the West Coast feed was slightly more polished, the deliveries were smoother, and the whole episode felt more like a regular episode than a live performance. One thing that makes the West Coast feed superior, however, is the fact that Will changed several of his lines. The new lines were, in my opinion, much funnier (for example: In the East Coast version, after Karen announces she has webbed feet, Will says that he always suspected she has a tail. In the West Coast version, he says he suspected she could catch flies with her tongue.)
    When this season comes to DVD, I hope that they can create an amalgam of the two episodes, keeping the best parts of each. This was a wonderful episode, and well worth watching both times!
  • Painful to watch doesn't even begin to describe this episode. Yes, it was a brave move to do it live, but they did it all wrong.

    First of all, since it was live, it was only 30 minutes. Season premieres have to be at least an hour. It’s the unwritten rule of premiers.

    Secondly, the entire episode was extremely painful to watch. The whole time, I was in pain. The camera movements were all off, and the jokes were beyond sub par. It could have been much better if the live episode has been done better. It was a total disaster in my opinion, although I do give them credit for trying to be original with the live episode.

    Also, I think the entire plot itself has lost its lustre. The whole Stan is alive thing is really pathetic. They should stick with something else, and Grace having sex with a married man? That’s not only been done before, but it’s going to be done this whole season, isn't it!

    I truly hope they can pull together this season or else, in my opinion, it could be the last.

    it was fantastic, really funny great episode!! Debra and Sean cracking up between the lines was hilarious I was rolling on the floor laughing couldn't stop at all, its a shame that they have to end after this season, This is the greatest show its funny all characters are funny and lovable, I hope they wont end it,

    Fantastic acting, great lines, great performance everything was perfect! actors are very talented I love them! and thanx to producers director, cameraman technician who make it will and grace better, great job to everyone it was really fun to watch

    cant wait to see next episodes, I hope they change their minds and make more seasons :)
  • I think it was a very original move for a sit-com.

    I think shooting an episode live is a very original move for a sit-com. It was like television combined with theatre and I guess since the cast members had experience with theatre that shooting this episode live was almost simple. This is the episode that I would have titled "Saturday Night Fag!".

    I actually had to get real drunk to watch the episode but I enjoyed my drunken experience of watching the show, and seeing a sitcom cast with real talent.
  • Episode Telecast Live

    Even though this wasn't as funny or hilarious as other episodes of the series, the cast deserves credit for telecasting the season opener live. It takes a talented cast to film an episode live in front of millions of television viewers, and they all did great. The moments where Debra Messing and Sean Hayes broke down a bit and laughed at each others' dialogue and expressions was almost more amusing than anything in the script. I just think it's great that performers aren't afraid to make mistakes or just lose a little bit of control in front of so many viewers with no chances of re-shoots or editing. Kudos to all involved!
  • It went almost flawless, they\'ve done a wonderful job and a great episode also.

    I had some doubts about the live episode, Will & Grace is not an easy show to act, but everybody did a wonderful job and for the most part you can almost forget they were live and enjoy the show as always. They didn\'t put it easy either, they did some fisical jokes and stuff that could\'ve gone wrong, but it went well.

    Debrah Messing and Sean Hayes couldn\'t hold their laughter a couple of times at the end, but I think that Eric McCormack and Megan Mullally did it absolutely flawless.

    It also surprised me the wonderful job that Alec Baldwin did live, he wasn\'t obliged since he isn\'t a regular in the cast but he stood up and did a really terrific job.

    The episode was also really good, I cracked up at times (as always). This is a wonderful show, it\'s a shame that this is the last season, but if they manage to keep up to this level the show will have a great ending.

    I must say that I was really surprised when i\'ve found out that Sony Entertainment Television would broadcast this episode live here in Argentina, a great surprise brought by the best tv channel ever in his tenth anniversary. It\'s really great that I can write this review the same day that it aired and not several months later. I\'m not so sure of which one of the two episodes they\'ve broadcasted (I think it was the last one) so this review can be for the one on the East or the West coast, I don\'t know (21:30, here is GMT-3... make your calculations).