Will & Grace

Season 1 Episode 15

Big Brother Is Coming (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1999 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Will: He's quoting Nietzsche.

      Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a German philosopher, who became one of the most provocative and influential thinkers of the 19th century. Central to Nietzsche's thought was the notion that with the development of the modern secular world the traditional values (represented by Christianity) had lost their power in the lives of individuals, which he expressed in his infamous proclamation "God is dead".

    • We find out that Jack named the puppy he got from Will & Grace Klaus von Puppy.

    • The chess pieces on Will's table keep moving around, despite the fact the game is over.

    • Grace's purse keeps switching hands while she's in the office.

  • Quotes

    • Grace: (About her tryst with Sam) Will, I know it's a little weird-
      Will: This isn't weird, Grace. Gay republicans are weird. This is, this is sick!

    • Will: Grace, I'm meeting the dentist in an hour. Should I do this? Is it crazy?
      Grace: I would never judge what you do with your romantic life. No matter who it is. Date who you want, sleep with who you want. I just want you to be happy.
      Will: Thank you. If you and the other children of the corn will excuse me, I'm going to go brush my teeth.

    • Karen: Honey, what's going on with your hair? Looks like you got mousse and squirrel in there. (laughs)
      Grace: You should talk, Mulan.

    • Grace: It's just too weird. I feel like I'm violating one of the commandments. Thou shall not covet thy gay best friend's long estranged recently reunited brother.
      Sam: I don't know that commandment. I only read up to ten.

    • Will: I'm gonna change my clothes because uh... yikes and uh... then, I'm gonna sit on that couch with you and watch Lifetime. That Michelle Lee movie is on.
      Grace: Which one?
      Will: I'm Not Leaving Town Without My Daughter Because I Have A Brain Tumour But Don't Hit Me You Have A Drinking Problem.

    • Grace: Karen, I slept with Sam because he's cute.
      Karen: Like Will.
      Grace: And smart.
      Karen: Like Will.
      Grace: And funny.
      Karen: Like... you think Will is.
      Grace: Stop it!

    • Karen: You had sex.
      Grace: What? How did you... What... Is this out on video? I don't understand. How does everybody know?
      Karen: Every poker player has a tell. And, uh, speaking of poker, who was it, huh?
      Grace: No one you know, so just don't even...
      Karen: (Gasp) It was Sam!
      Grace: Oh, my god! No, you know what? I'm going before you figure out every detail of what happened last night.
      Karen: Honey, come on. There is no possible way I could know every detail. I only know it was twice.
      Grace: Oh, my god!

    • Jack: Oh my god, I'm thirty. Do you know what that is in gay years?

  • Notes

    • This episode is in reference to when Will told his brother what he thought of his soon-to-be wife. With only a handful of script ideas and a push from the network to create a two-parter, David & Max took from the pilot and create these two episodes.

  • Allusions

    • Karen: Looks like you got mousse and squirrel in there.

      This is a reference to The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, where the villains Boris and Natasha often referred to the lead characters as "moose and squirrel."

    • Will: He's so freaked out about turning 30. He's in full Greta Garbo mode.
      Greta Garbo was one of the most famous actresses from the silent screen era, until she decided to go into seclusion for most of her life, with the famous words "I want to be alone" at Grand Hotel in 1932.

    • Episode Title: Big Brother Is Coming

      This is a reference to the phrase "Big Brother is Watching" from George Orwell's famous novel "1984."

    • Will: I mean, that's how "Footloose: The Musical" got made.
      Footloose is a 1984 movie staring Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer and John Lithgow. In 1998, "Footloose the Musical" debuted on Broadway, but didn't do very well.

    • Will: I'll fire off a quote from Joan Lunden's autobiography. See if that scares him off.
      Joan Lunden was the co-host of Good Morning America from 1980 to 1995, which makes her one of the most successful women in the media. Apart from that, she is also a nationally known speaker and author.

    • Grace: (To Karen) You should talk, Mulan.
      Hua Mulan was a Chinese woman who joined an all-male army by disguising herself as a man to take her father's place. In 1998, Disney released an animated motion picture loosely based on various versions of her story.