Will & Grace

Season 4 Episode 7

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2001 on NBC

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  • Sad, yet funny. This episode is perfect example of why I love Will and Grace.

    This episode is continued on after the previous episode, where Grace wants to propose to Nathan, but instead he breaks up with her. The start of the episode, we learn Grace has been in bed for days, and is depressed over the break up. Will tries to encourage her to get up, but nothing seems to work.

    Then Jack and Karen come over, and pracitcally make things worse. Jack with his singing and dancing, and Karen's well umm... lets just say role play. Just as all hope seems lost, Grace gets up, but a telephone call for Nathan from a travel agent who is booking a holiday for him and a mysterious "Susie" sends her back to bed. At her lowest, the rest of the gang drag Grace into the shower, but she just yells at them telling them she's not like them, strong. She goes back to bed and the gang join her and confide their problems.

    The episode ends with Grace waking up surrounded by her sleeping friends on her bed. She gets up looks at them, just as "17 Again" starts playing. She obviously feels better, with all her friends there for her. Beautiful episode of Will and Grace. The writers manage to produce a marvellous piece with bits of emotion and sadness, and also don't leave out any comedy which was fantastic! This is one of my all time favourite episodes of W&G. It shows just how important friends are, and that their always there for us.