Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 20

An Old-Fashioned Piano Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Jack's novel is called To Weep and to Willow: A Harlequeen Romance.

    • Set Decorator Doug Devine was uncredited as the other piano mover.

    • Eric comes out with a lot more stuff on him than what we see him evertually take off. That's because he removed stuff between takes so he could move.

    • When Will is talking to Grace in the kitchen, we hear the piano playing followed by applause. Listen carefully... the applause is tracked.

  • Quotes

    • Heidi: Grace?
      Grace: Hi! Oh my God!
      Heidi: I was just thinking about you!
      Grace: No, you weren't!
      Heidi: No, I wasn't!

    • Karen: Honey I'm desperate, what's it gonna take to get you to break up with Jack?
      Rocco: Well, I really love him, so........50 bucks?
      Karen: 50 bucks huh? Well I guess my kids won't have their pay-off-the-bully money tomorrow.....but that's OK 'cuz I'm the bully!

    • Karen: Honey, are you wearing base?
      Jack: A little bit.
      Karen: Ok.
      Jack: So, I've decided to write my relationship with Rocco the way it should have been. I'm turning my pain into art.
      Karen: (reading the title) To Weep and To Willow, a "Harlequeen" Romance.
      Jack: You want me to read you some?
      Karen: You can read?
      Jack: A little bit. Here it goes.

    • Jack: I know you made him dump me. What'd you do, pay him 50 bucks?
      Karen: Did he say that? Who are you gonna believe? Me or some street trash I paid 50 bucks to to dump ya?

    • Will: You bought a piano?
      Grace: No. I can't afford a piano. We bought a piano. Ok, ok. Before you freak out, really, between the two of us, it's really not that expensive, and I think it would be really great for us to own something together. I mean, the piano is perfect. In my family, no matter how far away we got from each other or how much we fought, the piano always brought us back together again.
      Will: Yeah. There was one time my family fought and got real far away from each other. We called it the Eighties.

    • Grace: (To Will) It's more than that, but you just don't realize it, so just forget it! Just go! Just move to San Francisco and go scuba diving for cute guys in underpants, 'cause obviously, there's just nothing keeping you here!
      Will: Have you been gargling with bong water?!

    • Will: What's going on?
      Grace: What's going on? You don't have to go out because I brought your friends to you for an old-fashioned piano party.
      Karen: It's kind of like an old-fashioned bore, except it has the words "piano" and "party" in it.

    • Karen: I'm gettin' so many images from this stuff, sex with Stan has gone from "I've got a headache" to "I've got to have it!"

    • Karen: Honey, your words are rockin' my world and my pants.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Karen: Oh, honey, that's terrible, my heart is cleft in twain.

      Part of this line is lifted from Shakespeare's Hamlet, when Queen Gertrude speaks to Hamlet in her chambers as he confronts her about Claudius having killed King Hamlet.

    • Grace: There are places I re-- member all my life. Though some have change-- d.
      The song Will and Grace are playing is "In My Life" by The Beatles.

    • Grace: Ooh! The creature from the hot lagoon.
      Funny reference to the film Creature From The Black Lagoon.

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