Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 20

An Old-Fashioned Piano Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2001 on NBC

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  • The Piano and Jack's Stories.

    I love, love this episode. Grace thinks that she is going to lose Will, so she decideds to invest in a piano with Will. Jack decided to rewrite his relationship with his exboyfriend, the way it was supposed to be. Karen gets a kick out of the stories. Jack then gets back together with his boyfriend and has no desire to keep writing. Grace decideds to throw an Old-Fashioned Piano Party to keep Will from going out with his other friends. Karen pays Jack's boyfriend to dump Jack so she can get her stories. Grace tells Will what the piano symbolizes and they reconcile. Karen gets Jack to keep writing the stories by paying him $200 bucks.
  • Why does Grace have to be such a control freak. I love this episode and series but I'm just pointing that out.

    I think that Grace should have not gotten that Piano without Will's promission. And I thought this episode was hysterical because I just laughed till I cried when I saw this episode. And I wounder why Will dislikes Pianos so much?. So I give this episode a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. And I loved every part of every second in this episode. Will & Grace always puts me in a good mood when I watch this show because it's just so entertaining. My 2 favorite characters on Will & Grace are Karen & Jack they make me laugh till I cry.
  • Grace buys a piano!

    Grace gets a piano to help her and Will's relationship, as she feels they are drifting apart. She goes a little too far with it though and Will gets tired of it fast, so they begin to fight at their "old fashioned piano party". I love the fact that Will doesn't think that an old fashioned piano party is something real, which adds to his anger with Grace and the piano. Meanwhile, Jack has broken up with his boyfriend, causing hilarious Karen scenes because he writes to numb his pain. Jack writes a romance novel that Karen becomes addicted to, which causes her to break the two up again. I love the scene where Grace is talking to Karen while she's reading the book and doesn't even realize that Grace is there, it's too funny. I also love the part at the end when Will and Grace sing Love Will Keep Us Together, you know that Grace can't resist a song.. :)