Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 1

Alive And Schticking

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2005 on NBC

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  • Live show done in two sessions, one for each coast. A madcap array of spies, lovers, death and ice cream.

    Will finds out something very surprising about Karen's late husband. He must also stay safe in the midst of international turmoil stirred up by his new boss.

    Jack finally gets a *real* job in entertainment. His debut as a t.v. talk show host is not without trauma of its own. He suffers from a freak accident, and Karen is busy recovering from surgery; her new transportation is either a help or a threat. Rosario still tries to keep some rein of sanity over her manic employer.

    Grace contemplates if the grass is greener in the wrong backyard.

    Brave, funny episode with plenty of laughs and a ton of unpredictable plot twists. I've only seen the East Coast version, but the eighth season kickoff is one of the best episodes they've done in a long time.
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