Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 11

All About Christmas Eve

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2002 on NBC

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  • Buttered rum

    Grace: Mmm. Buttered Rum. EWW! Ugh, this is so gross! It tastes like warm rum with...butter in it. I've never had buttered rum but I mean...logicly.

    Another hilarious episode. You forget how funny Harry Connick Jr. can be, he really holds his own with the rest of the cast who are all seasoned comedians from this show alone.
  • I loved this episode and it was funny, hysterical, and because of Grace's selfishness I like this episode 86.5%. And I got one question why does Grace always have to ruin everything when everything is perfect with her selfishness?.

    I got another question in the storyline for the show is it a Jewish thing to be selfish and pig when it comes to eating?-(No Offense). And I started to laugh till I cry a lot of times when I was watching this episode. My favorite part was when Jack, Karen, & Will were all standing at the window ready to flash New York and they did and Will said something like "Thank god a have a bow on my chest" or something like that. The storyline was okay the storyboard was okay and the episode was fairly written not great not poor. And the second time that Grace called to Will to go to the Nutcracker Will should have hanged up the phone.
  • Jack, Karen and Will spend Christmas Eve together at the Plaza while Leo and Grace try to go to "The Nutcracker".

    Will has nowhere to spend Christmas Eve so Jack and Karen invite him to spend the evening with them at the Plaza. Leo and Grace also planned to go, but a Patient of Leo's gave him tickets to "The Nutcracker". Once Leo gets pulled back to the hospital, Grace asks Will to go. Then Leo shows up, and leaves again, where once again Grace asks Will to be her date, where once again, Leo shows up. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen and up to their usual jokes to the poor service personnel at the hotel.

    Both story lines in this episode are not forced and are quite well-written. There are many great one-liners and felt like a tried and true Will and Grace episode.

    Karen and Jack's time together at Christmas is just what we'd imagine it to be - crass, funny and classic Karen and Jack. It fun to see Will set sucked into their world.

    The Will and Grace story line is a long-time coming. Grace is married and Will is not getting the same amount of time with Grace as he's used to. Grace is her usual self-absorbed self by making both Will and her husband run back and forth to be her date at the show.

    The best jokes of the night? Will's bow "It was a more festive message." Jack's "I don't want Santa to think I have small feet." Grace's "Your nose is so red you could guide my sleigh tonight." and Leo's "You don't want to miss the almonds and pecans battling for the city of Macadamia. I have no idea what this show's about."

    Great moments include the caroling to the maids and room service staff and Will reciting "The Night Before Christmas" with ever 5th word being "hiney" and the groups carol with everyone that runs under the credits.

    The only down-side to this episode is Leo. Harry Connick, Jr. just doesn't have the acting chops the rest of the crew does.
  • Perfect writing/acting, except. . .

    . . .for Leo! Lord, how I loved this episode, but hated it for the whole reason of Leo. Why in the name of God would they marry Grace off, only to have to keep inventing new ways to keep Leo out of the picture? It doesn't make any sense. Everytime we see him, he's going somewhere, or is getting called off to some foreign land. This episode has him going to the show, then not due to being called away, then he showed up at the theater, then he had to leave. If you only knew how angry that made me to see Grace ask Will to leave! Soo angry! Then Leo goes and bails anyway. This was the perfect episode, but God, how Leo bugs me!