Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 7

Birds of a Feather Boa

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on NBC

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  • True friends belong together, as Will finds out when the saga of two penguins reminds him of doings in his own life.

    Penguins are one of the most beloved sights at a zoo. They waddle and swim to their hearts' content and get into all sorts of cute little adventures. Turns out they are also no strangers to the pain of a broken heart.

    When the local zoo threatens to separate two penguins who had, let's say, formed a strong personal attachment, Will resolves to keep them together no matter what. He is also having a hard time dealing with the fact that his best friend Jack wants to search for a new apartment. The birds' story strikes too close to home.

    Elsewhere, Karen and Grace get into more trouble than they should at a memorial service, and hasten to save face.

    A funny and moving episode. The closing scene is just perfect.

    Another high point of the last year of the series.
  • An alright episode. I am very dissapointed in this episode.

    This episode was ok, but i really did expect better. Normally I would laugh the whole way through the episode. This time I barely laughed at all. All in all its a very disapointing episode. I wish they would have had more conversation between Will and Grace. That would have been great and perhaps made the episode a bit better.
  • In three words : Not even funny

    First of all i'd like to mention that Karen is a major part of the tv show...let her speak. She hardly said two words in that episode at all. I was like, did Karen loose her voice. Jack has to be louder and more crazier not so lovey dovey with Will. The woman at the zoo telling them about the penguins did nothing. She was flat and lifeless. It was like a buzzing noise when she spoke. Karen and Grace being stuck together was great but not so funny. Grace should have had a major major malfunction, not something so trivial. Her boob could have fallen out or the dress fall off. I laughed on when Grace sung that Jewish song.

    Overall a very poor episode in my taste. It was flat and lifeless. Lacked heaps of things. Will and Grace is going from excellent to awful for me.

    Come on guys. Pick it up. I'm in tears because i love you so much.
  • yes!!

    i knoew it, its only a matter of time till will & Jack realize they love each other. I've been waiting for this moment since the series began. The part wit Grace & Karen was funny too....OMG!! I seriously cant wait till all my dreams for the series come true
  • hmm now can someone explain something to me?

    Last week they were in London, why were they there?
    This week not even a mention of the trip, was like they never left the US at all, i expected a London episode here. Don't get me wrong it was a funny episode with Gay penguins and the Beverly character with his boyfriend but it was all kinda like something was missing!
    Hmm well this season has been going in an odd direction, maybe because its the last they just seem to do comedy sketches now?
    Anyway on with the show!
  • Pinguins, and a wardrobe malfonction

    Overall, it was an ok episode. I didn't laugh like last week episode, but still it got some moments, like when Grace and Karen were stuck, and Karen was asked to speak at the memorial in front of everyone with Grace(it was like the episode Das Boob, another malfunction, just different). Then, Grace singing a jewish song. Will and Jack talking about the two pinguins. Hello, it's you two. A female pinguin who always follow then (Grace, haha). Will & Jack were cute together at the end watching those lovely pinguins. But it was like season one, where Will didn't want Grace to move. The same thing there, Will doesn't want Jack to move, and he doesn't.