Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 17

Cowboys and Iranians

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Grace is exhausted because of too much work that she decides she needs to hire some extra help.

Jack happily announces that he is in love with a gay cowboy named Travis, whom he met at a gay cowboy bar. He invites Will to come and meet Travis.

Grace interviews a girl and believes that she might be the right one, but the next girl, Pam who applies for the job uses her harsh background and culture to gain the job. Grace, feeling guilty for having a better life than Pam ends up hiring Pam even though Karen warns her that it might be a bad idea.

Jack and Will go to the cowboy gay bar to meet Travis. While Jack gets drinks, Travis and Will dance together and Travis hits on Will.

Meanwhile at the office the phone is ringing, but no one answers it. Karen tells Pam to get the phone. She ends up speaking Persian to whomever is on the other end and then just hangs up. She then lights up a cigarette claiming it has something to do with her religion. Upset with this Grace tries to address this behaviour, but realises there is still someone on the phone. It's the woman she's been hired by, and suddenly Grace gets fired. Pam runs out claiming she's going out to pray for Grace at a bar facing east.

Jack still waits for the drinks. By the bar Beverly Leslie is there. He still claims not to be gay although has his "business partner" Benji with him. Will arrives out by the bar and tries to tell Jack that Travis hit on him, but Jack claims that Will is jealous and storms out.

Waiting for his coat, Travis approaches Will and asks if he had said anything to Jack. Will says yes and that he is a jerk. Will tries to leave, but Travis says some mean things about Jack which anger Will leading him into a gay bar fight with Travis where there are no punches thrown.

Jack arrives and sees this.

Grace gets Pam to send the designs but she ends up ruining them and reveals that she is Jewish. Grace laughs and has no guilty feelings for Pam and fires her.

Will and Jack make up again after Will tells a lie to Jack about why Travis acted the way he did.

End scene: Karen and Grace discuss Pam. Karen can't believe that Grace let Pam do all the things she did.

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