Will & Grace

Season 4 Episode 7

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

Grace is in her bedroom asleep when Will walks in and turns on the lights. He wakes Grace up and shows her a magazine he brought to cheer her up. Grace says, "You know if you listen to pigeons long enough, they start to sound like they're saying 'loser.'" Will tells Grace that if she just got up and got dressed, she would feel better. He then walks to the wardrobe and begins picking out clothes for Grace. He lays them on her saying, "Oh, look at that! Who's my gorgeous girl? Who's gorgeous?" Grace says, "Will, I look like I've been flattened by a steamroller." Will replies, "The steamroller of cuteness!" Will tells her enthusiastically to get out of bed and face the world. He then gives up and says "Goodnight Grace." Grace says, "Night" and turns over to go asleep.

Will is in his apartment stirring something in a pot. Jack bursts in saying, "How is she? I came as soon as I heard." Will replies, "I called you three days ago." Will and Jack begin discussing Grace. Will tastes what he is cooking then says, "Okay, I'm going down to the market to pick up some doughnuts and dental floss." Will then warns Jack not to go into Grace's room then leaves. Jack checks whether Will is waiting behind the door. When Jack realises Will is not there he says, "Sucker!" and turns around and heads towards Grace's room.

Jack edges quietly into Grace's bedroom and goes up beside her bed with a happy expression on his face. He whispers, "Grace, are you sleeping?" Grace slowly pulls the bed covers of her head and says sleepily, "I was." Jack springs up and turns on the lights saying loudly, "Well now that you're up," and he jumps onto Grace's bed, "hi!" Grace tries to tell Jack that she wants to be alone but he ignores her and breaks into a story about how his mother went to her bed for weeks at a time and how he was the only one who could help. He then says that he will sing for Grace to make her feel better and starts straight away. The end of his song caused Grace to start crying. Jack can't believe his song made her cry. Grace says, "Its okay." Jack explodes, "Okay? It's great! I did it, I finally moved someone to tears with my art!"

Will walks into his apartment and calls out for Jack. He hears Jack shouting at Grace, so he runs into her bedroom. Will sees Jack and says angrily, "What the hell are you doing?" Grace says miserably, "Will, please make it stop! Shake a can of pennies at it." Jack tells Will that he has reached someone with is music. Will says that's fantastic and gestures Jack into a hug. Jack jogs across the room to Will but upon entering arm's length of Will, Will grabs Jack's neck and throws him out of the room. Will apologizes to Grace. Grace asks, "how did this happen? I wanted to marry Nathan and he wanted to break up with me, how could I not have known that?" Grace begins singing but Will puts his hand over her mouth and says, "Don't make it worse."

Karen walks into Will's apartment greets Will and Jack and asks about Grace. Will replies that she is not good. Karen comes into Grace's bedroom and says, "Hi honey, what 'cha doing?" Grace reveals that she is reading some old letters Nathan wrote to her. She bursts into tears after reading one. Karen tells Grace that her problem is that she has a lot of unfinished business with Nathan and then suggests that she and Grace should role-play and work through her unfinished business. They attempt this and end up kissing. Karen stops kissing and realises what's happening. She gets off Grace's bed and leaves awkwardly.

Jack and Karen are dancing to an upbeat jazz song while Will dries dishes. Karen says, "Come on Wilma! Dance with us, it will make you feel better." Will responds, "I'm worried about Grace, I don't feel like dancing, Ah who am I kidding? I'm gay, I can worry while I'm dancing.'" He hops out of the kitchen and begins dancing with Jack and Karen. Grace walks out unnoticed by the three and turns off the music. The three spring around and all tell her how worried they were. Will says, "Hi! It's good to have you back!" Grace says that she is a bit cold, so the three sprint off to get stuff for her. While she is waiting, the phone rings and a travel agent can be heard on loudspeaker from the answering machine giving details about a vacation Nathan and his new girlfriend booked. The news about Nathan having a new girlfriend already devastates Grace and causes her to retreat back to bed.

Will goes into Grace's bedroom to see whether she is alright. On leaving he confiscates 'the slides.' When only Grace is in her room she emerges from under her bed carrying the real slides. Will informs Karen and Jack of how Grace is. Karen calls Rosario to come and help. Rosario appears at the door within seconds. She goes into Grace's room and watches a slideshow. Rosario comes back out saying she needs popcorn to watch home movies. Will realises that what he confiscated was not the slides. Will, Jack and Karen drag Grace into the shower and all of them get wet. She pulls free and tells them that she is just not as strong as they are as well as pointing out things that have happened to them which she would not be able to cope with. Grace then goes back to bed. The three follow her back to her bed admit that she was right about everything. They get into her bed and fall asleep watching the slides.

Next morning, Grace is the first to wake up she gets out of bed and turns off the projector and leaves the room.