Will & Grace

Season 4 Episode 7

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 08, 2001 on NBC
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Bed, Bath & Beyond
While a baleful Grace wallows in bed as she grieves over losing her boyfriend Nathan, an enterprising Will tries all his old tricks to spring her from her mattress and back into the real world's whirl. But when Jack and Karen arrive, Will fears that their bizarre efforts to help might actually drive Grace further into her shell -- not to mention therapy.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • This episode is exactly why i love this show! It had the perfect blend of comedy, mixed with just the right amount of emotion. The end scene with everyone asleep in the bed is my favourite scene, its so perfect!moreless

    A perfect episode! This episode can do no wrong in my eyes! I loved every second of it! So far, its my favourite episode, it was simply beautiful! The two best scenes for me were the shower scene, where Karen, Will and Jack try to 'wash' away Graces misery. But, she tells them to just let her be alone, and get over Nathan in her own way, not in the a they want her to. The other fabulous scene is the scene where they all join Grace in the bed, it combined sadness; Karen and Wills stories, and comedy; Jack's 'im a dancer story'.Once again, a perfect episode! 10 out of 10!moreless
  • I just could not stop laughing after I saw this episode because it was so funny. The part that made me laugh is when Grace was in bed and Will ,Karen ,& Jack were in the living room and Jack & Karen invited Will to dance with them (Continued)......moreless

    And Jack was doing this funny dance and right then and their I laughed so hard I started crying LOL! and Will jumped in and started doing this funny dance that was hysterical. The whole episode was brilliantly made the creator of Will & Grace should have won the Nobel Piece Prize for the best Comedy show in a decade and their Prize episode would have been this one. And I also loved the part when Grace came out into the Living room and said she was feeling better and then the Answering machine came in and Will & Karen & Jack were racing to the phone witch delivered the horror message that was a funny scene when they were tripping over each other. So I give this episode 5 out of 5 stars for Best In Series.moreless
  • Sad, yet funny. This episode is perfect example of why I love Will and Grace.

    This episode is continued on after the previous episode, where Grace wants to propose to Nathan, but instead he breaks up with her. The start of the episode, we learn Grace has been in bed for days, and is depressed over the break up. Will tries to encourage her to get up, but nothing seems to work.

    Then Jack and Karen come over, and pracitcally make things worse. Jack with his singing and dancing, and Karen's well umm... lets just say role play. Just as all hope seems lost, Grace gets up, but a telephone call for Nathan from a travel agent who is booking a holiday for him and a mysterious "Susie" sends her back to bed. At her lowest, the rest of the gang drag Grace into the shower, but she just yells at them telling them she's not like them, strong. She goes back to bed and the gang join her and confide their problems.

    The episode ends with Grace waking up surrounded by her sleeping friends on her bed. She gets up looks at them, just as "17 Again" starts playing. She obviously feels better, with all her friends there for her. Beautiful episode of Will and Grace. The writers manage to produce a marvellous piece with bits of emotion and sadness, and also don't leave out any comedy which was fantastic! This is one of my all time favourite episodes of W&G. It shows just how important friends are, and that their always there for us.moreless
  • Grace is down after being dropped by her boyfriend Nathan.

    Grace can't get out of bed after her boyfriend Nathan ended the relationship with her and found someone new. She had hoped to marry him--now it feels like the end of the world. Her friends try to lift her depression, but nothing seems to do the trick.

    Will pushes her with overdrive cheerfulness, Jack tries a mixture of jokes and nosiness, and Karen offers hopeful but weird support in the form of role-playing. Looks like it's not going to work; Grace is trapped in her own room, not to mention a world of hurt. Finally Rosario is drafted to run physical interference.

    It's a struggle to get Adler to not give up. Only the power of memory, and the power of her friends being well-meaning pains in the neck, will save her.moreless
  • Perfectly balanced comedy and emotional scenes, this a W&G classic.


    I can't believe nobody has reviewed this episode.

    In the wake of the Finale I've been looking back on some of my favorite episodes and this is definatley one of them.

    Leave it to this show to make mourning a relationship funny. After Nathan leaves Grace, she takes to her bed, and Will is determined ot get her back on her feet.

    Jack, Karen, and Rosario also try, to no avail.

    The comedy is all great leading up to the big finish when Grace delivers that amazing speech to her friends and then goes off to bed. One by one they join her - all soaking wet from the shower. Only then does Grace realized that she may be strong enough to move on.

    This is probably one of the best episodes in the whole series.moreless
Eric McCormack

Eric McCormack

Will Truman

Debra Messing

Debra Messing

Grace Adler

Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally

Karen Walker

Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes

Jack McFarland

Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison

Rosario Salazar (Season 3 - 7 Recurring)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (17)

    • Rosario: OK, hand me the hose!
      Will: Yeah, I...don't have a hose. It's the reason I almost didn't take this apartment.
      Rosario: I'll make do! (Goes into Grace's room)
      Jack: She wakes you up with a hose in the morning?
      Karen: Honey, I get hit in the face with cold water, I can't say where it's coming from.

    • Will: Sweetie, how are you?
      Grace: I'm OK.
      Will: Where are you?
      Grace: Under the bed.
      Will: OK, I'm going to take these tweezers so we don't have to relive the 'I-don't-have-Danny-I-don't-deserve-eyebrows' incident.

    • Karen: (to Rosario who has emerged from Grace's bedroom)
      What's going on? Where's Grace? Did you mistake her for some of my jewelry and stuff her down your pants?
      Rosario: Suck it.

    • Will: (walking out of Grace's bedroom) Well, it's gotten worse. She's under the bed bumming out the boogeyman. (Karen pulls out a phone) Who you calling?
      Karen: Honey, the only way we're gonna get Grace out of that bed is with a big strong man. (into the phone) Rosario, get over here!

    • Grace: Jack, I really wanted to be by myself.
      Jack: I know. Me too. Anyway, you know, sometimes my mom would take to her bed for weeks, and I was the only one who could help. She'd say, 'Jackie, sing me a song,' and I would. She'd say, 'Cuddle with me, Jackie,' and I would. I do believe that that may have been the root of me becoming an entertainer.
      Grace: Either that or it was the root of you becoming a big 'mo.

    • Rosario: You better watch it, lady, because the next time you take a bath it'll be rub-a-dub-dub, I drop the blender in the tub.

    • Jack: I finally figured out how to make Jack 2001 different than Jack 2000.
      Grace: You're gonna get an audience?

    • Will: I'm going down to the market to pick up some doughnuts and dental floss.
      Jack: OK, doughnuts and dental floss. Why don't you just make an announcement, 'I'm sleeping alone tonight.'

    • Grace: (showing slides) My Bat Mitzvah. Today I am a woman. (singing) 'Barchu et adonai-I'm gonna die aloonnne!'

    • Karen: Hi honey, whatcha doing?
      Grace: Just reading some old letters Nathan wrote me. Listen to this one. It's beautiful. We… we need milk (Sobs) I mean, how sweet is it to remind me to get milk?
      Karen: Well, I never understood the mating rituals of the poor. But, it sounds nice.
      Grace: It should have worked out, Karen.
      Karen: Oh, shoulda, woulda, Prada, honey!

    • Grace: Look, I'm sorry I'm not as strong as you all are. I wish that I were, but I'm not. Will, your lover of seven years left you, and you have to live every day knowing that he's out there loving someone else. I couldn't do that. I would die. And, Karen, your husband's in prison, the rock of your life, and you don't know when you're gonna see him again. If I were you, I'd be a total wreck. And, Jack... You're so resilient. You're a 32-year-old actor-singer who gets involved in a million different relationships and never gets invested in any of them. I wish that I could do that, but I can't. I'm not like any of you. I just handle things differently, so, please, just let me go back to bed and deal with things the only way that I know how.

    • Karen: Hi, girls. How's Grace?
      Will: Bad.
      Karen: How bad?
      Will: Mariah Carey in Glitter.

    • Will: You know, whenever she hits a real low point, she breaks out the slide projector and spends a few days trying to figure out "where it all went wrong."
      Jack: I'd say it was the day she became a gay man and fell in love with you.

    • Grace: You know, if you listen to pigeons long enough, they start to sound like they're saying 'loser'. (cooing) Looossserrr.

    • Grace: Aah! Oh, guys, I don't like this!
      Karen: You think I like it? I'm in a shower with three other people and it's not even the seventies!

    • Grace: This is me with my little dog tokey. He got run over by a car. Lucky bastard.

    • Grace: (looking at slides) And this is me as a little girl. Look at that big goofy smile. (yells) Stupid idiot, open your eyes! No one's ever gonna love you!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Jack: Sucka!

      Jack does an imitation of George Jefferson from the 70's sitcom The Jeffersons.

    • The dance that Jack and Karen are doing and the music to which they are doing it are parodies of the Bob Fosse dance from the film Sweet Charity done by the background dancers when Charity goes to the after hours club.

    • Episode title: Bed, Bath & Beyond

      Bed Bath & Beyond is a chain of large stores that sells bedroom furniture, linens, various bathroom ecoutrements and the like.

    • Will: Are you with me? Ok, let's go! Yeah!
      Will shouts this and then rushes through the door only to come back immediatly after. This is exactly the same scene that Bluto (John Belushi) played in Animal House.