Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 19

Blanket Apology

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2006 on NBC



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    • Grace: Will?
      Will: My dad had a heart attack.
      Grace: Oh, my God. Are they at the hospital?
      Will: Yeah. But he didn't make it.
      (Grace covers her mouth in shock)

    • Grace: We're having dinner with your parents, and if your mother finds out that I'm pregnant because I had unsafe sex on an airplane and haven't told the father yet because he's engaged to another woman, she is going to find some way of making it sound sordid.

    • Karen: (about Zandra) I don't know, honey. I took a dropper full of cat tranquilizer this morning and even I think she's a little off.
      Jack: Karen, this woman is a genius and clear as a bell.
      Zandra: (to Jack) I know you...you're Jack McFarland, the worst actor I ever saw!
      Jack: (terrified) Oh my God, Karen, you're right! She's crazy!

    • Karen: Say there, you look like a cute little out-of-work gay boy. I don't suppose you'd be interested in hopping around for pocket change and answering to the name 'Poodle'?
      Man in Audition: Hmmm. Do I get to play with those? (motions towards her breasts)
      Karen: Of course!

    • Will's Father: Will, you hardly said two words during dinner
      Will: You want two words? I'll give you two words: My Blanket.

    • Karen: Hey, how'd it go?
      Jack: How'd it go? Thanks to you I blew it.
      Karen: Well, whatever it takes to get the part.

    • Karen: (to Jack) It's only acting, for God's sake. I mean how hard can it be? Kate Beckinsale can do it.

    • Karen: Here's something you'd be good for. It's for a new tv cop show, the role of squealing queen no.3.
      Jack: Squealing queen? How will I even begin to play that? (In squealing queen voice) Karen! You're bending my ethnic porn!

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  • Allusions

    • Grace (wearing an oversized hat): If I hold this bag of groceries like this, can you tell I'm pregnant?
      Will: I can tell, but then I'm not part of the Rhythm Nation.

      This is a reference to Janet Jackson's 1989 album Rhythm Nation 1814, the cover of which shows Jackson wearing a similar hat.