Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 19

Blanket Apology

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jack complains how he doesn't know what to do with his life. Karen tells him how she knows in his heart he is an actor, and how that's the only thing he was ever really devoted to. She opens a newspaper with acting jobs, (which Jack used to cover his Hot Latinos magazine) and she sees an ad for 'squealing queen no. 3'. But Jack says he wouldn't know how to play that. Then he starts squealing because Karen wrinkled his porn magazine.

Will and Grace have dinner at Will's parent's house, since Will's parents are back together now. Will's dad George has been making his own beer and by offering one to Grace, she is forced to tell them she is pregnant. They expect some nasty comments, but George and Marilyn react very nicely, much to Will's surprise. George takes it a step further, and gives Will's old baby-blue comfort blanket to Grace as a gift for the baby. Grace loves it, but Will is very upset. All his siblings received their own blankets, but his is being given to Grace. Will accuses George of still not accepting Will being gay. After a big blow-out, George admits he wished Will had been straight. Will and Grace leave the house at once.

Karen has invited Zandra, Jack's old acting coach, to the apartment. Zandra is still very mean-spirited, and also demented, but Jack loves her anyway. Until she calls him the crappiest actor she has ever met. Then Jack walks away.

Karen takes Jack to a 'club' (but it is actually a waiting room). Jack says the club is dull, with no music or hot guys (but he knows all the guys sitting there by name). Karen tells him this is the audition, but he wants to walk away. Karen stops him and gives him a fierce speech. She tells him she is sick of supporting him and letting him live off her money, and how he needs to learn to support himself. Karen has NEVER talked to Jack so seriously and angrily. Jack is so impressed by this speech he decided to go ahead with the audition.

When he comes out he says he blew it because he was still thinking about all that Karen said. He said he didn't do his special features, and just acted natural. The lady calls his name and tells him he didn't get the 'squealing queen no. 3' part, but he did get the leading role of the detective!

A few weeks later, Will and Grace are watching t.v. at home one night. Grace is trying to get Will to talk to his father, since George has left several messages on the machine. Will says he's just not ready.

The phone rings, and the display shows it's Will's parents. He doesn't want to answer, but eventually he does. It's his mother on the line. Will hangs up the phone and tells Grace that his father had a heart attack. When Grace asks if they made it to the hospital, Will tells her that his dad didn't make it...