Will & Grace

Season 1 Episode 4

Between A Rock And Harlin's Place

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 1998 on NBC

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  • Grace lands a job decorating one of Will's clients. Grace takes a little bit over the top to the ordinary eye. Will messes it up for Grace. He accidentally got Grace fired because of Will and Graces little fights. In the end they make a contract.

    This episode was an episode where we actually get to see Grace at work. Although we think that the theme of 'Cowboy Chic' is a little bit weird, we still loved it because Grace did it. This episode was great episode and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I really enjoyed the lines in this episode just like all of the other episodes! I loved the 'Just Jack' show! It showed us Jack's talent! It cracks me up that he thinks he can actually sing, dance, and rite plays! But, you do have to love him for that exact reason! It's a great episode!
  • Grace lands a crucial decorating assignment and Will messes it up but good.

    Will's client Harlin Polk is impressed by Grace's decorating abilities and asks her to do something for his own apartment. Grace is naturally happy and nervous at the same time. She goes with what she thinks will be a theme Harlin enjoys-- a combination of modern art and Western style.

    Will takes one look at the project and is about ready to lose it right there. He finds her efforts garish and bizarre, and talks her into changing her mind.

    Harlin will have none of it. He is indeed dismayed with Grace's decision on the work-- that she left it, that is. He loved the first plan and has no idea that she bailed due to Will's pressure.

    This isn't exactly good for Will and Grace's friendship. The situation teeters between rococo and dangerous.

    Meanwhile, Jack prepares for the first of many forays into the entertainment world, with his solo presentation, 'Just Jack.' Production costs are low-- it's open mike night at a local bar, after all.

    Can the friends put it all back together, or will they break up thanks to twisty lamps and off-key singing?

    A funny show that highlights one of the better side characters (Polk) and the zany world of Grace Adler Designs. Always good to see this one again.