Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 18

Buy Buy Baby

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC
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Buy Buy Baby
"JackTalk" is completely revamped after a large corporation takes over OutTV and gives Jack a new, conservative co-host. Meanwhile after seeing Grace so happy about her pregnancy, Karen decides she wants a baby of her own and offers to pay someone to be a surrogate mother for her.moreless

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  • They totally messed it up!!!

    It was Britney Spears for Christ's sake!! They could've done so much more with her, cudos to Britney for trying her best, she's the only reason Im giving it a 10 (well her and Sean). The writers missed an awesome chance, I mean Britney should've been in every scene of the show, the secondary plot line with Karen wanting a baby wast necessary, they could've exploted Britney so much more!
  • Karen wants a baby and goes about an interesting way of trying to get one. Grace is excited about her pregnancy. Out TV is taken over by a new company and re-vamped in a totally different way. Jack is assigned a co-host and Will helps Jack stay true to Jamoreless

    I didn't really like this episode. Up to this point, the episodes have caused me to have mixed feelings about the show going off the air. For the most part this season has been reminiscent of the earlier ones. After watching this one, I was reminded of why the show needs to end now. In addition Britney Spears was not funny. She was actually obnoxious.

    This episode tell very much about Karen and finally getting her first step to divorce from Stan, while Jack and Will have a fight against the newly company that bought their TV Programming Station. Then the appearance of Britney Spears, as Amber Louise, in this episode in which she is radical lesbain, but it will have been much better if she would have kiss a woman, or at least, tell more people that she is lesbian, but still it was not that bad to watch....moreless
  • Why did I watch that?

    I was very disappointed in this episode. The whole Karen trying to buy a baby was stupid and Wanda Sykes' comedic talent was wasted.

    I admit that I actually like Britney Spears (or at least find her mildly interesting in the tabloids) but I couldn't get excited about this episode. And the big shock (that Amber Louise was a hard core lesbian) wasn't that big. Or that great.

    It's bad when the funniest joke in the show was the running gag about Jack's Matthew McConaughey mug and calling his assisstant "Elizabeth." The main plot was boring and the secondary polot was boring. Overall a bad episode. Edit this reviewmoreless
  • Britney spears plays an Ultra-conservative-Right wing-Republican who comes to revamp Jack's OutTV show. However in reality she is a hardcore Lesbian, and tried to get Jack to sell out too. Horrible acting and writing in this episode.moreless

    Britney spears plays an Ultra-conservative-Right wing-Republican who comes to revamp Jack's OutTV show. She reveals that she is a hardcore lesbian but hides it/sells-out who she is so that she can have fame (being on the TV show), and she tried to convince jack to do the same. Jack (with Will's motivation) refuses to sell out who he is to remain on the show and as a result gets fired by the network.

    this Episode was horrible. Really bad. Horribly written, i don't know what the writers were doing with britney. she has no ability to act and all of her lines were delivered Extremely poorly. the Dialog with her southern accent just wasn't funny. it was actually painful to watch. i think a lot of Britney fans tuned in for this episode, i wonder if they were surprised to see her look like Jessica simpson? anyways, if you missed this episode, count your blessings. this episode lacked the classic will and grace humor and wit.

Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes


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Matt Crabtree

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George Takei


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Continuity Goof: Rosario said that she had a trust fund worth 2 million dollars (the money Stan left her), but in Stan's will, he left her 10 million dollars.

    • In the episode, Amber-Louise mentions violations of civil rights and interment camps; in real life, guest co-star George Takei has spend some time during WWII in a detention camp set up by the United States following the start of hostilities with Japan.

    • Will insists that he was not a Trekkie. Meanwhile Eric McCormack (Will) starred alongside William Shatner as a hardcore Trekkie in the 1998 movie Free Enterprise as well as the 2006 sequel.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Karen: I like Filipinos. They're Asian, but not cocky about it.

    • Amber-Louis: If you question our president....you're a dirty traitor!

    • Grace: Karen, this is insane. And I say that as a friend, not one of the demon voices that guide you.

    • Cricket: (whispering to Rosario on Karen) Is this bitch for real?
      Rosario: Hey, that bitch is a reason I have a home..and 2 million dollars in a trust fund I get when I turned 35.

    • Grace: Oh god, you make me looked so slutty. Nice job.
      Cricket: Thanks. My roomate's a drag queen.
      (Grace gives her a werid look)
      Cricket: Don't judge me. I just do his face. I dont tuck it in or anything.

    • Jack: Elizabeth, do you or do you not know how my Matthew McConaughey mug works?
      Dave: When you fill it with coffee, his shirt disappears.
      Jack: And what happens when the coffee's gone?
      Dave: His shirt comes back on.
      Jack: Exactly. Now if I wanted to see Matthew McConaughey with his shirt on, I look at Josh Lucas. Now get out of my sight, Elizabeth!

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