Will & Grace

Season 1 Episode 5

Boo! Humbug

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 26, 1998 on NBC
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Boo! Humbug
Will and Grace plan to spend a serious Halloween together watching Ingmar Bergman movies at home - until Harlin drops off his over-eager kids at their place when he's called away on business. Meanwhile, Jack convinces Karen to accompany him to the downtown parade where she becomes an honourary drag queen.moreless

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  • Will and Grace plan on watching scary movies on Halloween when an unexpected visit of Harlin pops up. Will and Grace are now stuck watching Harlin's kids. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen spend the holiday downtown, Karen's first time!moreless

    This episode is hilarious! I love it when Karen and Jack are downtown, and Jack gets jealous of Karen because of the attention she was getting from the drag queens. I love Shu-Shu Fontana! This would be Karen's drag name! It's so Hilarious that Jacks drag name would Glen 125th. I love the end of the episode where Will and Grace and Harlin's kids are sorting out the candy. I love this part because everyone wants the Jawbreaker. This part is so relateable, because the Jawbreaker is my favorite Halloween candy! Anyway, I love when they pull out the cans of sillystring, it's just a great part of this episode!! This was a great episode!!!moreless
  • Will and Grace watch Harlin's two kids and eventually take them trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen go downtown and hang out with some drag queens.

    This episode is just too funny! I love the Nixon jokes and the end scene with the kids, Will and Grace, fighting for the jawbreaker. It's one of my favorite episodes and I could watch it again and again, it has great jokes in it. Karen and Jack talking to the drage queens is also hilarious, it's just one of those things that puts a huge smile on your face. It's episodes like these that made the show such a hit, it's cleverly written and is performed very well. It also proves that no one can go a Halloween without trick-or-treating, even if they think they don't want to... :)moreless
  • Hilarious Halloween episode!

    It is so much fun to watch this episode whenever it runs in syndication, because it is a very funny portrayal of how Will, Grace, Jack and Karen spend their Halloween. Jack and Karen's story in this episode is the one that I find absolutely hilarious, because of their experience downtown. It is a great episode to watch.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Will and Grace enter the elevator while they are taking the kids around trick-or-treating, the kids' pumpkin bags have faces, but in the next shot they are plain orange.

    • According to this episode, you can find your drag name by taking the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived on. Karen's was Shu-Shu Fontana and Jack's was Glen 125th.

    • As Will and Grace head off with the kids to apartment 9B to start their trick-or-treating, we get a rare look at the hallway from the other direction - from around the corner back towards the elevator (although we don't see that far).

      We also get what may be the only view of the fourth wall of Will's apartment - the wall that we normally see "through" as the audience.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Grace: Nixon, I'm not going to tell you again to stop shoving your sister! Will, can I get a little help here?
      Will: (To the kids) Kids, you wanna watch three hours of Swedish cinema? (Kids shake their heads) Then behave yourselves.

    • Will: Have a good time. And remember, wear reflective tape, get lots of candy, and don't put anything in your mouth that isn't wrapped.

    • Grace: Jack, what's the point of dressing up like a fairy princess when I'm not gonna get ten feet without seeing a hundred drag queens prettier than me?

    • (Will and Grace are at home reading the newspaper)
      Grace: Switch.
      Will: Whoa, whoa, whoa hold on a second.
      Grace: What's the problem?
      Will:My horoscope says that I shouldn't rush into any change.
      Grace:Give me that!

    • Jack: Oh I know, we go as a team like Donny and Marie or Sonny and Cher.
      Karen: Oh honey, you'd be cute as Sonny.
      Jack: No, no, I'd be Cher. (singing) If I could turn back ti-ohhh. If I could find a-woah.

    • Jack: Halloween just happens to be the only day that makes the other 364 bearable... This and the Tony Awards.

    • (Harlin has left his kids with Will and Grace)
      Will: We gotta have something they can play with. I mean, do we have any toys?
      Grace: I don't know what toys you have in the house, but mine are very grown-up.

    • Jack: Well, look at you. You're like an icon to gay men.

    • Jack: Dilemma. Donald and I were going to the parade tonight. We had a whole biblical thing planned. We were gonna go as Adam and Steve. But he crapped out on me. Pthbbt!
      Will: (To Jack) It's gonna be hard to top last year. They went as secondhand smoke.

    • Karen: (To Jack) Honey, I can't go. I have a home, a husband, and 3 beautiful stepchil... No, wait. Two. Two beautiful stepchildren. Sorry. Yeah. Olivia and...
      Jack: Mason?
      Karen: Honey, I was getting there.

    • Jack: (To Karen) You've got the sass, the class, the ass.

    • (Knock at the door)
      Will: Jack, go away. Grace and I are... are naked and oiled up and about to engage in some Greco-Roman wrestling.
      Harlin: (Through the door) How long you think that'll take, Will? I'm double-parked.

    • Jack: Will, come on. I can only do this with you. You're my best friend. We'll have so much fun together.
      Will: Wow. How am I gonna say no to that? No.
      Jack: Grace, I can only do this with you. You're my best friend. We'll have so much fun together.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The role of Jerry is played by Paul Goebel, more commonly known as "The TV Geek" on the short lived Comedy Central show Beat The Geeks. He is the foremost expert on television history on both the technical and entertainment sides. It's rumoured that he got to do the cameo after stumping someone on the set about I Love Lucy trivia.