Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 19

An Affair To Forget

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2000 on NBC

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  • Grace & Rob? Highly doubtful!

    Although a rather hilarious episode I find the main point reached in the episode way too far fetched. I seriously doubt Grace would stoop to that low a level and sleep with her best friends boyfriend. EVen though they had one of their breakups its still weird to put her in that position. It seems really of out of character.

    ANyway Ellen asks Grace to be her maid of honor. SHe first declines but then accepts. SHe tells Will she had an affair with Rob. I dont buy it. Moving on, Jack and Will are trying to plan a bachelor party and I just want to know whose idea was it to put them in charge. JAck wants a spa party,lol. Hello seaweed wrap!!! THey eventually hire a stripper. GRace is throwing Ellens party and spills the beans to Karen. Well actually Karen figures it out because Grace was acting weird. THat scene was hilarious, I was laughing so hard.

    Both parties are in full throttle. At Wills house Jack volunteers to get the first lap dance because all of the other guys are weird. Seriously, why does Will hang out with these boring suburbanites? THey totally clash with his Manhattan style. Anyway Jack gets excited by the stripper and thinks something is seriously wrong with him. I thought something was wrong with him too and I was screaming " dont you dare try to straighten him out!!" Will tells Grace about Jack and it leads to Grace and ROb. Grace does this weird thing to Wills stomach and it looks totally gross. Ellen someone walke dout just in time to hear about Grace and Rob, wow does Will have a big mouth.

    KAren tried to help Jack by doing her own striptease. I think this was funniest scene in the episode. THe whole boob shaking and grinding on the stairs had me in tears. YOu can tell Megan was having fun with the scene, she almost broke out of her character. Turns out the stripper is actually a man from the bottom down, which explains JAcks arousal.

    Ellen talks to Will but eventually comes to the conclusion that she should sleep with Will. I dont know how that would solve anything seeing as how Grace never slept with Will. I didnt even really like Ellen trying to seduce Will. SHe was trying to be sexy and raunchy but all it boiled down to was really freaky and me saying "please stop!" Rob and Ellen eventually make up by doing it on Wills bed. What a nice wrap up to this episodes problems,lol.

    A good episode where, again, the funniest things happen where JAck and Karen are on screen.